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A Random Rendering in early fall 2012

Still there, haven’t quite moved on,
Lingering, malingering, waiting in mid step.
Feel the air around you move, just the slightest breath,
Held in, held back keep your emotions in check.

A longing and littering of your soul,
limitless anticipation of the things you wish to behold.
Loves first kiss, hands held in the twilight,
a passionate moment that felt so right.

Swimming in circles against a strong tide,
knowing that not knowing is itself a surprise.
Wondering, thinking, searching for the new,
finding and enjoying all the things that are you.

Escaping in thought on long summer nights,
rushing to get them down in word out of inner sight.
Bemused by the results, hushed by the cadence,
that your words resonate with others as you write the latest.

Do they know how hard you work on each twisted line,
struggle for wit and the occasional rhyme.
It really doesn’t matter because you try not to write for others,
just to reach deep and get the words or scene about two lovers.

Finding it hard to not write late into the night air,
others depend on you to be alert, bright and always there.
Sacrifice the muse from time to time,
hoping always that your words when you don’t are sublime.


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Threads Journal Post for Thursday, July 12, 2012 is on the Blog

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So when will the next chapter and Part III of the Wanderer Threads start I’ve been asked.  Let’s start out with what I’m doing right now.  I’m editing part I and Part II right now and that will take several more days.  Writing wise I’m working on prose in Random Renderings and several pieces of fan fiction for The Big Bang Theory. The latter are all short pieces to entertain myself and others and it seems to be accomplishing both.  There are three new short story pieces for TBBT starting with Slight Momentum Shift which is complete at the moment.  Then there is Star Destroyer which I just seem to be finding more stuff for all the time.  Finally there is Secret Rendezvous.  If you’re a TBBT fan fiction reader I’m sure you will enjoy all three though you may be shocked or shaken in them for a few moments. Part III of Wander Threads should start sometime next week after Part II is edited.   Enjoy and as always I enjoy your comments and emails.

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