The Writing of Wandering Home

WHbookcoverWandering Home is the final work based on The Wanderer Threads it is now published and available on Click here for the book or Here for the Kindle version.

People Asked me how this book was written, this is the bare essentials about the book.

Since Wandering Home is now published it’s time to reveal how it was written.  I don’t think anyone writes a book alone there are other people involved.  In my case because the base of Wandering Home was written in serial on the blog I had lots of people reading and giving me feedback. The book was usually written 1 or 2 chapters at a time.  Some light editing done on the chapter the day after it was posted.  I read the entire book after each 20 chapters.  Doing light editing and corrections and changes, those changes never made it onto the blog version until I posted the first 20 chapters of the actual book When it was completed.

So some vital statistics a about the work:

Date Started 5/6/2012

Date the last chapter was posted 8/23/2012

The primary writing took 109 days though I did take a 2 week hiatus in between each part.

Date of completion of the final edited version 9/4/2012

Copyright Registration 9/5/2012

Final publication date 12/2/2012

The work contains 105541words and about 385 pages in 6×9 paperback divided into 49 chapters.  The original serialized work was broken into 3 parts.  The parts were chapters 1-20, 21-36, 37-49.

The ISBN for the paperback is:

ISBN-10: 1481150669

ISBN-13: 978-1481150668

Particulars about the Story:

The Wanderer is based on a current sailboat though the one in the book is different.  The look is based on a boat called and Oyster 82 from Oyster Marine.

Here’s the web page if you would like a look,

Primary Characters:

Webster(Webb) Robert Flynn (Writer, Sailor, Engineer)
Kacey Leah Lawrence (Successful Actress)
Kari Lawrence (Aspiring Singer)
Giles Wadson (Musician)
Keith Renberg (Engineer, Webb’s closest friend)
Sharon Renberg (Keith’s wife)
Dave Hansen (Webb’s friend in Klamath Falls)
Ralph Flynn (Webb’s Grandfather)
Curt Anthony (Drug Dealer KF, ranch hand)
James Jesse Jessup (Drug Dealer KF, ranch hand)
Trent Riley (Drug dealer, preacher, deviant, ranch hand)
John Lawrence (Kacey and Kari’s father)
Jennifer Flynn (Webb’s ex-wife)
Francisco Ruiz (Head of the Surenos street gang, businessman)
Manny (Surenos gang member, Francisco’s chief soldier)
Amelia Andrews (Criminal Defense Attorney with ties to the Surenos)
Hector, (a semi-retired Serenos/Mexican mafia solider, ex-convict)


English Harbor Antigua
Cabo San Lucas
Malibu California
Los Angeles California
Klamath Falls Oregon
Tule Lake California

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