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The Threads Journal for Friday, October 5th

Friday, October 05, 2012

The Threads Journal:

Hey you, answers to your questions:  52, blue, lovely and in the eighties, and no I have not started the next chapter of Winding Road yet.  Yes I am starting a new book.  Yes Wandering Home is in the copyright process right now.  If you would like to read the final version just email and ask and I’ll send a PDF of it to you so you can read it.  Yes it is slightly different than the serialized version on the blog.  It’s also much more polished and complete.

The new book will also go on the blog in a serialized format as I write it.  That should start by the end of October. I will start working on a new episode of Winding Road on Sunday night.  It will be the drive back to Nebraska with Leonard and Penny.  The continuing story of Amy and Sheldon will be there.  A double date with Raj, Selene, Bernie and Howard may be a possibility as well.

Thanks everyone for the reviews, email and notes.


Hey What’s new on the Threads Project Blog ?

What’s New on the Threads Blog for 9.29.2012?

Winding Road is up to Chapter 33 here’s the links to all the current chapters since the last update

Chapter 27 Planning Predicaments
Chapter 28 Composite Opinions
Chapter 29 Visitation Vortex
Chapter 30 Gyroscopic Corrections
Chapter 31 Relocation Disturbance
Chapter 32 Reconsidering Recommitting
Chapter 33 Dynamic Duplicity

If The Big Bang Theory Ended tomorrow this would be the last scene I’d write:
The Wheaton Recurrence Nightmare

A new piece of prose from my friend Marycelis Pacheco
The Betryal

What’s ahead?  I’m going to finish up Winding road now that the season has actually started.  I’m outlining the characters of my latest novel and will start writing that very shortly. The novel on this site in serial form known as The Wanderer Threads is now in the process of being copyrighted,  The name of the finished piece is Wandering Home.  It’s is different from the serialized form that is on the blog, edited and refined in it’s final form. I’ll pull back Winding Road when it’s complete and do a re-write and edit of it as well.  Thanks to all my readers for the wonderful emails and comments.

A New Threads Journal Post is on the Blog

Threads Journal: Friday, August 10, 2012

I had some one ask me the other day why I started writing Fan Fiction again for the Big Bang Theory.  I’d gone on hiatus on anything but original fiction and prose after I finished Elliptical Threads.  But I hadn’t really quit, I reedited and rewrote the pieces I’d been working on including all 135000 words of Elliptical Threads. I finished all the pieces and took the originals of all the shorter pieces off Fan Fiction and put up the finished versions.  It would have been too much work to break ET back into chapters so the original is still on Fan Fiction.  The edition on the blog is the final addition that I converted to PDF, Kindle and iBook.  I was starting Wanderer Threads and working on prose after that.  I really did not pay attention to Fan Fiction except for people finishing up some really long pieces I followed and of course reviews.  I always answer people.

After getting the first two parts of Wanderer completed I took a break to edit the work and caught up on what was on Fan Fiction.  I had a couple of screwy ideas about the way the season ended I thought I would explore. The results were tow tandem pieces Star Destroyer and Secret Rendezvous.  They were written between chapters of Wanderer and really just tongue in cheek looks at a future of Leonard and Penny as well as Sheldon and Amy.  The two pieces ended up combined in the end Secret Rendezvous dovetailed into Star Destroyer. Thus I put up Secret Star Destroyer Rendezvous.  Really a tongue in cheek posting but it tends to get a lot of readership.

I write fan fiction for TBBT as a diversion and an enjoyable interlude.  I have no ships to grind, no particular canon to glamourize of follow so I’m always amazed how passionate some readers are when I won’t write a Sheeny tale or that I like the romance side of Leonard and Penny.  I enjoy their passion for my humble work.  No work I’ve read on Fan Fiction is totally without merit.  Some are poorly written great ideas, some are well written improbable or unreal ideas.  I don’t write beginnings middles and ends, I write stories, the journey to the ends.  Sometime stories start in the middle.  The Wanderer Threads is that kind of tale.  It starts long after a sequence of events caused the beginning.  I just don’t get to it until the middle.

Now as to Winding Road Home. It’s is not a single story, it starts out as one very series issue and goes over 3 episodes then we go forward into a big bang season. It’s more of an experiment in style to write an audience POV piece. TBBT is famous for dropping something that happened in a previous episodes and moving onto entirely new themes.  I’m trying to retain some themes throughout mostly to do with relationships.  We’ll see how far my little mini season goes.  To write a full season would be 48 chapters.  Not sure I’ll go that long.

This is a long journal entry tonight enjoy your feedback as always.  So a warning as always, I may stop writing TBBT fan fiction at any time if it’s not fun I will.  Wanderer Threads is almost complete and I already have an idea for my next book, several books actually.  So if one thing stops another will start, I’ll never stop writing.  Keep reading.


A new Threads Journal entry is on the blog

Saturday, July 28, 2012

What have I been working on?  It’s a new fan fiction piece called Winding Road Home it’s really kind of my own mini season 6 of the Big Bang Theory.  Leonard’s health is at question and Penny is forced to come to grips with how she feels.  But that’s just the first few episodes.   The story is set in scenes per episodes, two chapters per episode, 2 or more scenes per chapter.  This one will stay very close to the canon and the characters.  Latest chapter of Part III of Wanderer Threads is on the blog.  It has a very nice flow to it.  The next chapter should come out tomorrow sometime.  Prose is a possibility tonight also as the mood strikes me.  Winding Road home has brought back some rather difficult memories that should be expressed in those terms I suppose.

Until next time


Threads Journal entry for Sunday 7.22.2012

Sunday, July 22, 2012

The first two chapters of Part III of Wanderer Threads are now on the blog.  The story is progressing though Webb and Kacey are apart at the present.  They are never really separated in heart or thought.  The Secret Rendezvousand Star Destroyer short stories are complete with the same last chapter.  There is iBook and Kindle versions of both on their pages as well as a version of the combined story (Secret Star Destroyer Rendezvous), at these links iBook andKindleThere is now page for the combined story though it is available on the FanFiction as well.

These two Big Bang Theory Fan Fiction short stories were total improvisations that started out as two separate ideas several days apart.  The first was to write a story about Leonard planning a new way to propose to Penny and her spying on him to figure out what he was doing.  It hit me when it was done that it would be fun to see Leonard’s point of view of the same day.  The story progressed from there.  This became the Secret Rendezvous story with each chapter named in a spy theme.  The second story I was thinking about how Amy did role playing games with Sheldon at the end of the season.  I wanted to write a story where they were together and give it a few twists.  Leonard and Penny’s child was the answer and Uncle Sheldon and Aunt Amy were born.  As I wrote each story alternating which chapter I was writing each day I realized they could become connected.  I continued to improvise each chapter knowing that in the end the Secret Rendezvous was a story being told in Star Destroyer.  I had a wonderful time writing both and the readers seemed to really enjoy them.

I finished Chapter 38 of Wanderer Threads tonight and posted it so were all up to date. I’ll be writing tomorrow again, maybe a new Wanderer chapter or something else.  We’ll see.

I enjoyed everyone’s, likes, comments, emails and reviews.  Keep them coming.


The Threads Journal has a new entry

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Part I and Part II of the Wanderer Threads has had its first full edit completed.  No real large changes but a lot of clean up.  The story has not been changed in any significant way.  The first chapter of Part III will be out next week or even perhaps tomorrow.  We are going to be making a fairly large time jump but I’ll fill you all in with the first chapter.  In other writing adventures Secret Rendezvousand Star Destroyer are being written in tandem there are new chapters out for each.  The two stories are starting to become linked together with Secret Rendezvous being the proposal and marriage sequence of events and Star Destroyer being the married couple and their friends seven year later. These are fun shorter pieces.  The chapters are shorter really just scenes sometimes.  There is not plan or plot for the story it’s just an improvisation really but they make me laugh and are fun to write.  So enjoy and look forward to the next installment of Wanderer Threads coming from a keyboard near me soon.


My Editing Companions Monty and RaeRae

Threads Journal Post for Thursday, July 12, 2012 is on the Blog

Thursday, July 12, 2012

So when will the next chapter and Part III of the Wanderer Threads start I’ve been asked.  Let’s start out with what I’m doing right now.  I’m editing part I and Part II right now and that will take several more days.  Writing wise I’m working on prose in Random Renderings and several pieces of fan fiction for The Big Bang Theory. The latter are all short pieces to entertain myself and others and it seems to be accomplishing both.  There are three new short story pieces for TBBT starting with Slight Momentum Shift which is complete at the moment.  Then there is Star Destroyer which I just seem to be finding more stuff for all the time.  Finally there is Secret Rendezvous.  If you’re a TBBT fan fiction reader I’m sure you will enjoy all three though you may be shocked or shaken in them for a few moments. Part III of Wander Threads should start sometime next week after Part II is edited.   Enjoy and as always I enjoy your comments and emails.


Threads Journal for Friday, July 06, 2012 is posted

Friday, July 06, 2012

It’s hot, first day in the nineties today and you can feel it, It’s nice though in the shade of the deck.  I’m thinking about The Wanderer Threads characters today.  By now you’ve all got to meet Reverend Riley, is he evil or just really screwed up.  He’s probably both to be honest with you a very deep seated sociopath really.  We’re going to meet a new character today, how big a part he plays in things we’ll see.  A minor character may leave the world this chapter or the next.  We really never got to know him very well and frankly he was a follower and not really very interesting. Is the story turning darker?  Yes it was always intended too.  Could it get more disturbing? Probably. The end of Part II is rapidly approaching and the Threads Journal will start going out as a blog post as well as a page from now on.  Chapter 35 Safe Harbor is starting today

“Is sailing a love of the sea?  No sailing is a love a sailing the sea just happens to be the best place to do it.  You may love the sea but it will never love you, just a speck to be bounced along with the wind.”  SOK

Trading, the Crux of the Matter


You trade off other peoples hurt and bear it on yourself It’s the way
it’s the method you’ve chosen that which is the way of sacrifice.

To give away your happiness so others will find or keep theirs
Tis neither noble nor wise just necessary and expedient

Wait, watch and listen perhaps the time will come
perhaps you’ll run out time, time will tell, time will heal?

Or your time will end, either preferable to being here to dwell.

Hurt no one, try not to hurt yourself, cause no harm, dream the dream
It needs to be enough!


This is the crux of the person in question, the defining moment of a moment.