Chapter 13 Renderings of a Story of Golden Ring Threads is on the blog

goldenringglyphChapter 13 Renderings of a Story Link

The new sizzling chapter is out, okay more a warm and fuzzy chapter.

PS, Ever have a neighbor who is just not happy unless he’s on his tractor, mower, or four wheeler?

Would you be willing to kidnap mine and keep him for several month or years

Inquires welcome, SOK

Ouch, Golden Ring Threads has a new chapter, Chapter 7 Sideways Connections is on the blog

goldenringglyphChapter 7 Sideways Connections Link

A Short note to remind the readers:

The editing on Golden Ring Threads is minimal at the moment but I do try to keep it rather clean.  Your comments are appreciated and your privacy respected.  I hope you are enjoying this latest work.  Coming soon a family tree to help make sense of it all.