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Really Silly disclaimer sorry

I really should start a disclaimer that will explain some odd non-consequential fact about the chapter title or some interesting theme I’m going to write about in this chapter.  Or I could go for the humor effect find something I find funny expand on it until it becomes imbecilic beyond measure then claim some common Venereal Disease as its cause.  Of course I could always point you to a prior chapter because there is no doubt at some other time I was more creative or thoughtful about the disclaimer.  I guess I’ll go with the odd non-consequential title.  The word modality has many meanings depending on the field or discipline it is being used to describe.  But for Sheldon Cooper and Leonard Hoftstader it’s about logic so here is Sheldon’s definition of Logical Modality: The classification of propositions on the basis of whether they assert or deny the possibility, impossibility, contingency, or necessity of their content.  Now you should think about it for a bit and hold onto it throughout the chapter tonight.  In the end it will all become clear and there will be a quiz at the reunion.

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Tonights odd discalimer of fact

The purpose of this disclaimer is to let everyone know that I have no clue what I’m going to write about today.  So as I write this I should come up with some tidbit of the story to expand on. That and of course I own none of the characters, nada, zero.  They are like NPC characters in some odd role playing game where you can guess how they may react to some outside stimulus.  Roll the dice, Penny is sad we could do postpartum depression.  I wonder if Raj had that maybe that was his overall problem.  We’ll save that one, roll the dice again ooh snake eyes maybe Beverly should make a return visit.  Maybe I’ll put that at the end of the chapter.   Roll the dice, dammit rolled under that rather large human over there.  Excuse me, yeah sorry it’s stuck to your butt, nope that’s a gummy bear.  Here it is okay boxcars.  That’s what I was looking for no not your butt sorry again.  Hanging out with Howard’s mother can be interesting.

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Rained and snowed out of any actual activity today.  I worked instead and after writing boring reports all day long I finally got to do a wine review of a lovely port style dessert wine.  That’s out into the world and to the wine maker so now I can really have a little fun.  Consider the statement the shortest distance between two points is a straight line.  The best answer to this is in our three dimensional world it would depend on how high the mountain is between.  The journey is half the battle and sometimes half the fun of getting there.  Writing this piece has been a journey one I didn’t expect to take but has been rewarding in its own perverse way.  Tonight’s chapter is an aspect of the term Moment of Inertia.  The meaning goes something like this if you are going around a corner in your car too fast your moment of inertia may overcome the friction of the tires on the road and you will slide off the cliff.  The moment of momentum is the measurement of the velocity of you going off the cliff.  Contractions during labor can be described using these two physics formulas.  The contraction itself is the moment of inertia because it has happened how much it hurts is moment of momentum.  I think you see where I’m going here or you threw up your hands and moved onto the actual story.  Either way I’m not responsible for any pregnancy on the TBBT show, its characters or subsidiaries that I’m aware of and yes that entire diatribe was to say that giving birth hurts like hell.  Or I could be talking about the interfacing of different dipole marbles within the circle of life.

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Tonight Silly disclaimer, and I do mean Silly

The ability to make the right choices, some people must innately have this skill.  Unfortunately the ability to make the wrong choices also may be just as instilled I suppose.  We all have a friend who makes those wrong decisions over and over.  Sometimes it’s just the small things, bad food, ugly clothes, crappy appliances, bad chicken, cheap duct tape, or a stupid hat.  Then there are those who always mess up the big decisions.  The wrong house, the wrong car, breast enlargement, breast reduction, nose job, chin job, butt-tuck, cheek implants, (both high and low), tummy tuck, colored contacts, branding, tattoo on the forehead, that really odd place to be pierced, experimental birth control method, bad boyfriend, ridiculous girlfriend, poor lover, and horrid spouse.  I think I have met people this week that have made all of these choices.  Some at the same time it appears to me.  So please split them up both the large and small then chose one from column A and another from column B.  Put them in the sentence:  Since my (Column A) and because of my (Column B), I cannot possibly own any characters from TBBT.  I think my favorite so far is “new cheek implants” and “cheap duct tape”.  So its build your own disclaimer night.  Add verbs and pronouns as required.

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Silly disclaimer for chapter 51

I’m watching the rain and snow fall this morning from the golf course Patio.  The official name for this weather in Oregon is Slushing.  I should point out the extended summer we get in September and October usually makes up for this soggy spring weather, thus the Oregon Duck moniker.  Now on to more important stuff, should this story inflame passions, dislikes, or other malefactors out there regardless if they are part of TBBT or just some odd psychopath I haven’t met yet.   You have my most sincere and sarcastic abject apologies.  Sometimes it’s difficult to try and achieve three goals at once in a story, humor, sweetness and a touch of angst or conflict.  Any failure in this regard is mine and mine alone.  I should probably just stick to wine tasting notes.  This story has deep dark ruby color with a nose of slight discomfort yet the palate shows an overwhelming tendency to romantic justification of a bitter yet firm tannic finish.  92 points drink now or cellar for up to15 years.


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Some Time Frame Reference and a bit of a silly disclaimer

Okay you’ve talked me into writing Part III. This is the beginning of that new set of chapters.  To set the time frame for the readers:  The last day of Part II was Saturday February 8, 2025.  The first day of Part III is September 19, 2025 it’s a pretty special day as you’ll see. I’ll let other people write the travails of Raj and his family and the Coopers moving back to Pasadena.  They are there now unpacked and enjoying their relocation but we’ll hear from them later.  To be faithful to the past disclaimers which this hasn’t become yet I’ll posit the following question.  At what point does something iconic become the property of the public rather than the creators.  Sometimes, never, always?  Once it’s in the public domain it is changed and construed differently.  Such it is becoming with TBBT as it has with their predecessors.  From t-shirts to plush toys they have transcended a TV show.  It is good to be a nerd or geek like never before because of the show.  But the kid out there that gets the physics and excels in math is still struggling with connecting with people.  Hug a nerd today they need it.  Now back to Friday September 19th 2025.  On this day five years before Lisel Penelope Hoftstader was born in Geneva, Switzerland and yes she carries dual citizenship. 

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This is news about Part III and extensions of the threads and the silly disclaimer
Before I start the silly disclaimer for this chapter I’ll let you know where the Elliptical Threads is heading.  I am going to write a part III.  This chapter will be a short bridge from Part II to Part III.  I’m also going to slow my own pace down a bit.  I feel like I’m starting to force it so from now on the chapters may be a little longer but published farther apart than every day.  The other thing I want to do is let any of you that wish to write within this future reality the ability to do so.  Within the next few days on the blog for this story will appear word documents you can download.  The first 2 parts in a master file with all the final edits and a few re-writes you’ve never seen.  There are no disclaimers and very few asides.  I’ve also taken out a couple of things I had slipped in there to see who would notice.  Specifically instead of “Soft Kitty” I had used “Happy Kitty” in homage to the original author of the tune Edith Newlin.   I purposefully changed koala face to panda smile.  Congratulations to rubyanjel in Manila who caught them both this weekend.  The other thing I’ll be posting is the timelines both past and current.  Then you can see how age and time progressed since 2012 to 2025 as well where the chapters written fall date wise.  Give me little time on this one because it’s all hand written right now.  With this information you can take the characters anywhere you’d like.  You can write something in the 12 years before the Threads, the current or the future.  Please just let people know in the story’s subject that it’s an extension of the Elliptical Threads.  If you would like to also publish it on the Blog email it to me.  The email address is on the blog.  You can also just message me here and I’ll bring it over.  If anyone would like to collaborate on a joint piece let me know and we’ll work it out.  That said tonight’s chapter has a couple of characters named Leonard and Penny in it.  They are characters created and owned by The Big Bang Theory.  Lisel and any other characters not from that show belong to all of you.  Let’s all have a good time and play nice.

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Odd disclaimer is her, pictures of King College Chapel link 

Wow what a wonderful day out on the deck.  Here’s a shout out to rubyanjel who is up in the wee hours of the morning in Australia reading the entire piece.  Did I mention my neighbor has a chicken?  I wish he would turn him into nuggets soon apparently he is on Geneva time.  He’s quiet now thank goodness.  I do have a friendly owl hooting at me from the trees.  I try not to write about the current show so I don’t spoil it for those that don’t get it as quickly as we do in the states so if a spoiler sneaks in there it’s unintentional.  I am writing this in a post episode 100 time frame that I think finally played in the UK this week.  So down to the obvious nope don’t own TBBT characters just like manipulating them and taking them to a different level. I have my ear buds close as I know my neighbor will find something that needs blown, sawn, hacked, mowed or moved with the tractor soon.  Ah yes there he is now, mowing the lawn today apparently.  I think he needs to cut back on the fertilizer.  Dammit there goes the chicken again.  Okay ear buds in, todays music starts with Bluebird.

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Tonights discalimer, a pic from the deck of a lovely day, answer to two questions.

If you’re still here you must either like the story or have some serious self-abuse issues.  I’m betting it’s the latter today.  I get to start the chapter very early today.  I have the day off and I’m writing in one of my favorite little bistros.  I was the first customer of the day and I’m enjoying the pre-lunch rush calm.  People are starting to filter in so I need to work faster.  I have no financial intentions toward any characters including those of TBBT, Looney Toons, Warner Brothers, Universal, or MGM maybe.  I’m pretty sure I have Disney stock still but my broker has mysteriously left the country after inviting his clients to a Cayman Island trip. It’s a wonderful place to visit by the way with a 3 star restaurant right on the Ocean and beautiful white coral sand.  I’m reading the quarterly statement to see what I really do own.  I would think a small stake in Dan’s Anchovy Taco hut and an oil change place for Vespa’s would have some value.  Oops it’s something called The Walt Diddly company what the hell is that.  I should have went with that Madoff guy.

Q: How far do I run on the Treadmill everyday?  A: 4 to 8 miles, always 4 in the morning, more if I run in the evening.

Q: What wine did I have tonight?  A: I opened a bottle of Cowhorn Grenache 74 though I only had one glass.  You can’t get it anymore.

What a great day