The Threads Journal has a new entry

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part I and Part II of the Wanderer Threads has had its first full edit completed.  No real large changes but a lot of clean up.  The story has not been changed in any significant way.  The first chapter of Part III will be out next week or even perhaps tomorrow.  We are going to be making a fairly large time jump but I’ll fill you all in with the first chapter.  In other writing adventures Secret Rendezvousand Star Destroyer are being written in tandem there are new chapters out for each.  The two stories are starting to become linked together with Secret Rendezvous being the proposal and marriage sequence of events and Star Destroyer being the married couple and their friends seven year later. These are fun shorter pieces.  The chapters are shorter really just scenes sometimes.  There is not plan or plot for the story it’s just an improvisation really but they make me laugh and are fun to write.  So enjoy and look forward to the next installment of Wanderer Threads coming from a keyboard near me soon.


My Editing Companions Monty and RaeRae