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Threads Journal: Friday, August 10, 2012

I had some one ask me the other day why I started writing Fan Fiction again for the Big Bang Theory.  I’d gone on hiatus on anything but original fiction and prose after I finished Elliptical Threads.  But I hadn’t really quit, I reedited and rewrote the pieces I’d been working on including all 135000 words of Elliptical Threads. I finished all the pieces and took the originals of all the shorter pieces off Fan Fiction and put up the finished versions.  It would have been too much work to break ET back into chapters so the original is still on Fan Fiction.  The edition on the blog is the final addition that I converted to PDF, Kindle and iBook.  I was starting Wanderer Threads and working on prose after that.  I really did not pay attention to Fan Fiction except for people finishing up some really long pieces I followed and of course reviews.  I always answer people.

After getting the first two parts of Wanderer completed I took a break to edit the work and caught up on what was on Fan Fiction.  I had a couple of screwy ideas about the way the season ended I thought I would explore. The results were tow tandem pieces Star Destroyer and Secret Rendezvous.  They were written between chapters of Wanderer and really just tongue in cheek looks at a future of Leonard and Penny as well as Sheldon and Amy.  The two pieces ended up combined in the end Secret Rendezvous dovetailed into Star Destroyer. Thus I put up Secret Star Destroyer Rendezvous.  Really a tongue in cheek posting but it tends to get a lot of readership.

I write fan fiction for TBBT as a diversion and an enjoyable interlude.  I have no ships to grind, no particular canon to glamourize of follow so I’m always amazed how passionate some readers are when I won’t write a Sheeny tale or that I like the romance side of Leonard and Penny.  I enjoy their passion for my humble work.  No work I’ve read on Fan Fiction is totally without merit.  Some are poorly written great ideas, some are well written improbable or unreal ideas.  I don’t write beginnings middles and ends, I write stories, the journey to the ends.  Sometime stories start in the middle.  The Wanderer Threads is that kind of tale.  It starts long after a sequence of events caused the beginning.  I just don’t get to it until the middle.

Now as to Winding Road Home. It’s is not a single story, it starts out as one very series issue and goes over 3 episodes then we go forward into a big bang season. It’s more of an experiment in style to write an audience POV piece. TBBT is famous for dropping something that happened in a previous episodes and moving onto entirely new themes.  I’m trying to retain some themes throughout mostly to do with relationships.  We’ll see how far my little mini season goes.  To write a full season would be 48 chapters.  Not sure I’ll go that long.

This is a long journal entry tonight enjoy your feedback as always.  So a warning as always, I may stop writing TBBT fan fiction at any time if it’s not fun I will.  Wanderer Threads is almost complete and I already have an idea for my next book, several books actually.  So if one thing stops another will start, I’ll never stop writing.  Keep reading.

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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part I and Part II of the Wanderer Threads has had its first full edit completed.  No real large changes but a lot of clean up.  The story has not been changed in any significant way.  The first chapter of Part III will be out next week or even perhaps tomorrow.  We are going to be making a fairly large time jump but I’ll fill you all in with the first chapter.  In other writing adventures Secret Rendezvousand Star Destroyer are being written in tandem there are new chapters out for each.  The two stories are starting to become linked together with Secret Rendezvous being the proposal and marriage sequence of events and Star Destroyer being the married couple and their friends seven year later. These are fun shorter pieces.  The chapters are shorter really just scenes sometimes.  There is not plan or plot for the story it’s just an improvisation really but they make me laugh and are fun to write.  So enjoy and look forward to the next installment of Wanderer Threads coming from a keyboard near me soon.

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Threads Journal for Friday, July 06, 2012 is posted

Friday, July 06, 2012

It’s hot, first day in the nineties today and you can feel it, It’s nice though in the shade of the deck.  I’m thinking about The Wanderer Threads characters today.  By now you’ve all got to meet Reverend Riley, is he evil or just really screwed up.  He’s probably both to be honest with you a very deep seated sociopath really.  We’re going to meet a new character today, how big a part he plays in things we’ll see.  A minor character may leave the world this chapter or the next.  We really never got to know him very well and frankly he was a follower and not really very interesting. Is the story turning darker?  Yes it was always intended too.  Could it get more disturbing? Probably. The end of Part II is rapidly approaching and the Threads Journal will start going out as a blog post as well as a page from now on.  Chapter 35 Safe Harbor is starting today

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