Locket blog Chap. 4 A long Day

Pennywearing the LocketA Long Day

It’s not very often I’m excited about going to work at the Cheesecake Factory.  But when you’ve spent the day being the personal servant and driver to Sheldon Cooper work seems like a dream.  Let me start by saying this was not my plan for the day.  Amy called the night before to ask if I could give Sheldon a ride today as a sudden conference had come up she needed to attend.  Amy said she was trying to get someone else to go and would get back to me.  She called back several times saying she was working on it before finally saying she couldn’t get out of it.  I am suspicious that Amy just needed a day off.

I started the day with the thought that I would be getting up early to take Sheldon to work then back home and to bed.  Sheldon began knocking on my door at 7:15 in the morning.  I groggily answered in my robe.  Sheldon smiled and handed me a list of the places he needed to go that day.  He was taking the day off to accomplish his many varied tasks.  Sheldon told me there was no hurry and that we would be leaving at 7:45.  After grabbing the list and slamming the door I proceeded to the shower and to get ready.  Much to Sheldon’s dismay we did not leave the building until 8:15 even though he had come to my door 4 more times while I struggled to get ready.  I should say that I sat on the couch drinking my coffee the last 2 attempts he made at getting me to answer the door.

I then proceeded to take Sheldon to the barber for a trim.  Then to his dentist for a cleaning before a quick stop at the podiatrist.  We ended up at the train store where I listened to Sheldon argue with another train nerd on the model train scale debate for over an hour.  He tried to get me to stop by the comic book store but I cleverly side tracked him with a trip for an ice cream cone.  Though he was disappointed that we were out of time I headed home.  Sheldon almost forgot to thank me when we reached the apartment door but at the last moment told me how nice it was that I had stepped up for team Cooper.  I again slammed the door and made my way to the bedroom to get ready for my shift.

I sent Leonard a quick email before my shift describing my day then was off to work.  It was the same old thing at work.  I spent the dinner hour waiting tables and then got behind the bar until we closed. It was a pretty normal shift except for the college intermural rugby team that was in the bar until closing.  They lavished attention on me but like most college kids did not leave squat for tips.  I really should have spilt a tray of beers on them.  It would have cooled them off and made me feel better. I returned home with an email from Leonard waiting for me.  Here’s part of it:

Welcome to the third Tuesday of the month.  It’s a good thing someone took him you know how he can be if his schedule it thrown off.  That was a really smart move with the ice cream.  Why didn’t I think of that?  Keep this up and you’ll be called Saint Penny, or if you get like me inmate 347891 for Sheldonslaughter is looking better and better.  Amy owes you big. ”

Leonard made me laugh from 3000 miles away.  He’s so sweet.  Sometimes I wonder how he puts up with Sheldon.  Then again I know he’s put up with a lot from me over the years.  Maybe it should be Saint Leonard.  He told me there is a problem with the ship they are on and it will be putting in for repairs soon. Leonard asked me if I would like to fly to Iceland for his shore leave.  I wonder how you pronounce Reykjavík.

I think I should be dusting off my unused passport that I once got for Geneva.

Iceland with no Sheldon for four days here I come.

Wonderful Wednesdays Pennys third entry is on the blog

Pennywearing the LocketWonderful Wednesdays, the third entry in The Locket Blog

Yea, I was off work today.  I had a wonderful day sleeping in then meeting Amy and Bernadette for lunch.  Sheldon is feeling better and has finally released Amy from her care taker duties.  Bernadette was becoming concerned as Amy was asking if she had in experimental drugs that might help Sheldon get better.  Bernadette suggested several anti-psychotic drugs her company was working on.  Though she was only joking Amy had seriously considered it.  I’ve only been able to talk to Leonard on the phone this week.  They have been having stormy weather and were asked to cut back on their internet usage.  Leonard sounded fine but I could tell he was having a rough time of it. I really should find out where the North Sea is.  I was doing pretty well until this afternoon when I got ready to write this blog entry.  I found I was just sitting there thinking about Leonard, seasick and cooped up in his cabin and lab.  It reminded me of when he went to the North Pole.

I thought about him every day when he was gone then.  We weren’t together but I couldn’t wait to let him know we were when he got back.  I’m the same way this time but we are together.  I want him to come back so I can ask him a question.  I know he wants me to. In fact he left it up to me after Valentine’s Day.  Leonard told me he would never ask me to marry him again.  I had to ask him.  I’m scared of the question, the answer and the results.  I love Leonard so much and I’ve finally got to the point where I want to ask him.  Not to marry me yet but to be engaged and to live together.  I want to tell people that this is my fiancé not my boyfriend anymore.  If we could just keep the marriage thing open ended that would be so great.  I wonder if he’ll go for that.  But he has to really understand it and not just go along.  I think we are there now.

There was a time where Leonard did things just to make me happy even if he didn’t like it.  He and I have grown past that now.  It’s more about what makes us happy.  That is a pretty cool place to be if you ask me.  So here’s my plan for the rest of the evening.  I snagged the comforter off Leonard’s bed today while checking on Sheldon.  I’m going to open a nice bottle of red wine.  Then wrap myself in his comforter and watch Star Wars movies tonight until I fall asleep.  My tribute to the man I love.  Okay I might catch The Bachelorette as well before Star


View from the Bow, chapter 2 of the Locket Blog

Pennywearing the LocketChapter 2 of the Locket Blog 

View from the Bow

It’s a Saturday evening.  I had the lunch shift and then half the dinner shift at work today. Did I mention that I’m also a waitress/bartender on the side?  Maybe I really shouldn’t it’s just what I do to pay the bills.  I’m not really very good at it either.  I just don’t care enough and it seems my tips are based on how I look so I don’t have a lot of incentive to provide great service.  Well that and I really don’t care.  Normally I would only work the lunch shift so I could spend time with Leonard and the gang tonight.  This Saturday is not one of those Saturdays. You see Sheldon is sick right now with a summer cold.  Sheldon is a pain in the ass when he’s sick.  So the rest of the gang except his girlfriend Amy, who is contractually required to take care of Sheldon when he’s sick, has suddenly become unavailable.  If Leonard was here we would be out doing something just to avoid Sheldon.  But with Leonard on a ship in the North Sea I’m now hiding in my darkened apartment lest light show under the door.  Amy may become fed up at any time and then Sheldon would be knocking.  I’m even trying to type quietly so he doesn’t hear me.


I was Skyping with Leonard this morning when he did something fantastic.  Leonard took his laptop on deck to the bow of the ship and pointed it out to sea.  The sea was full of white caps and spray was came off the bow.  Not exactly the Titanic moment on the bow but as close as he could make it.


I asked if he’d gotten seasick.


“Only the first four days, I’ve been okay after that.”


The look on his face was slightly nauseated as he said it.  I can tell he is still being affected but he’s being tough.  Well as tough as scientist who’s never been on the ocean and can’t kill his own spiders can be.  Leonard is tough though emotionally.  I’ve put him through a lot since we started dating.  We broke up for almost a year.  I tried to date again but I couldn’t find anybody that worked for me.  I realized now that I was comparing every guy to Leonard and how he treated me.  The turning point in our latest relationship was when I went to visit Leonard in his lab.  It was my first time ever seeing what he does.  It was in that moment that I knew I loved him.  I loved how smart and caring he was.  I also realized I was incredibly turned on by having a genius as boyfriend.


After we broke up I waited for Leonard to ask me out again but he’d moved on to a new relationship.  That really hurt and I almost lost him forever.  At least we had become friends again.  We took things very slow the next time around. In fact we almost didn’t make it but more on that later.  There’s a knock on my door, it’s just a single knock so NOT Sheldon.


Its Amy apparently she can’t sing the Soft Kitty song to Sheldon’s standard to help him go to sleep.  Amy looks like she’s been through hell.  Her hair is bedraggled, there’s a cocoa stain on her sweater.  Amy’s has dark circles under her eyes and a blank stare as if she had just been in a plane crash or some other disaster.  She’s sitting on my couch waiting for me to finish so I’ll have to keep this short.  I’ll have to guard for her making a dash toward the stairway on the way to Sheldon’s and Leonard’s place.  Oh I got an email from Leonard. Oh, that’s sweet. I’ll post this part here then take Amy back and do my singing duties.


Bye for now.


It’s late here sweetheart but I can’t stop thinking about you. When I was at the North Pole I thought of you every day even though we weren’t together yet.  This time I think about you non-stop when I’m not working.  Even then you slip into my thoughts.  I miss looking in your eyes.  The knowing smiles you give me when I say something lame. What I would give to feel the soft touch of your hand on my cheek as you kiss me.”


Oops, the rest is kind of personal, bye again.

Penny writes a blog while Leonard is away

Pennywearing the LocketThe Locket Blog

Where should I start?  I’m an aspiring actress who has been taking college courses.  I suddenly find that I have a lot more free time this summer.  So I’ve decided to take a class about social networks.  This is my first blog post on my first blog.

Though I’ve been written about on other people’s blog this the first time I’ve written my own.  I want to dedicate this blog the man I love, Leonard.  I guess I should start with him and a little something about myself.

Leonard and I have been in a relationship for over five years.  We’ve had good times and some really bad times together.  It’s taken a long time for the good times to outweigh the bad but it’s finally happened.  I live a really nice life with amazing friends I suppose I will get too eventually.  My friends are all geniuses.  I struggle to keep up with them most of the time, but then again in a social situation they are all naïve.  They may know what a boson is but I know how to deal with things socially and a boson has never gotten a free drink.   Over the last few years I’ve found myself absorbing more and more of my friend’s interests. There are times that I’m bored and cannot get over how uncool they are.  Then there are lots of times I’m suddenly fascinated and frankly awed by what they show me.  I realize at heart I’ve become just as nerdy in some ways as they are.  They consider themselves nerds and are proud of it so I guess I should be too.

My boyfriend Leonard is an Experimental Physicist at a major university.  He has his PhD and at this time is doing experiments in the North Sea.  It’s a huge honor for him as he gets to work with Stephen Hawking.  But he’s going to be gone for months and that’s why I decided to take this class.  This is only the first week and I miss him horribly.  I find myself touching the heart shaped locket around my neck that has his picture in it. I wish I had thought of that.  He should have one with my picture in it as well.  I would do it know I’m just not sure how to send it to a ship in the North Sea.

Leonard is not the usual kind of guy I’ve dated.  He’s not a muscular hunk with model looks and nothing in his head.  I’ve kind of realized that I always dated guys with that dark side, or some kind of edge or problem I thought I could fix.  That never worked out well.  I’d become attached but they were who they were and in the end I always got hurt.  Leonard is different.  The first thing he’s the same height as I am.  He’s kind and gentle with a soft voice most of the time.  When Leonard and I first went out and even now he will talk over my head.  He usually realizes this and slows down to explain what he’s saying.  I should point out that Leonard is very funny and cute.  He’s cute not just physically, which he is, but in his mannerisms and personality.   Let me give you an example.

Last Friday Leonard had been on the ship for one week.  We planned to Skype on the laptop at 5:00 PM that evening.  It was very late in the North Sea.  I thought perhaps something sexy might be appropriate and had a black teddy on under my sweatshirt for the right moment.  The Skype session started and there was my boyfriend surrounded  by 4 men’s faces looking over his shoulder.  Leonard had on a huge smile.

“Hi sweetie” I said.

Leonard seemed to forget all the men were around him.  His smile softened and I could see his eyes were glistening.  I thought he was on the verge of tears.

“Hey you, I miss you” he said

I brought him back into the moment by asking, “And who are all of your friends there sweetie?”

Leonard looked around at them scowling, “Okay so now you’ve all seen her, this really is my girlfriend.  Now give me some privacy.”

The faces disappeared and I heard a door close in the back ground.  Leonard looked around then smiled back at the screen.

“Sorry about that.  I showed them your picture on my phone and they didn’t believe me.”

I slowly unzipped my sweatshirt and let it slide down my shoulders.

“I guess it was a good idea I didn’t answer dressed like this.”

Leonard’s eyes grew big as he stuttered out, “Just a second”

He disappeared from the screen.  I heard the door being locked.  Then Leonard was back pulling at his jacket to take it off.  I’m sure you get the idea of where things went from there but I hate those kinds of blogs so use your imagination.

That’s the kind of chemistry we have, even 3000 miles apart and there it is.  So what will I write in the future?  I really don’t know, next I have to start using twitter but maybe I’ll blog about Sheldon my boyfriend’s super genius roommate.  Think of a mix of Wiley Coyote and Dexter’s laboratory.

Penny signing off for now.

Just Something I was thinking about, SOK

Chapter 15 of Golden Ring Thread End of Mourning is on the blog

goldenringglyphChapter 15 End of Mourning Link

This is the first chapter of Part II




Oscar Tammish sat back in his black leather chair sipping the single malt scotch from the tumbler in his left hand.  The study around him paneled in dark mahogany seemed bigger and emptier than usual.  The large stone fireplace set into the wall in front of him was just a cold grate today.   He looked at the ring case on the table to his right.  The stone Mayan ring with its gold wrapping stared back at him’

Click the link above to read on.

When Will Part II of The Golden Ring Thread start?

goldenringglyphSoon actually, The first chapters of Part II are in outline now and I’lll start writing them again soon.

Will they be on the blog?  Eventually right now they are available via email only.  Email me at SlightlyOffKey@EllipticalThreads.com and I’ll put you on the list.  Otherwise you’ll have to wiat until I’ve written five chapters or so of the Part II.



Learning Your Lines A TBBT single scene

learninglinesLearning Your Lines

Apartment 4B early evening

Penny is on the couch in her apartment in blue jeans with a light yellow long sleeve t shirt with small buttons half way up the front.  Her right leg it crossed over the other, her bare foot rocking gently as she reads from the folded over script in her lap.

She reads the line forcefully, “I don’t say he’s a great man. Willy Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper… But he’s a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. He’s not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must be finally paid to such a person.”

Leonard opens the door as she reads the line again this time softer with sadness to it, “I don’t say he’s a great man. Willy Loman never made a lot of money. His name was never in the paper… But he’s a human being, and a terrible thing is happening to him. So attention must be paid. He’s not to be allowed to fall into his grave like an old dog. Attention, attention must be finally paid to such a person.”

Leonard has stepped through the doorway with it open behind him.  He’s dressed in his red pants and green shirt, the shirts design obscured by his khaki jacket and grey hoody.

“That sounds familiar.”

Penny looks up at him, a slightly annoyed look on her face, “It’s from Death of a Salesman.  My acting class is putting it on and I’m trying out for Linda Loman.  What are you doing here?  I thought it was video game night with the guys?”

Leonard closed the door and moved toward the couch, “It was but Sheldon is being well Sheldon. I needed a break so I thought I’d come check on you.”

Penny seemed even more annoyed, “I really have to learn my lines Leonard.  You should be used to Sheldon’s quirks by now.”

Leonard shakes his head as he sits beside her on the couch, “I used to use the word quirky but I think full blown crazy in more like it. He’s insisting that we play the new Hobbit game on the net but he has to be Bilbo.  I’ve pointed out that we could all be dwarves.  He says that’s fine we can all be dwarves and he’ll be the hobbit.  Raj said okay, but Howard won’t let it go so they are fighting it out.”

Penny nodded her head slowly pursing her lips, “So let me guess you wanted to be Bilbo and just how are they fighting it out?”

Leonard blushed slightly looking down, “Yeah Howard and I both wanted to be.  They are playing classic Ms. Pac-Man to settle it.  It’s only a two player game and they’ll probably play best out of 21,”

Penny picked her script back up, “So instead of spending time with your girlfriend tonight you picked video games and now you’re trying to go back on that?”

Leonard smiled, “Yeah that pretty much covers it, can I help you learn your lines?”

Penny smiles now then turns the script back several pages, “Okay you be Willy”

Leonard moves closer to her so they can both read the script, Penny points to the line.

Leonard reads, “WILLY: I gotta overcome it. I know I gotta overcome it. I’m not dressing to advantage, maybe.”

Penny giggled, “Don’t read the Willy part, that’s the character, again.”

Leonard nodded and read, “I gotta overcome it. I know I gotta overcome it. I’m not dressing to advantage, maybe.”

Penny looked at Leonard and not the script, “Willy, darling, you’re the handsomest man in the world…”

Leonard looked up at her with a grin.  Penny tilted her head slightly, “Next line.”

Leonard looked back down at the script, “Oh, no, Linda.”

Penny continued to look at him her face soft and caring, “To me you are…The handsomest.”

Leonard leaned over and kissed her.  Penny looked at him as their lips parted, “It doesn’t say Willy kisses her.”

Leonard smiled, “But he should have.”

Penny smiled back, “Well you’re not helping.  You have to stick to the script”

The knock on the door made them both look up.  Howard stuck his head in, “Not getting busy are we?  It’s decided Leonard, Sheldon is the hobbit come on let’s get started.”

Leonard started to get up, Penny caught his hand, “You really are to me.”

Leonard leaned down and kissed her one more time then headed for the door, “Dibs on Thorin.”

Penny watches him leave with a small grin on her face. She set down the script before pulling a notebook out from under the couch.

“Let’s see that would go just about here.  Leonard Hoftstader you are handsomest man in the world to me.  You’re kind, gentle, funny and smart and I want to be your wife.”

Penny looked at the notebook for minute, “I’ll need to finish that and learn those lines soon.”

That’s all, hope you enjoyed it, let me know SOK.




Chapter 13 Renderings of a Story of Golden Ring Threads is on the blog

goldenringglyphChapter 13 Renderings of a Story Link

The new sizzling chapter is out, okay more a warm and fuzzy chapter.

PS, Ever have a neighbor who is just not happy unless he’s on his tractor, mower, or four wheeler?

Would you be willing to kidnap mine and keep him for several month or years

Inquires welcome, SOK