What’s New on the Threads Project Blog?

What’s New on the Threads Blog for 9.8.2012?

There are two new chapters of Winding Road Home

Chapter 26 Corrective Action
Chapter 25 Congruent Conversations

New Poetry from Mari

Shouldn’t You Know Me?

No More Apologies

Wanderer Threads News

The Wanderer Threads project has been re-edited and finalized.  It was submitted last week for a US Copyright.

The actual name of the completed work is Wandering Home, coming soon in the published form.

Bye for now SOK

Yes there is new content on the Threads Project blog

The last two chapters of the Wanderer Threads is on the Blog

Chapter 49 A Sail Home link

Chapter 48 Downfall Link

These are the final two chapters of the Wanderer Threads project.  The book is now written, but what is here is the serialized version.  A rough draft in many ways.  The work of proofing and re-writing it is just now starting.  The final work should be done in a week or so. 

There is new Prose by Marycelis Pacheco

Mari’s newest offerings”

Happyness Realized

An Unfourtunate End

Moonlight Musings

What’s coming?  Winding road will continue as soon as the work on Wanderer is complete.  Mari has two new works that are almost ready.  The next book will start after that.  The project title may be Chances Threads.  SOK


What’s new on the Threads Blog ?

We have new Poetry:

Random Renderings has a new Poem:

Dreams Broken, Sadness Unspoken

From Mari an wonderful poem about her son:

For My Son Jared

New Chapters for the latest Fan Fiction

Two new Chapters, a whole episode of Winding Road Home:

Chapter 17 Perishable Paradigm
Chapter 18 Rumination Recurrence

A new chapter for the Original Fiction Wanderer Threads

The Latest Chapter of The Wanderer Threads:

Chapter 45 Bienvenido a Cabo

That’s the latest, enjoy, SOK

New Poetry from Marycelis Pacheco and more added to the blog

Mari’s new Poems are:


A New Winding Road Chapter is out:

Chapter 14 Posturing Predication link

A New Wander Threads Chapter is out:

Chapter 43 Contrition Link

What’s in the works right now, Chapter 44 of Wanderer Threads is coming along.  A new Chapter and episose of Winding road probably tomorrow. 
Enjoy the day, SOK