Yes there is new content on the Threads Project blog

The last two chapters of the Wanderer Threads is on the Blog

Chapter 49 A Sail Home link

Chapter 48 Downfall Link

These are the final two chapters of the Wanderer Threads project.  The book is now written, but what is here is the serialized version.  A rough draft in many ways.  The work of proofing and re-writing it is just now starting.  The final work should be done in a week or so. 

There is new Prose by Marycelis Pacheco

Mari’s newest offerings”

Happyness Realized

An Unfourtunate End

Moonlight Musings

What’s coming?  Winding road will continue as soon as the work on Wanderer is complete.  Mari has two new works that are almost ready.  The next book will start after that.  The project title may be Chances Threads.  SOK