Well it needs to get a lot louder around here

I know the blog has been quiet, too quiet.  The time to write has been forever fleeting but just a note to say I’m back.  Just kind of working on smaller funny things right now.  I have some great story ideas.  A couple for TBBT that I’ll get to I promise myself.  It’s hard to write when you have a three year old running around and a teenager.  But I digress, so what am I going to start working on?  Will I continue Golden Ring?

I’ve started the re-write and editing of the first half of the book.  I know how the story ends but I need to get there.  I wish I could write a story backwards sometimes.  Then I have a new project I’ve been working on.  An odd look at the future that will be written in novellas of each different character.  The first Novella’s main character is a woman who is a judge.  But what she judges is both horrific and necessary.  She wonders after a time if the decisions she makes are even her own.

So new stuff is coming


The blog home pages have been rearranged

sokJust tiding up a bit, everything is still here, Changes:

Part I, II and III of Elliptical Threads and the chapter page are all under The Elliptical Threads Page.
Big Bang Theory stories and one shots are now under the Big Bang Theory Fiction Page.

Why the change, oh I have something new planned., SOK

PS I’m messing with the background color so its subject to change

PPS Okay I found a new theme I liked let me know what you think