New Poetry from Marycelis Pacheco and more added to the blog

Mari’s new Poems are:


A New Winding Road Chapter is out:

Chapter 14 Posturing Predication link

A New Wander Threads Chapter is out:

Chapter 43 Contrition Link

What’s in the works right now, Chapter 44 of Wanderer Threads is coming along.  A new Chapter and episose of Winding road probably tomorrow. 
Enjoy the day, SOK

Threads Journal entry for Sunday 7.22.2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The first two chapters of Part III of Wanderer Threads are now on the blog.  The story is progressing though Webb and Kacey are apart at the present.  They are never really separated in heart or thought.  The Secret Rendezvousand Star Destroyer short stories are complete with the same last chapter.  There is iBook and Kindle versions of both on their pages as well as a version of the combined story (Secret Star Destroyer Rendezvous), at these links iBook andKindleThere is now page for the combined story though it is available on the FanFiction as well.

These two Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction short stories were total improvisations that started out as two separate ideas several days apart.  The first was to write a story about Leonard planning a new way to propose to Penny and her spying on him to figure out what he was doing.  It hit me when it was done that it would be fun to see Leonard’s point of view of the same day.  The story progressed from there.  This became the Secret Rendezvous story with each chapter named in a spy theme.  The second story I was thinking about how Amy did role playing games with Sheldon at the end of the season.  I wanted to write a story where they were together and give it a few twists.  Leonard and Penny’s child was the answer and Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Amy were born.  As I wrote each story alternating which chapter I was writing each day I realized they could become connected.  I continued to improvise each chapter knowing that in the end the Secret Rendezvous was a story being told in Star Destroyer.  I had a wonderful time writing both and the readers seemed to really enjoy them.

I finished Chapter 38 of Wanderer Threads tonight and posted it so were all up to date. I’ll be writing tomorrow again, maybe a new Wanderer chapter or something else.  We’ll see.

I enjoyed everyone’s, likes, comments, emails and reviews.  Keep them coming.