New Chapter of The Locket Blog, Live from Reykjavik

Pennywearing the LocketLive from Reykjavik

It’s late here in Iceland but I’m still on LA time so I’m sitting at the desk in our hotel room looking out at the city and mountains.  A slight fog is rolling in from the mountains and though it’s just after 10:00PM the sun is just now setting.  It’s really beautiful with orange and pink light and clouds in the distance.  Leonard is fast asleep in the bed.  I think I’ve worn him out today.  We came back from the airport and haven’t left the room.  I love room service.  My plan is pretty simple for tonight.  I’m going to write my blog and post it then get back in bed with Leonard.  I really missed cuddling into his shoulder on the nights we spend together.  I have to squeeze three more months of that into these three days.  Tomorrow Leonard said we are going to explore the city.  I’m excited to see some place new.

The name of the place we are staying is the Hotel Borg.  When Leonard first told me the name I thought we were staying in a Star Trek themed hotel.  Leonard let me know it’s actually a mostly a female name here in Iceland.  He also said the rest of the science team on the ship is staying here as well.  Leonard said that all of the scientists got single rooms.  It’s kind of a treat after having 3 to a cabin on the ship.

I told Leonard all about this blog but ask him not to read it until he gets home.  If I know Leonard he’ll read it anyway so I may need to watch what I write from now on.  Howard, Bernadette and Amy have all been reading because they are leaving comments.  So hi to you guys from Iceland tonight, oh and Chuck from Nebraska I’m still not available.  Did you read my blog or just look at my profile picture?

I still have Leonard’s sign from the airport.  I’ve added, “I love you too”, and then I’ll put it in his bag before I leave.  So it makes me wonder why it was so hard to say that for so long.  I guess it had to do with the fact that it would take things to the next level.  There are those commitment issues I have again.  I think I showed him I loved him but to say it would somehow complicate things.  I was wrong.  It made things so much better.  It’s not some unspoken gorilla in the room now.  My fear that it would become flippant and tossed around never happened.  Leonard will sometimes say it in passing to me but he always means it.  When I say it to him I always mean it.  That’s a real first for me.  When he first said it to me years ago I panicked.  I wasn’t sure he really knew what it meant or if I did.  Now I know he does and so I guess I do too.  What I am sure of is I love Leonard, heart and soul, good and bad every second of my day.

It’s 11:30 here now though it’s still pretty light outside.  In Pasadena it just got to 4:30.  I’m going to have one more glass of wine then it’s back to bed with my sweetie.

Good night world

Chapter 5 of the Locket Blog The Journey Begins

Pennywearing the LocketThe Journey Begins

I’m getting ready for my trip to Iceland of all places.  I always thought my first trip abroad, I always wanted to say that, would be someplace hot.  You know somewhere like Mexico, the Bahamas or maybe Hawaii.  But the internet says it should be in the mid 70’s during the day so that will be fine.  I’ll bring my coat and get to wear my winter boots.  Leonard likes me in boots and I love to wear them.  Speaking of Leonard he’s made all the flight arrangements and should be at the airport when I get in.  There is the rub though it’s a very long flight.  I leave from LAX in the late morning and fly to Denver.  Then at 5:30 I get on the plane to Reykjavik arriving at 6:30 the next morning.  I’ve never flown overnight on a plane before.  I’m nervous, what if I snore? I’ll keep working on the blog as I go.

My class has started a new social network this week, Twitter.  I’ve read other peoples Twitter feeds before and I’m a little worried about what to write.  I did tie my Twitter feed into my blog so as I tweet things it should show up.  Howard helped me get it all set up yesterday.  Though Sheldon has been well Sheldonish why Leonard’s been gone Bernadette and Howard have been great.  I’ve been to their apartment for dinner and just to hang out.  Sometimes Raj is there but mostly he has been woman hunting with his new found speaking ability.  I don’t think he is doing very well at it yet.  With his only experience being Howard’s wingman all these years he has a lot of bad habits to lose.

So look for my first Tweet. I’ll try to blog some more from Denver while I wait for my flight.

Penny @gohuskers29
Leaving for the Airport with Bernadette

Penny @gohuskers29
On the plane, I have a window seat, they took my body lotion at TSA, damn

Penny @gohuskers29
Have a hunk sitting next to me, mid-thirties, dark hair brown eyes in a suit

I’ve made it to Denver. I had to go back through security but found my gate at last.  Still have 3 hours until my plane boards.  So let me tell you about the creep in the seat next to me from LA.  When he first sat down I noticed he was attractive.  I also noticed he had on a wedding ring.  Then after a few minutes I noticed the ring is gone.  There is the faint line on his finger not quite as tan as it should be.  He works for some tech company in sales and I got to hear all about it.  He was pretty crestfallen when I told him that I was on my way to see my scientist boyfriend in Iceland.  I had to make it very clear I would not like to spend a few days in Denver.  Oh and that I don’t date married men.  Like I said creep.  It just reminded me again why I’m with Leonard.  No lies or BS he’s just a real person with all his flaws and little mannerisms.  I’m so done with suave guys and their line of garbage.  Viva la Nerds.

Now that said I can’t wait to see Leonard.  My hand goes up to the locket around my neck every time I think about him.  I ignored mister creep most of the flight after that and looked at Skymall then the airline magazine.  Luckily it was a quick flight.  I need to pick up a magazine here before my next flight.

Blog at you soon.

Penny @gohuskers29
I’m in the Airport at Keflavik outside of Reykjavik heading for the baggage area.

Penny @gohuskers29
I see Leonard on the other side of the ropes, he has a sign like a driver he’s holding up. It says Penny I Love You.

Penny @gohuskers29
There’s my bag, gotta go.

Locket blog Chap. 4 A long Day

Pennywearing the LocketA Long Day

It’s not very often I’m excited about going to work at the Cheesecake Factory.  But when you’ve spent the day being the personal servant and driver to Sheldon Cooper work seems like a dream.  Let me start by saying this was not my plan for the day.  Amy called the night before to ask if I could give Sheldon a ride today as a sudden conference had come up she needed to attend.  Amy said she was trying to get someone else to go and would get back to me.  She called back several times saying she was working on it before finally saying she couldn’t get out of it.  I am suspicious that Amy just needed a day off.

I started the day with the thought that I would be getting up early to take Sheldon to work then back home and to bed.  Sheldon began knocking on my door at 7:15 in the morning.  I groggily answered in my robe.  Sheldon smiled and handed me a list of the places he needed to go that day.  He was taking the day off to accomplish his many varied tasks.  Sheldon told me there was no hurry and that we would be leaving at 7:45.  After grabbing the list and slamming the door I proceeded to the shower and to get ready.  Much to Sheldon’s dismay we did not leave the building until 8:15 even though he had come to my door 4 more times while I struggled to get ready.  I should say that I sat on the couch drinking my coffee the last 2 attempts he made at getting me to answer the door.

I then proceeded to take Sheldon to the barber for a trim.  Then to his dentist for a cleaning before a quick stop at the podiatrist.  We ended up at the train store where I listened to Sheldon argue with another train nerd on the model train scale debate for over an hour.  He tried to get me to stop by the comic book store but I cleverly side tracked him with a trip for an ice cream cone.  Though he was disappointed that we were out of time I headed home.  Sheldon almost forgot to thank me when we reached the apartment door but at the last moment told me how nice it was that I had stepped up for team Cooper.  I again slammed the door and made my way to the bedroom to get ready for my shift.

I sent Leonard a quick email before my shift describing my day then was off to work.  It was the same old thing at work.  I spent the dinner hour waiting tables and then got behind the bar until we closed. It was a pretty normal shift except for the college intermural rugby team that was in the bar until closing.  They lavished attention on me but like most college kids did not leave squat for tips.  I really should have spilt a tray of beers on them.  It would have cooled them off and made me feel better. I returned home with an email from Leonard waiting for me.  Here’s part of it:

Welcome to the third Tuesday of the month.  It’s a good thing someone took him you know how he can be if his schedule it thrown off.  That was a really smart move with the ice cream.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Keep this up and you’ll be called Saint Penny, or if you get like me inmate 347891 for Sheldonslaughter is looking better and better.  Amy owes you big. ”

Leonard made me laugh from 3000 miles away.  He’s so sweet.  Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with Sheldon.  Then again I know he’s put up with a lot from me over the years.  Maybe it should be Saint Leonard.  He told me there is a problem with the ship they are on and it will be putting in for repairs soon. Leonard asked me if I would like to fly to Iceland for his shore leave.  I wonder how you pronounce Reykjavík.

I think I should be dusting off my unused passport that I once got for Geneva.

Iceland with no Sheldon for four days here I come.

Wonderful Wednesdays Pennys third entry is on the blog

Pennywearing the LocketWonderful Wednesdays, the third entry in The Locket Blog

Yea, I was off work today.  I had a wonderful day sleeping in then meeting Amy and Bernadette for lunch.  Sheldon is feeling better and has finally released Amy from her care taker duties.  Bernadette was becoming concerned as Amy was asking if she had in experimental drugs that might help Sheldon get better.  Bernadette suggested several anti-psychotic drugs her company was working on.  Though she was only joking Amy had seriously considered it.  I’ve only been able to talk to Leonard on the phone this week.  They have been having stormy weather and were asked to cut back on their internet usage.  Leonard sounded fine but I could tell he was having a rough time of it. I really should find out where the North Sea is.  I was doing pretty well until this afternoon when I got ready to write this blog entry.  I found I was just sitting there thinking about Leonard, seasick and cooped up in his cabin and lab.  It reminded me of when he went to the North Pole.

I thought about him every day when he was gone then.  We weren’t together but I couldn’t wait to let him know we were when he got back.  I’m the same way this time but we are together.  I want him to come back so I can ask him a question.  I know he wants me to. In fact he left it up to me after Valentine’s Day.  Leonard told me he would never ask me to marry him again.  I had to ask him.  I’m scared of the question, the answer and the results.  I love Leonard so much and I’ve finally got to the point where I want to ask him.  Not to marry me yet but to be engaged and to live together.  I want to tell people that this is my fiancé not my boyfriend anymore.  If we could just keep the marriage thing open ended that would be so great.  I wonder if he’ll go for that.  But he has to really understand it and not just go along.  I think we are there now.

There was a time where Leonard did things just to make me happy even if he didn’t like it.  He and I have grown past that now.  It’s more about what makes us happy.  That is a pretty cool place to be if you ask me.  So here’s my plan for the rest of the evening.  I snagged the comforter off Leonard’s bed today while checking on Sheldon.  I’m going to open a nice bottle of red wine.  Then wrap myself in his comforter and watch Star Wars movies tonight until I fall asleep.  My tribute to the man I love.  Okay I might catch The Bachelorette as well before Star


View from the Bow, chapter 2 of the Locket Blog

Pennywearing the LocketChapter 2 of the Locket Blog 

View from the Bow

It’s a Saturday evening.  I had the lunch shift and then half the dinner shift at work today. Did I mention that I’m also a waitress/bartender on the side?  Maybe I really shouldn’t it’s just what I do to pay the bills.  I’m not really very good at it either.  I just don’t care enough and it seems my tips are based on how I look so I don’t have a lot of incentive to provide great service.  Well that and I really don’t care.  Normally I would only work the lunch shift so I could spend time with Leonard and the gang tonight.  This Saturday is not one of those Saturdays. You see Sheldon is sick right now with a summer cold.  Sheldon is a pain in the ass when he’s sick.  So the rest of the gang except his girlfriend Amy, who is contractually required to take care of Sheldon when he’s sick, has suddenly become unavailable.  If Leonard was here we would be out doing something just to avoid Sheldon.  But with Leonard on a ship in the North Sea I’m now hiding in my darkened apartment lest light show under the door.  Amy may become fed up at any time and then Sheldon would be knocking.  I’m even trying to type quietly so he doesn’t hear me.


I was Skyping with Leonard this morning when he did something fantastic.  Leonard took his laptop on deck to the bow of the ship and pointed it out to sea.  The sea was full of white caps and spray was came off the bow.  Not exactly the Titanic moment on the bow but as close as he could make it.


I asked if he’d gotten seasick.


“Only the first four days, I’ve been okay after that.”


The look on his face was slightly nauseated as he said it.  I can tell he is still being affected but he’s being tough.  Well as tough as scientist who’s never been on the ocean and can’t kill his own spiders can be.  Leonard is tough though emotionally.  I’ve put him through a lot since we started dating.  We broke up for almost a year.  I tried to date again but I couldn’t find anybody that worked for me.  I realized now that I was comparing every guy to Leonard and how he treated me.  The turning point in our latest relationship was when I went to visit Leonard in his lab.  It was my first time ever seeing what he does.  It was in that moment that I knew I loved him.  I loved how smart and caring he was.  I also realized I was incredibly turned on by having a genius as boyfriend.


After we broke up I waited for Leonard to ask me out again but he’d moved on to a new relationship.  That really hurt and I almost lost him forever.  At least we had become friends again.  We took things very slow the next time around. In fact we almost didn’t make it but more on that later.  There’s a knock on my door, it’s just a single knock so NOT Sheldon.


Its Amy apparently she can’t sing the Soft Kitty song to Sheldon’s standard to help him go to sleep.  Amy looks like she’s been through hell.  Her hair is bedraggled, there’s a cocoa stain on her sweater.  Amy’s has dark circles under her eyes and a blank stare as if she had just been in a plane crash or some other disaster.  She’s sitting on my couch waiting for me to finish so I’ll have to keep this short.  I’ll have to guard for her making a dash toward the stairway on the way to Sheldon’s and Leonard’s place.  Oh I got an email from Leonard. Oh, that’s sweet. I’ll post this part here then take Amy back and do my singing duties.


Bye for now.


It’s late here sweetheart but I can’t stop thinking about you. When I was at the North Pole I thought of you every day even though we weren’t together yet.  This time I think about you non-stop when I’m not working.  Even then you slip into my thoughts.  I miss looking in your eyes.  The knowing smiles you give me when I say something lame. What I would give to feel the soft touch of your hand on my cheek as you kiss me.”


Oops, the rest is kind of personal, bye again.

Penny writes a blog while Leonard is away

Pennywearing the LocketThe Locket Blog

Where should I start?  I’m an aspiring actress who has been taking college courses.  I suddenly find that I have a lot more free time this summer.  So I’ve decided to take a class about social networks.  This is my first blog post on my first blog.

Though I’ve been written about on other people’s blog this the first time I’ve written my own.  I want to dedicate this blog the man I love, Leonard.  I guess I should start with him and a little something about myself.

Leonard and I have been in a relationship for over five years.  We’ve had good times and some really bad times together.  It’s taken a long time for the good times to outweigh the bad but it’s finally happened.  I live a really nice life with amazing friends I suppose I will get too eventually.  My friends are all geniuses.  I struggle to keep up with them most of the time, but then again in a social situation they are all naïve.  They may know what a boson is but I know how to deal with things socially and a boson has never gotten a free drink.   Over the last few years I’ve found myself absorbing more and more of my friend’s interests. There are times that I’m bored and cannot get over how uncool they are.  Then there are lots of times I’m suddenly fascinated and frankly awed by what they show me.  I realize at heart I’ve become just as nerdy in some ways as they are.  They consider themselves nerds and are proud of it so I guess I should be too.

My boyfriend Leonard is an Experimental Physicist at a major university.  He has his PhD and at this time is doing experiments in the North Sea.  It’s a huge honor for him as he gets to work with Stephen Hawking.  But he’s going to be gone for months and that’s why I decided to take this class.  This is only the first week and I miss him horribly.  I find myself touching the heart shaped locket around my neck that has his picture in it. I wish I had thought of that.  He should have one with my picture in it as well.  I would do it know I’m just not sure how to send it to a ship in the North Sea.

Leonard is not the usual kind of guy I’ve dated.  He’s not a muscular hunk with model looks and nothing in his head.  I’ve kind of realized that I always dated guys with that dark side, or some kind of edge or problem I thought I could fix.  That never worked out well.  I’d become attached but they were who they were and in the end I always got hurt.  Leonard is different.  The first thing he’s the same height as I am.  He’s kind and gentle with a soft voice most of the time.  When Leonard and I first went out and even now he will talk over my head.  He usually realizes this and slows down to explain what he’s saying.  I should point out that Leonard is very funny and cute.  He’s cute not just physically, which he is, but in his mannerisms and personality.   Let me give you an example.

Last Friday Leonard had been on the ship for one week.  We planned to Skype on the laptop at 5:00 PM that evening.  It was very late in the North Sea.  I thought perhaps something sexy might be appropriate and had a black teddy on under my sweatshirt for the right moment.  The Skype session started and there was my boyfriend surrounded  by 4 men’s faces looking over his shoulder.  Leonard had on a huge smile.

“Hi sweetie” I said.

Leonard seemed to forget all the men were around him.  His smile softened and I could see his eyes were glistening.  I thought he was on the verge of tears.

“Hey you, I miss you” he said

I brought him back into the moment by asking, “And who are all of your friends there sweetie?”

Leonard looked around at them scowling, “Okay so now you’ve all seen her, this really is my girlfriend.  Now give me some privacy.”

The faces disappeared and I heard a door close in the back ground.  Leonard looked around then smiled back at the screen.

“Sorry about that.  I showed them your picture on my phone and they didn’t believe me.”

I slowly unzipped my sweatshirt and let it slide down my shoulders.

“I guess it was a good idea I didn’t answer dressed like this.”

Leonard’s eyes grew big as he stuttered out, “Just a second”

He disappeared from the screen.  I heard the door being locked.  Then Leonard was back pulling at his jacket to take it off.  I’m sure you get the idea of where things went from there but I hate those kinds of blogs so use your imagination.

That’s the kind of chemistry we have, even 3000 miles apart and there it is.  So what will I write in the future?  I really don’t know, next I have to start using twitter but maybe I’ll blog about Sheldon my boyfriend’s super genius roommate.  Think of a mix of Wiley Coyote and Dexter’s laboratory.

Penny signing off for now.

Just Something I was thinking about, SOK

This is a short TBBT piece just to break things up a little enjoy

forbeingcompleteBeing Complete

Apartment 4B

Penny started to get out of bed. Leonard looked to be asleep beside her, the comforter pulled midway up his bare chest.  A look of surprise came upon her face as Leonard’s hand wrapped around her wrist.

Leonard butchered an English accent, “Where are you off to missy?”

Penny turned and looked back at Leonard who was laying there without his glasses.  She smiled a crooked little gin, “I need to wash my face and brush my teeth before we go to sleep.  Watch that, you just sounded like my father.”

Leonard laid his head back on the pillow letting her wrist go, “Really? I was going for more of a Doctor Who thing, I should brush my teeth too but I don’t want to go back across the hall.”

Penny started to get up again, “Well it’s your lucky day.  I bought you a toothbrush and a razor at the store yesterday,”

Leonard got his glasses off the nightstand then slipped them onto his face, “Really, what made you want to do that”

Penny was wrapped in her short pink robe now standing beside the bed.  She had a puzzled look on her face, “I don’t really know why.  I thought about it when I got home.  I was in the store and it hit me that Leonard needs a toothbrush and razor.  So I picked both up and put them in the basket.  It just seemed natural somehow that you needed those things here. Well at least it did when I was there.  When I got home I tried to figure out what it meant.  That’s when I realize I do it all the time now.”

Leonard was pulling on a white t-shirt now, he seemed puzzled, “What do you do all the time?”

Penny walked in the bathroom and turned on the sink.  Leonard sat on the bed in his boxer’s and t-shirt listening as she talked.

“I think about the things you’d like or need when I go shopping.  I buy lactose free cream for our tea.  I look for the crackers you like and get them along with my favorite.  I buy that one red wine you like that doesn’t give you headaches.”

Leonard was grinning, the sounds of Penny washing her face could be heard then she started talking again, “I do the same thing in the mall.  I’ll think wouldn’t Leonard look nice in that jacket or pants.  I wonder if Leonard has that game at the game store or how you’d look in this or that set of glasses.  It’s a good thing I’m broke most of the time.”

Leonard heard Penny start to brush her teeth. She gurgled out several words then he heard her spit.  “Sorry, what I was saying is, I don’t know why it happens but it happens.”

Penny walked out of the bathroom in a pink camisole and white shorts with a little red teddy bear print.  She slid into her side of the bed.

“You can have the bathroom now, would you mind shaving for me.  I like a smooth face to snuggle up to”

Leonard leaned over and kissed her lips, “Sure, did you happen to get shaving cream.”

Penny nodded then Leonard was up moving to the bathroom.  She heard him start to brush his teeth.  A soft smile covered her face.

“You want to know something else?”

She heard Leonard reply with a gurgled yes the toothbrush still in his mouth. Penny’s smile widened.

“Okay, I never sleep on your side of the bed anymore when you’re not here.  It doesn’t feel right for some reason.  I also find myself reaching for you in the night sometimes too.””


Penny sat up slightly, “What happened?”

Leonard voice came from the bathroom, “I cut myself, nothing major.”

Penny laid back into her pillow, “So then I wonder what it all means and then I get scared.  I stop trying to think about it but it happens all the time.  When I’m at work at the same time you are I wonder what cool experiment you’re working on.  Of course I wonder if that little bitch Alex is sniffing around.”

Leonard came out of the bathroom, a piece of toilet paper stuck to his chin.  He slid into his side of the bed.  Penny moved naturally into his left side, her head tucked into his shoulder.

“No need to worry about that.  Sheldon keeps her super busy these days and ever since the little talk he had with her she keeps her distance.”

She smiled a comfortable smile and snuggled into him, “That’s good to hear, I wouldn’t like to let Amy use the monkeys.”

Leonard scrunched his face up in a confused look down at her, “Monkeys?”

Penny eyes got a little wide, “It’s a girl thing.”

Leonard bought it and laid his head back, “Well I think everything you told me just tells me that you should say yes next time I ask.”

Penny looked confused now, “Ask what?”

Leonard was quiet, the look on Penny’s face changed, she’d got it, “I’d still say no Leonard.  We are in a really good place right now and I think it’s going to get better.  Over time I’m sure we’ll be living together.  Then when I’m ready I’ll say yes or maybe I’ll ask you.”

Leonard was frowning at first but was nodding his head now, “When will you know when we’re ready?”

Penny scrunched up her face as she thought it through, “It’s not a matter of us though we need to work on us some more too.  It’s a matter of me Leonard.  Think about it Leonard, you’re older than me.  You have graduated from college and graduate school.  You have a position at a great university.  You’re really smart and successful.   I need something like that in my life too.  I need successes Leonard.  I need to finish college, or get my acting career off the ground.  I need to feel like I’ve accomplished something before I get married and settle down.  I need to be complete.  I’m still a work in process.”

Leonard sat up slightly looking at her, “You mean work in progress.  I can tell you something though Penny.  I was never complete until I met you.  I’m a work in progress too.  When you’re complete I’ll be complete too. I love you.”

Penny felt herself tearing up, “Does that mean you’ll wait for me until I’m done?”

“Penny I’ll wait forever if we’re together.”


The smile that spread across Penny’s face was wide and happy.

Leonard laid back into the pillow.  Penny ran her hand over his chest and plucked the toilet paper from his chin.  She leaned upward and kissed his chin.

“There, all better.  I love you too Leonard, always.”

She ran her palm over Leonard’s cheek, “Smooth, I like it.”

There you have it.  I need a small break from other writing to just do a little Leonard and Penny.  It felt so good.


In Focus, A Big Bang Theory one shot, single scene after the end of episode 12


In Focus

Leonard’s Bedroom

Penny snuggled into the left side of Leonard’s chest her hand reached up and took off her “Sexy Scientist Glasses”.  She handed them to Leonard.

“Put these on the night stand please sweetie”

Leonard took her glasses and set them on the night stand to his right retrieving his own and putting them back on his face.

Penny’s head disappeared below the covers then her arm appeared holding first one boot then the other dropping them on the floor.  Her head reappeared and she cuddled back into Leonard’s chest.

“Umm much more comfortable, that was amazing by the way.”

Leonard got that goofy little smile on his face, “I was inspired by my beautiful girlfriend to new heights.”

Penny smiled even though she knew he couldn’t see her face.  He would have been amazed at the smile.  It radiated happiness and fulfillment, a closeness achieved only a few times before.  The insecurity was gone she was comfortable and happy.

Penny leaned away and propped her head up on her hand so she could see Leonard’s face.  He turned and stared at her green eyes.  They were very soft right now.  Leonard thought Penny’s bedroom eyes.

“You know Leonard this was a real first tonight.”

Leonard got a puzzled but happy look on his face, “You’re not going to tell me you’ve been faking it all the other times are you? “

Penny giggled, “No, but we have kind of got back to where we used to be in bed.  It’s something else.  This is the first time you’ve ever drug me off to the bedroom to have sex.  I almost always have to initiate things.  Though a lot of the time we both know its time, you kind of took the reins tonight.  I liked it.”

Leonard sat back and stared at the ceiling for a moment.  Penny finally reached over and ran her hand down his chest.

Leonard tuned back to her, “I guess your right it’s really the first time I’ve taken the lead in the bedroom.  What do you suppose that means?”

Penny shook her head softly, “Don’t over think it Leonard, but it means were a lot more connected this time than we were before.  I have a hard time saying it but we’re in a real relationship now.  We both know it and it’s special were not just dating anymore.”

Leonard looked awestruck by what she had just said.  The smile came slowly to his face but got wider each second.

“My first real relationship.  I hope it’s my last relationship, aw not that it’s the last one I ever have but that it lasts forever because it’s with you.  I mean”

Penny moved her hand to his mouth, “I know what you meant Leonard, me too.  I want this to last and grow and get even better.  A few months ago I didn’t even know where we were at and know we’re here.  I thought I’d be panicking and scared but I’m not.”

Leonard nodded, “So what do we call this new phase of our relationship, if were not dating?”

Penny furled her eyebrows for a moment then hesitated, “I guess we just call it love”

It’s short but really only one scene, hoped you liked it.




A new chapter for Double Dipping is on the blog

wowChapter 3 The Geiger Reoccurrence

(So no new episode until Jan. 3 let’s fill in the blank)

Leonard awoke before Penny the next morning he rolled up on his left arm her right hand still resting on his chest.  She had put his stolen white paradox t-shirt back on afterward to sleep in last night.  Leonard had pulled back on his socks but not his shirt.  Leonard watched Penny sleep for a few moments.  He probably would have continued to but as he reached for his glasses off the night stand her eyes fluttered open.

“Leonard what time is it?”

Leonard picked up his phone off the nightstand and put it back down, “It’s 9:45 we slept kind of late.”

Penny sighed then snuggled into Leonard, “Late if you’re a drill sergeant maybe, it’s Sunday we have the whole day.”

Leonard lay all the way back down with his arm around her shoulder, her head resting on his chest.

“I still can’t believe you said yes.”

Penny smiled, “Well you did things in the right order this time, had sex, asked then had sex again.  If you do the steps in the right order things work out better.”

Penny giggled for second then ran her hand up his chest.

“Leonard can we do something different for New Year’s this year, maybe go somewhere there’s no costume party.  We already did that at Halloween.”

Leonard stared at the ceiling, “I’m sure Sheldon is looking for another trophy.  Let’s see we have Christmas Eve with the gang, Christmas morning drinking lactose free cocoa in front of our corrugated fireplace.”

Penny smirked, “Let’s go with Baileys and coffee.”

Leonard nodded, “Okay, there’s always the big faculty New Year’s Eve party at the university.  Maybe we can get everyone to go to that.”

Penny rolled her eyes, “Great a long evening with a bunch of scientists is there a lecture too.”

Leonard chuckled, “Actually it usually gets pretty wild I’ve heard.  They have a band and dancing.  A lot of the donors show up.  Last year I hear the campus police had to be called twice.”

Penny looked surprised and looked up toward Leonard, “Really”

Leonard just nodded again, “You get a lot of really tightly wrapped people and their spouses at an open bar for six hours and things tend to get pretty rowdy.”

Penny smiled, “Okay I’m in.  I still remember Sheldon mooned the people at the awards dinner last time, could be a hoot.  So what should we do today?”

“I don’t know about you but I’m starting an anonymous blog called She Said Yes”

“There is just going to be no living with you for a while is there?”

Leonard took his glasses off then snuggled down so they were face to face, “You could always make me relax again”

Penny’s face got serious, “Take your socks off.”

New Year’s Eve

Leonard in his best jacket and shirt watched as Penny walked off the dance floor.  Behind her on the dance floor Dr. Gablehouser had a large grin on his face.  Penny had on a short red dress with sequins that sparkled as she walked back to the table.  She had red matching high heels that she took off when she danced with Leonard.  Penny sat at the table next to Leonard.

“Okay I took one for the team and danced with your department chair.  He seems nice.”

“Yeah he’s a nice guy, you look beautiful Penny of course you always do.”

Penny blushed, “Okay Leonard that’s the fourth time you’ve told me tonight.  I get it.”

Bernadette in a black strapless dress was sitting beside Leonard and smiled, “You do look wonderful Penny.”

Amy in a green evening gown on the other side of Bernadette agreed, “Fabulous is more like it.”

Penny continued to blush then looked up as she heard her name.

“Penny is that you?”

Penny turned to see a tall woman in a short blue dress and black heels walk toward her.  She had long curled blonde hair and large bright blue eyes.  Behind her was a tall man with black hair in a dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie.

The look of recognition came onto Penny’s face then a mild shock, “Kathy Geiger?  Wow it’s been forever what are you doing at Caltech?”

Kathy Geiger had a rather large mischievous smile upon her face, “My husband Hank and I are teaching here this year we’re on loan from Nebraska’s department of advanced mathematics.  You remember Hank don’t you?  Oh maybe not he had his eyes corrected with laser surgery.  So he’s no longer four eyed stank as you used to call him.”

Penny was really looking uncomfortable now.  Kathy Geiger’s smile didn’t change but her tone became mocking, “So what are you doing here, are you the escort of one of these gentlemen.”

Kathy motioned toward the table.  Penny looked really shocked.  Amy leaned over to Bernadette, “Did she just call Penny an escort?”

Bernadette nodded and leaned toward Amy, “I think so.  Remember Penny telling us about the girl they tied up and left all night in a cornfield.”

Amy’s eyes got big, “With the corncob in her mouth?”

Bernadette just nodded.

Penny turned and wrapped her arm through Leonard’s, “I’m here with my fiancé Leonard.  Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, he’s and experimental physicist.”

Around the table the entire gang looked shocked.  Amy mouthed the words “fiancé” to Bernadette.

Leonard leaned over to Penny’s ear as he extended his hand to Kathy and Hank, “I thought we were keeping this to ourselves for a while?”

Penny said through a clenched smile, “Things change”

Leonard shook hands with Kathy then Hank, “Nice to meet you guys.”

Kathy continued to smile, “Penny come on up to the bar Hank and I would like to buy a drink.”

Sheldon looked over at them, “It’s an open bar you could get her a drink but the university is paying the bar tab.”

Penny stood, “I think they just want to have a chat Sheldon.”

Penny stood and followed then toward the bar.

Amy was looking over at Leonard, “Fiancé Leonard, when were you two planning on telling us?”

Leonard looked confused, “We weren’t not until later I just asked her again right before Christmas.  Who is Kathy and Hank?”

Bernadette looked over at Amy questioningly.  Amy shrugged, “Well Penny and some of her friends once tied up Kathy and…”

When the story ended Leonard looked appalled, “My Penny was a bully?”

Bernadette did her best Penny impression, “Little bit, yeah”

Leonard looked around for Penny.  She wasn’t at the bar. Then he saw a small flash of red was going out the door.  Leonard jumped to his feet.

“Come on you guys Penny’s in trouble.”

The entire gang followed.

Parking lot at Caltech

Kathy was wrapping the rope around Penny who had a napkin shoved in her mouth and the light pole she was standing in front of as Hank held her shoulders.  Leonard leading the entire gang came running up to a sudden stop.

Leonard was irate, “Stop that! Stop that right now!  This is not high school.  We all got picked on in high school and even college.”

Hank let go of Penny’s shoulders and stepped toward Leonard.  Amy and Bernadette both stepped toward Kathy who dropped the rope and stepped back.

Leonard looked up at Hank who of course was several inches taller than himself, “You’re a math nerd do the math.  Six against two how do you think this nerd rumble will end?”

Hank backed up and took Kathy’s hand.  They turned and started walking away from the parking lot.

Sheldon piped up, “Just keep walking Cornhuskers”

Everyone stared at Sheldon for a moment except Leonard who went to Penny.  He removed the napkin from her mouth and started to untie the rope holding her to the pole.

“Are you alright?  Should we call the campus police?”

Penny’s arms went around Leonard’s neck and she pulled him into a hug, “No it’s okay I probably deserved it.”

She pulled back from Leonard looking into his face, “Leonard sweetie you’re my hero I never told you that before but this isn’t the first time.  I love you sweetie”

Penny kissed him and Leonard held her tight for a few moments.

Howard looked pleasantly happy, “Well that ended well let’s get back to the party.”

They turned back toward the party walking as couples Raj next to Howard and Bernadette.

Leonard’s arm was around Penny’s back.  She in her high heels four inches taller than him had her arm around his shoulder.

“Well that’s the first time logic ever won a fight for me.  You know when we get back to the table the questions from Sheldon will start.”

Penny stopped kicked off her heels and leaned over to pick them up in her right hand, her left arm going around Leonard as they started walking again.

Penny leaned over and kissed Leonard on the cheek, “You’re one tough nerd Leonard.”

Leonard blushed, “Thank You. I always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress.”

“Just as long as it’s this damsel feel free.”

Okay that gets us to New Year’s, hope you all had a gala time, SOK

New TBBT one shot Double Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation 6.11

wowDouble Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation

Apartment 4B late evening Saturday night

Penny walked through the door into her apartment in her black coat over her very short black dress.  She was surprised to see Leonard sitting on her couch.  She started to speak when she noticed he was asleep. Penny dropped her keys and small clutch purse on the table by the door.  She kicked off the very high black heels then leaned down and picked them up.

“I love these shoes but boy can they get to you after three or four hours.”

She set them on the coffee table then sat down next to Leonard who still had on his clothes from earlier.  Penny just stared at Leonard for several moments, a smile spreading slowly across her face. She leaned over and kissed Leonard softly on the cheek.

Leonard stirred and opened his eyes, “Hi, sorry I must have dozed off.”

Penny leaned back but her hand stayed on his shoulder, “What are you doing here trying to double dip tonight, play your board game and have sex with your girlfriend?”

Leonard snickered, “I came over and hung our stockings on the fireplace, see?”

He pointed toward the cardboard fireplace.  His stocking which Penny had given him on their first Christmas was next to her old stocking she’d had when she was a child.   Penny looked over her smile wide again.  When she looked back at Leonard she had put on a more stern face.

“Still not getting into this little black dress, you.”

Leonard grinned and looked sideways at her checking out the short dress and her long legs.

“I just needed to decompress from the game.”

Penny had a soft smile on now, “Didn’t it go well?”

Leonard shook his head, “Well everything was going great until Sheldon fed Santa to the ogres?”

Penny looked puzzled, “He what?”

Leonard pushed his glasses up his nose, “I wrote up a really good dungeon with a Christmas theme for the guys.  Though Raj died right away the rest of them made it all the way through.  It was pretty cool.  I made them figure out and sing a Christmas carol.  Sheldon even had eggnog then I got them all to play jingle bells on the hand bells.”

Penny looked puzzled again, “Okay sound pretty festive in a nerdy sort of way, what happened?”

Leonard rolled his eyes, “Sheldon, The point of the adventure was to rescue Santa Claus who had been kidnapped by ogres and therefore saving Christmas.  They got to the final room and Sheldon paralyzed the other guys, threw the key to Santa’s chains in a chasm.  Then he kicked him in the gut and left him to be eaten by ogres.”

Penny face went to shocked, “Wow, that’s pretty cold, even if it was only a silly game.”

Leonard nodded slowly frowning, “Then he explained why he hated Santa.   When Sheldon was little he told a mall Santa that for Christmas he wanted him to bring back his Grandfather who had died that year.”

“Oh, that’s so sad.  No wonder Sheldon doesn’t like Christmas.”

Leonard agreed, “Yeah but you think he’d get over it after he found out Santa was made up?”

Penny leaned over and pulled Leonard into a hug, “I still believe in Santa Leonard.  It’s the being good all year I’ve always had the problem with.”

Leonard chuckled, “Yeah I think he only brings gifts to people that have been in a coma all year.”

Penny ran her hand up his chest and kissed him, “You are a funny man.  I changed my mind I guess I’ll let you double dip and get me out of this little black dress, but just this once.”

Leonard looked surprised, “Really that will be a first, the dungeon master actually having sex after a game.”

Penny snickered, “Just leave your dice here.”

She pulled him up and led him toward her bedroom.

Okay a one shot just for fun, I hope you enjoyed and it and gave you a jolly warm fuzzy.