A New Threads Journal Post just appeared on the blog this morning

sokSunday, December 16, 2012

It’s almost Christmas. I’m getting on the road today and won’t get back home until Monday.  We had our first snow yesterday here in Oregon.  A lovely blanket of white covered the ground most of the day until it turned to rain in the afternoon. Let’s see it’s been awhile so here’s where things stand.  I’ve started the new book project the Golden Ring Threads click the link to look at a sample chapter.

The Golden Ring Threads sample Chapter.

It’s coming along mostly in the notebook at the moment the first chapter of the new book coming very soon.  I’ve been writing several short Big Bang Theory fan pieces at both requests from folks and just for fun here’s the links for those:

Double Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation 6.11

Hofstadter v Hofstadter

Hofstadter v Hofstadter Chapter 2

Recurisve Role Reversal is a TBBT one shot taking place a week or so after The 43 Peculiarity

Broken Bridges an additonal chapter after Recursive Role Reversal

A note on revisions, I do revise things from time to time what I have not revised yet and will sometime is Winding Road Home.  Enjoy the site and the content.

I am as always SlightlyOffKey

The Newest book project first sample chapters is on the blog

goldenringglyphThe Golden Ring Threads sample Chapter

The golden ring sample chapter is now at the link above.  It’s really the exploration of a charater and the story.  See what you think, I’d love to get feedback on it. SOK

The Writing of Wandering Home is now on the blog

How was the book written and what ate the main character, locations, statistics ?

Its all here in this short post The Writing of Wandering Home

Now for a little news on the next book,  The project is called Golden Ring Thread.  Sample Chapters and Characters are in the works now and will be on the blog very soon.