Chapter 46 Winkle in Time is on the blog and FF

Chapter 46 Winkle in Time Link

Really silly discalimer tonight

Anyone want to write the Threads for a week or so?  It’s easy just think up some odd thing that might happen to your favorite character.  Sit down and write an inane but hopefully witty disclaimer like this one.  Then write four or five scenes you can see in your mind.  Get the length up to about 2000 words.  Then look for a bridge to the first scene of the next chapter.  Then edit. First clean up all the clunky sentences, add that part you left out, make sense of the part you put in, delete that long winded diatribe that seemed good but sucked.  After that you edit it again put in all the missing, an, a, it, its, it’s, I etc, you know all the stuff, that your brain said but fingers forgot to type.  Look for the words that should be combined, split the ones that shouldn’t.  Read it beginning to end, realize you jumped in time, or that the prior chapter said something else.  Fix those things.  Proofread it one more time, publish.  Have a drink to celebrate your success. I won’t even talk about distractions and never going from beginning to end in one session.  Makes me think about what it takes three people to write the 20 minute comedy that is The Big Bang Theory, I salute you and of course it belongs to you.   Now that you’ve written the disclaimer your already 250 words ahead on your 2000 plus words a day goal.

The Editorial Committee


Chapter 45 Comfortable Aid in on the blog and FF,(FF is working)

Chapter 45 Comfortable Aid Link

Silly disclaimer for tonight

Disclaimer #2 today, I’m saving #1 for a later chapter, it really was turning into a honker.  First off I do own stuff, I have a car, oh wait that’s a company lease, house? Nope mortgage on that guy. Three cats? We went through cat ownership already.  I have my big Yellow dog, but he’s not exactly an asset I’m sure he consumes his value at his age. So it would be pretty hard to construe that I have any ownership or rights to The Big Bang Theory characters in this story.  I do own my education, paid my student loans after they threatened to take it back by lobotomy.  I do own an idea or two this one’s called The Elliptical Threads I give it freely to the readers.  Use the characters I’ve created your selves if you like.  See where they can go.  That’s what I’m about to do.

A goog day to outline a few new chapters

Chapter 44 The Cupcake Caper is here FF is having Issues

Chapter 44 The Cupcake Caper Link

Here’s this disclaimer and Cupcake photes, Thought CH44 is fanfiction they are having Link Issues again

Just got in, still not done for today but in none the less.  I should immediately start writing the chapter but I’m still way to wound up.  A scotch and a breath of fresh air should do the trick. So I’m working on a piece of fiction tonight using characters that someone else created in a different piece of fiction that in some cases were based on real people and in others total made up figments of their imagination.  I’ll call these ghosts.  I also have created my own ghosts that I use throughout my story to interact with their ghosts hopefully in at least interesting and thoughtful ways.  I guess in the end I mean to say that both sets of characters are make believe so if they feel bad about me using them they should get over it, I have!  Mine are available to anyone who wishes to use them.  They are of course the owners of the Big Bang Theory.  I am just a frustrated writer with an affinity for wine, a touch of scotch and a fine cigar.  Not really a threat now am I.

Chapter 43 is on the blog and FanFiction

Chapter 43 Home Coming Queen Link

Tonights really classy disclaimer, chapter is the link above this
I’ve wanted to write the mother of all disclaimers but I’m saving that for the last chapter.  When will that be?  Not sure yet. I haven’t run out of stuff bouncing around in my head yet.  I’m in a park today it’s nice, a little cold but the suns out for a bit.  If you read the prior disclaimers and not just skipped over them to the Threads, (I really wouldn’t blame you I’m just playing here), they can get rather esoteric or even down right snide.  I seem to recall holding myself blameless if I change your opinion or denigrate a TBBT character that you care for.  But I will take the credit if you have found more depth to a character that you found rather shallow on the show.  I also have a great affection for the current state of the characters on the show.  I’m looking forward to writing pieces about the current characters when I take a break from Threads pretty soon.  So if I made you sad or mad to bad, if I made you happy or glad well that was my intention also.  Enjoy the chapter, oh and if I didn’t own it in the last 42 why would I own it now?

At least the afternoon was nice


Chapter 42 Back to Burbank is now on the blog and


Chapter 42 Back to Burbank

Tonights Disclaimer and a couple of phots for perspective

A Disclaimer is the denial, refusal, or rejection of a right, power, or responsibility.   Okay easy enough I deny the right to refuse the power and reject all responsibility.  Wow that felt really good.  I suddenly feel much freer now to just do about anything I want to my characters and those of TBBT.  Wait a minute I already do that.  This disclaimer was a total rip off. I think I’ll write a sharply worded letter to the BDB, (Better Disclaimer Bureau).  Then I’ll add them to my enemies list if I can find the floppy drive.  I’m adding my iPad to the list too, and Duke University for losing in the first round.  Don’t even get me started on the IRS.  Oops sorry I didn’t mean that I really do love you guys go Revenue. Oh crap well you get the general idea it’s all one big autocorrect error.  Maybe I should just shut up and start writing the chapter.

Place de Concord

Ile Saint Louis

Chapter 41 Finding a Way Home is on the blog and FF

Chapter 41 Finding a Way Home

Tonights Silly disclaimer click the link above for the chapter:

Have you ever wondered what the term “Limited Liability” really means?  Is it that you have limited you exposure to being liable for your actions because you stated it?  Are you less liable for breaking someone’s heart then? Should your start each new relationship in life with: “This relationship is only available on an as is basis any crushing anguish, bad feelings, or any other emotion that resembles being broken hearted is exclusively the fault the person feeling that way and is not the fault of the other and they are not liable to express remorse or empathy.”?  It certainly would give you a clear conscience when it comes to deciding if something isn’t working out.  So this is the TBBT disclaimer for tonight should I break TBBT heart it’s their own fault even if it was my intention I told them up front it could happen so I’m without fault.  Wonder if this will work on speeding tickets?

We almost went to Mykonos

Chapter 40 Remote Imagining is on the Blog and FF

Chapter 40 Remote Imagining

Tonights disclaimer

The injury caused by an object colliding with you is directly proportional to the injury required to prevent you from doing something you enjoy the next day.  A rather silly way to start the disclaimer but it’s my mood.  Because I have no direct or indirect ownership, managerial, fiduciary, supervisory, or janitorial relationship with The Big Bang Theory I would never even wish to have any of the above and thus claim none.  It should also be noted that I’m sure the feeling is mutual and I would be considered at best a pain in a rather large ass.  Me being the pain rather than the ass.

Chapter 39 Vows within the Oval is on the blog and FF

Chapter 39 Vows within the Oval

Tonights Disclaimer and the Chateau

It’s always good to now the title of the chapter before you start usually it means it will write itself. I get a feeling this one may take some time so you’ll have to bear with me. Ut normaliter dicere non dominium importatur seu. Yep that was it I only own what I create, Tantum habent quod creare. If my Latin is any good at all today that should cover all the legal and illegal quandaries that should arise from this trip into fantasy and fiction. 

Chapter 38 Limited Connections is on the blog and FF

Chapter 38 Limited Connections


Time for the real disclaimer 2nd shot at it:  I have contemplated that the ownership of fictional characters played by very accomplished actors is both spurious and without any particular social merit.  I shall never the less respect that ownership and claim none for other peoples work.  I even take less ownership in my own creations which by sharing them with others and therefore making them publically known I expand their depth and inner workings.  In other words I really don’t care hand me the scotch and hold the ice.

The Dining room

Chapter 37 Something Wicked This Way Comes is out here and on FF

Chapter 37 Something Wicked This Way Comes


Emergent problems have been resolved and “the world was once more is spinning in greased grooves.”  Twenty points for identifying the author and book.  No Google that’s cheating.   Let’s see I don’t own any of the characters from the Big Bang Theory TV show.  Some very talented people seem to be manipulating them right now so I’ll pass.  I will continue to use my avatars of them for your fun and enjoyment or not depending on you.  As one of my partners said today, “Perfect just spot on perfection”, I’ll try but I’ll settle for adequate.

Montmarte Hill

Les Deux Magots

Bois Vincennes