The blog home pages have been rearranged

sokJust tiding up a bit, everything is still here, Changes:

Part I, II and III of Elliptical Threads and the chapter page are all under The Elliptical Threads Page.
Big Bang Theory stories and one shots are now under the Big Bang Theory Fiction Page.

Why the change, oh I have something new planned., SOK

PS I’m messing with the background color so its subject to change

PPS Okay I found a new theme I liked let me know what you think

The Writing of Wandering Home is now on the blog

How was the book written and what ate the main character, locations, statistics ?

Its all here in this short post The Writing of Wandering Home

Now for a little news on the next book,  The project is called Golden Ring Thread.  Sample Chapters and Characters are in the works now and will be on the blog very soon.


The Threads Journal for Friday, October 5th

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Threads Journal:

Hey you, answers to your questions:  52, blue, lovely and in the eighties, and no I have not started the next chapter of Winding Road yet.  Yes I am starting a new book.  Yes Wandering Home is in the copyright process right now.  If you would like to read the final version just email and ask and I’ll send a PDF of it to you so you can read it.  Yes it is slightly different than the serialized version on the blog.  It’s also much more polished and complete.

The new book will also go on the blog in a serialized format as I write it.  That should start by the end of October. I will start working on a new episode of Winding Road on Sunday night.  It will be the drive back to Nebraska with Leonard and Penny.  The continuing story of Amy and Sheldon will be there.  A double date with Raj, Selene, Bernie and Howard may be a possibility as well.

Thanks everyone for the reviews, email and notes.


Hey What’s new on the Threads Project Blog ?

What’s New on the Threads Blog for 9.29.2012?

Winding Road is up to Chapter 33 here’s the links to all the current chapters since the last update

Chapter 27 Planning Predicaments
Chapter 28 Composite Opinions
Chapter 29 Visitation Vortex
Chapter 30 Gyroscopic Corrections
Chapter 31 Relocation Disturbance
Chapter 32 Reconsidering Recommitting
Chapter 33 Dynamic Duplicity

If The Big Bang Theory Ended tomorrow this would be the last scene I’d write:
The Wheaton Recurrence Nightmare

A new piece of prose from my friend Marycelis Pacheco
The Betryal

What’s ahead?  I’m going to finish up Winding road now that the season has actually started.  I’m outlining the characters of my latest novel and will start writing that very shortly. The novel on this site in serial form known as The Wanderer Threads is now in the process of being copyrighted,  The name of the finished piece is Wandering Home.  It’s is different from the serialized form that is on the blog, edited and refined in it’s final form. I’ll pull back Winding Road when it’s complete and do a re-write and edit of it as well.  Thanks to all my readers for the wonderful emails and comments.

What’s New on the Threads Project Blog?

What’s New on the Threads Blog for 9.8.2012?

There are two new chapters of Winding Road Home

Chapter 26 Corrective Action
Chapter 25 Congruent Conversations

New Poetry from Mari

Shouldn’t You Know Me?

No More Apologies

Wanderer Threads News

The Wanderer Threads project has been re-edited and finalized.  It was submitted last week for a US Copyright.

The actual name of the completed work is Wandering Home, coming soon in the published form.

Bye for now SOK

Yes there is new content on the Threads Project blog

The last two chapters of the Wanderer Threads is on the Blog

Chapter 49 A Sail Home link

Chapter 48 Downfall Link

These are the final two chapters of the Wanderer Threads project.  The book is now written, but what is here is the serialized version.  A rough draft in many ways.  The work of proofing and re-writing it is just now starting.  The final work should be done in a week or so. 

There is new Prose by Marycelis Pacheco

Mari’s newest offerings”

Happyness Realized

An Unfourtunate End

Moonlight Musings

What’s coming?  Winding road will continue as soon as the work on Wanderer is complete.  Mari has two new works that are almost ready.  The next book will start after that.  The project title may be Chances Threads.  SOK


Yes, The Final Chapter of Wanderer Threads in on the blog

Chapter 49 A Sail Home link

This the last chapter and the book is now written.  What’s next?

The entire book goes into editing and re-writing.  This should take a couple of weeks.

The name Wanderer Threads is a project name, the book title will be different, I’ll let you know when its chosen.

Then off to copyright and then the literary agent and we’ll see how it will be published.

Thanks to all my readers out there, if you liked it now’s a good time to comment or email me about it.

Something you liked something you loathed, I’d like to hear it.  SOK