In Focus, A Big Bang Theory one shot, single scene after the end of episode 12


In Focus

Leonard’s Bedroom

Penny snuggled into the left side of Leonard’s chest her hand reached up and took off her “Sexy Scientist Glasses”.  She handed them to Leonard.

“Put these on the night stand please sweetie”

Leonard took her glasses and set them on the night stand to his right retrieving his own and putting them back on his face.

Penny’s head disappeared below the covers then her arm appeared holding first one boot then the other dropping them on the floor.  Her head reappeared and she cuddled back into Leonard’s chest.

“Umm much more comfortable, that was amazing by the way.”

Leonard got that goofy little smile on his face, “I was inspired by my beautiful girlfriend to new heights.”

Penny smiled even though she knew he couldn’t see her face.  He would have been amazed at the smile.  It radiated happiness and fulfillment, a closeness achieved only a few times before.  The insecurity was gone she was comfortable and happy.

Penny leaned away and propped her head up on her hand so she could see Leonard’s face.  He turned and stared at her green eyes.  They were very soft right now.  Leonard thought Penny’s bedroom eyes.

“You know Leonard this was a real first tonight.”

Leonard got a puzzled but happy look on his face, “You’re not going to tell me you’ve been faking it all the other times are you? “

Penny giggled, “No, but we have kind of got back to where we used to be in bed.  It’s something else.  This is the first time you’ve ever drug me off to the bedroom to have sex.  I almost always have to initiate things.  Though a lot of the time we both know its time, you kind of took the reins tonight.  I liked it.”

Leonard sat back and stared at the ceiling for a moment.  Penny finally reached over and ran her hand down his chest.

Leonard tuned back to her, “I guess your right it’s really the first time I’ve taken the lead in the bedroom.  What do you suppose that means?”

Penny shook her head softly, “Don’t over think it Leonard, but it means were a lot more connected this time than we were before.  I have a hard time saying it but we’re in a real relationship now.  We both know it and it’s special were not just dating anymore.”

Leonard looked awestruck by what she had just said.  The smile came slowly to his face but got wider each second.

“My first real relationship.  I hope it’s my last relationship, aw not that it’s the last one I ever have but that it lasts forever because it’s with you.  I mean”

Penny moved her hand to his mouth, “I know what you meant Leonard, me too.  I want this to last and grow and get even better.  A few months ago I didn’t even know where we were at and know we’re here.  I thought I’d be panicking and scared but I’m not.”

Leonard nodded, “So what do we call this new phase of our relationship, if were not dating?”

Penny furled her eyebrows for a moment then hesitated, “I guess we just call it love”

It’s short but really only one scene, hoped you liked it.




A new chapter for Double Dipping is on the blog

wowChapter 3 The Geiger Reoccurrence

(So no new episode until Jan. 3 let’s fill in the blank)

Leonard awoke before Penny the next morning he rolled up on his left arm her right hand still resting on his chest.  She had put his stolen white paradox t-shirt back on afterward to sleep in last night.  Leonard had pulled back on his socks but not his shirt.  Leonard watched Penny sleep for a few moments.  He probably would have continued to but as he reached for his glasses off the night stand her eyes fluttered open.

“Leonard what time is it?”

Leonard picked up his phone off the nightstand and put it back down, “It’s 9:45 we slept kind of late.”

Penny sighed then snuggled into Leonard, “Late if you’re a drill sergeant maybe, it’s Sunday we have the whole day.”

Leonard lay all the way back down with his arm around her shoulder, her head resting on his chest.

“I still can’t believe you said yes.”

Penny smiled, “Well you did things in the right order this time, had sex, asked then had sex again.  If you do the steps in the right order things work out better.”

Penny giggled for second then ran her hand up his chest.

“Leonard can we do something different for New Year’s this year, maybe go somewhere there’s no costume party.  We already did that at Halloween.”

Leonard stared at the ceiling, “I’m sure Sheldon is looking for another trophy.  Let’s see we have Christmas Eve with the gang, Christmas morning drinking lactose free cocoa in front of our corrugated fireplace.”

Penny smirked, “Let’s go with Baileys and coffee.”

Leonard nodded, “Okay, there’s always the big faculty New Year’s Eve party at the university.  Maybe we can get everyone to go to that.”

Penny rolled her eyes, “Great a long evening with a bunch of scientists is there a lecture too.”

Leonard chuckled, “Actually it usually gets pretty wild I’ve heard.  They have a band and dancing.  A lot of the donors show up.  Last year I hear the campus police had to be called twice.”

Penny looked surprised and looked up toward Leonard, “Really”

Leonard just nodded again, “You get a lot of really tightly wrapped people and their spouses at an open bar for six hours and things tend to get pretty rowdy.”

Penny smiled, “Okay I’m in.  I still remember Sheldon mooned the people at the awards dinner last time, could be a hoot.  So what should we do today?”

“I don’t know about you but I’m starting an anonymous blog called She Said Yes”

“There is just going to be no living with you for a while is there?”

Leonard took his glasses off then snuggled down so they were face to face, “You could always make me relax again”

Penny’s face got serious, “Take your socks off.”

New Year’s Eve

Leonard in his best jacket and shirt watched as Penny walked off the dance floor.  Behind her on the dance floor Dr. Gablehouser had a large grin on his face.  Penny had on a short red dress with sequins that sparkled as she walked back to the table.  She had red matching high heels that she took off when she danced with Leonard.  Penny sat at the table next to Leonard.

“Okay I took one for the team and danced with your department chair.  He seems nice.”

“Yeah he’s a nice guy, you look beautiful Penny of course you always do.”

Penny blushed, “Okay Leonard that’s the fourth time you’ve told me tonight.  I get it.”

Bernadette in a black strapless dress was sitting beside Leonard and smiled, “You do look wonderful Penny.”

Amy in a green evening gown on the other side of Bernadette agreed, “Fabulous is more like it.”

Penny continued to blush then looked up as she heard her name.

“Penny is that you?”

Penny turned to see a tall woman in a short blue dress and black heels walk toward her.  She had long curled blonde hair and large bright blue eyes.  Behind her was a tall man with black hair in a dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie.

The look of recognition came onto Penny’s face then a mild shock, “Kathy Geiger?  Wow it’s been forever what are you doing at Caltech?”

Kathy Geiger had a rather large mischievous smile upon her face, “My husband Hank and I are teaching here this year we’re on loan from Nebraska’s department of advanced mathematics.  You remember Hank don’t you?  Oh maybe not he had his eyes corrected with laser surgery.  So he’s no longer four eyed stank as you used to call him.”

Penny was really looking uncomfortable now.  Kathy Geiger’s smile didn’t change but her tone became mocking, “So what are you doing here, are you the escort of one of these gentlemen.”

Kathy motioned toward the table.  Penny looked really shocked.  Amy leaned over to Bernadette, “Did she just call Penny an escort?”

Bernadette nodded and leaned toward Amy, “I think so.  Remember Penny telling us about the girl they tied up and left all night in a cornfield.”

Amy’s eyes got big, “With the corncob in her mouth?”

Bernadette just nodded.

Penny turned and wrapped her arm through Leonard’s, “I’m here with my fiancé Leonard.  Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, he’s and experimental physicist.”

Around the table the entire gang looked shocked.  Amy mouthed the words “fiancé” to Bernadette.

Leonard leaned over to Penny’s ear as he extended his hand to Kathy and Hank, “I thought we were keeping this to ourselves for a while?”

Penny said through a clenched smile, “Things change”

Leonard shook hands with Kathy then Hank, “Nice to meet you guys.”

Kathy continued to smile, “Penny come on up to the bar Hank and I would like to buy a drink.”

Sheldon looked over at them, “It’s an open bar you could get her a drink but the university is paying the bar tab.”

Penny stood, “I think they just want to have a chat Sheldon.”

Penny stood and followed then toward the bar.

Amy was looking over at Leonard, “Fiancé Leonard, when were you two planning on telling us?”

Leonard looked confused, “We weren’t not until later I just asked her again right before Christmas.  Who is Kathy and Hank?”

Bernadette looked over at Amy questioningly.  Amy shrugged, “Well Penny and some of her friends once tied up Kathy and…”

When the story ended Leonard looked appalled, “My Penny was a bully?”

Bernadette did her best Penny impression, “Little bit, yeah”

Leonard looked around for Penny.  She wasn’t at the bar. Then he saw a small flash of red was going out the door.  Leonard jumped to his feet.

“Come on you guys Penny’s in trouble.”

The entire gang followed.

Parking lot at Caltech

Kathy was wrapping the rope around Penny who had a napkin shoved in her mouth and the light pole she was standing in front of as Hank held her shoulders.  Leonard leading the entire gang came running up to a sudden stop.

Leonard was irate, “Stop that! Stop that right now!  This is not high school.  We all got picked on in high school and even college.”

Hank let go of Penny’s shoulders and stepped toward Leonard.  Amy and Bernadette both stepped toward Kathy who dropped the rope and stepped back.

Leonard looked up at Hank who of course was several inches taller than himself, “You’re a math nerd do the math.  Six against two how do you think this nerd rumble will end?”

Hank backed up and took Kathy’s hand.  They turned and started walking away from the parking lot.

Sheldon piped up, “Just keep walking Cornhuskers”

Everyone stared at Sheldon for a moment except Leonard who went to Penny.  He removed the napkin from her mouth and started to untie the rope holding her to the pole.

“Are you alright?  Should we call the campus police?”

Penny’s arms went around Leonard’s neck and she pulled him into a hug, “No it’s okay I probably deserved it.”

She pulled back from Leonard looking into his face, “Leonard sweetie you’re my hero I never told you that before but this isn’t the first time.  I love you sweetie”

Penny kissed him and Leonard held her tight for a few moments.

Howard looked pleasantly happy, “Well that ended well let’s get back to the party.”

They turned back toward the party walking as couples Raj next to Howard and Bernadette.

Leonard’s arm was around Penny’s back.  She in her high heels four inches taller than him had her arm around his shoulder.

“Well that’s the first time logic ever won a fight for me.  You know when we get back to the table the questions from Sheldon will start.”

Penny stopped kicked off her heels and leaned over to pick them up in her right hand, her left arm going around Leonard as they started walking again.

Penny leaned over and kissed Leonard on the cheek, “You’re one tough nerd Leonard.”

Leonard blushed, “Thank You. I always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress.”

“Just as long as it’s this damsel feel free.”

Okay that gets us to New Year’s, hope you all had a gala time, SOK

Double Dipping Chapter 2 Missing Shirt Fascination

wowMissing Shirt Fascination

Penny’s Bedroom later that evening

The little black dress lay on the floor where Penny had slipped it off for Leonard.  On top of it lay her very small black g string and black lace bra.  He was lying bare chested in the bed with Penny’s comforter pulled up to his waist.  Penny could be heard washing in the sink in the bathroom the door open.   Leonard looked around for his socks then realized they were still on his feet.  He leaned over the side of the bed and retrieved the orange t-shirt with a white design he’d been wearing earlier then slipped it on.

Penny came out of the bathroom her face clean of makeup and hair back in a loose pony tail.  She had on Leonard’s white Paradox molecule T-Shirt and pink short pajama bottoms.

Leonard looked at her surprised, “Hey that’s my shirt I was just wearing that on Thursday.”

Penny got that oh crap look on her face, “Okay you caught me, I took your shirt on Thursday night I was planning on wearing it to bed tonight because you wouldn’t be here.  I would have snuck it back into your laundry on Sunday.”

Leonard got a puzzled look on his face his eyebrows raised he looked at her through his glasses, “Okay, but why?”

Penny seemed very self-conscious for a moment then slid into bed beneath the comforter beside him.  She slid up next to him facing him.

“If you really need to know I miss you sometimes, so if we’re fighting or I know I won’t be sleeping with you I steal one of your shirts to sleep in.”

Leonard smiled softly, “You could take a clean one you know I wouldn’t really notice.”

Penny snuggled into his shoulder, “I tried that it doesn’t work it has to be one you’ve worn.  They’re softer and they smell like you so it’s like you’re here wrapped around me.”

Leonard gulped, “Wow that’s kind of sweet and gross at the same time, you like my sweaty shirts.”

Penny giggled, “I wouldn’t take a really stinky one Leonard just one that smells like you, your deodorant, shampoo and you.”

“You could always just invite me over.”

Penny shook her head, “We’re not ready for every night yet and then there are the times I’m mad at you.”

Leonard lay back looking at the ceiling, “You really do love me.”

Penny just nodded, “Yep, I told you so.  Ever wonder what happened to that black Superman t-shirt you had when we broke up?”

Leonard turned toward her, “Yeah I even asked you about it.”

Penny snuggled more, “I lied, I still have it and wore it when things got real bad.  You know, Priya bad.”

Leonard pulled her even closer, “Are you ever going to give it back?”

Penny kissed his cheek, “Nope it’s my just in case shirt.”

“Just in case of what, you break up with me again?”

Penny ran her hand up and down his chest, “No in case you finally get tired of me and find somebody else.”

Leonard looked disturbed, he sat up on one arm looking in Penny’s face, “Penny I asked you to marry me.  I don’t even consider going out with anyone else.  You should know you’re the love of my life.”

Penny nodded solemnly, “Am I Leonard, how can you be sure.  If someone comes along prettier than me and smarter than me will you still feel that way?”

Leonard looked very determined, “Yes, I’d prove it to you and ask you to marry me again if it wouldn’t make things weird again.”

Penny looked in his face, “No need, I’ll just change my answer to yes will that work?”

Leonard started breathing shallowly.  He reached for the inhaler behind him on the nightstand.  He took two puffs off the inhaler and looked back at her, “ Do you mean that yes you’ll marry me.  I really wanted to ask again in a better setting.”

Penny gave him that beautiful teasing smile of hers, “This seems like a pretty good setting.”

Leonard controlled his breathing, “Alright, Penny will you marry me?”

Penny continued to smile, “Let me think about it.”

Leonard looked utterly deflated.  Penny brought her hand up to his face, “Okay I thought about it, Yes Leonard I’ll marry you but I want us to wait awhile.  We keep it between us for a while and just keep dating for the sake of the children.”

Leonard looked confused, “The children?”

Penny laughed, “Sheldon”

Leonard got a look of understanding on his face, “Oh yeah I see that.”

Penny ran her hand up and down his chest, “Are you going to be able to sleep now?”

Leonard thought about it, “No I really am too excited to sleep.  I kind of want to go up on the roof and yell she said yes.”

Penny sat up and started to peel off his t-shirt, “I guess I’ll just need to relax you again.”

Leonard just smiled and started taking off his shirt as well.

Penny smiled at him again, “Sweetie take your socks off this time okay.”

Leonard blushed

Just a little bit more to keep my hand in, the first two chapters of the new book are on the blog its called The Golden Ring Thread,  SOK

A New Threads Journal Post just appeared on the blog this morning

sokSunday, December 16, 2012

It’s almost Christmas. I’m getting on the road today and won’t get back home until Monday.  We had our first snow yesterday here in Oregon.  A lovely blanket of white covered the ground most of the day until it turned to rain in the afternoon. Let’s see it’s been awhile so here’s where things stand.  I’ve started the new book project the Golden Ring Threads click the link to look at a sample chapter.

The Golden Ring Threads sample Chapter.

It’s coming along mostly in the notebook at the moment the first chapter of the new book coming very soon.  I’ve been writing several short Big Bang Theory fan pieces at both requests from folks and just for fun here’s the links for those:

Double Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation 6.11

Hofstadter v Hofstadter

Hofstadter v Hofstadter Chapter 2

Recurisve Role Reversal is a TBBT one shot taking place a week or so after The 43 Peculiarity

Broken Bridges an additonal chapter after Recursive Role Reversal

A note on revisions, I do revise things from time to time what I have not revised yet and will sometime is Winding Road Home.  Enjoy the site and the content.

I am as always SlightlyOffKey

New TBBT one shot Double Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation 6.11

wowDouble Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation

Apartment 4B late evening Saturday night

Penny walked through the door into her apartment in her black coat over her very short black dress.  She was surprised to see Leonard sitting on her couch.  She started to speak when she noticed he was asleep. Penny dropped her keys and small clutch purse on the table by the door.  She kicked off the very high black heels then leaned down and picked them up.

“I love these shoes but boy can they get to you after three or four hours.”

She set them on the coffee table then sat down next to Leonard who still had on his clothes from earlier.  Penny just stared at Leonard for several moments, a smile spreading slowly across her face. She leaned over and kissed Leonard softly on the cheek.

Leonard stirred and opened his eyes, “Hi, sorry I must have dozed off.”

Penny leaned back but her hand stayed on his shoulder, “What are you doing here trying to double dip tonight, play your board game and have sex with your girlfriend?”

Leonard snickered, “I came over and hung our stockings on the fireplace, see?”

He pointed toward the cardboard fireplace.  His stocking which Penny had given him on their first Christmas was next to her old stocking she’d had when she was a child.   Penny looked over her smile wide again.  When she looked back at Leonard she had put on a more stern face.

“Still not getting into this little black dress, you.”

Leonard grinned and looked sideways at her checking out the short dress and her long legs.

“I just needed to decompress from the game.”

Penny had a soft smile on now, “Didn’t it go well?”

Leonard shook his head, “Well everything was going great until Sheldon fed Santa to the ogres?”

Penny looked puzzled, “He what?”

Leonard pushed his glasses up his nose, “I wrote up a really good dungeon with a Christmas theme for the guys.  Though Raj died right away the rest of them made it all the way through.  It was pretty cool.  I made them figure out and sing a Christmas carol.  Sheldon even had eggnog then I got them all to play jingle bells on the hand bells.”

Penny looked puzzled again, “Okay sound pretty festive in a nerdy sort of way, what happened?”

Leonard rolled his eyes, “Sheldon, The point of the adventure was to rescue Santa Claus who had been kidnapped by ogres and therefore saving Christmas.  They got to the final room and Sheldon paralyzed the other guys, threw the key to Santa’s chains in a chasm.  Then he kicked him in the gut and left him to be eaten by ogres.”

Penny face went to shocked, “Wow, that’s pretty cold, even if it was only a silly game.”

Leonard nodded slowly frowning, “Then he explained why he hated Santa.   When Sheldon was little he told a mall Santa that for Christmas he wanted him to bring back his Grandfather who had died that year.”

“Oh, that’s so sad.  No wonder Sheldon doesn’t like Christmas.”

Leonard agreed, “Yeah but you think he’d get over it after he found out Santa was made up?”

Penny leaned over and pulled Leonard into a hug, “I still believe in Santa Leonard.  It’s the being good all year I’ve always had the problem with.”

Leonard chuckled, “Yeah I think he only brings gifts to people that have been in a coma all year.”

Penny ran her hand up his chest and kissed him, “You are a funny man.  I changed my mind I guess I’ll let you double dip and get me out of this little black dress, but just this once.”

Leonard looked surprised, “Really that will be a first, the dungeon master actually having sex after a game.”

Penny snickered, “Just leave your dice here.”

She pulled him up and led him toward her bedroom.

Okay a one shot just for fun, I hope you enjoyed and it and gave you a jolly warm fuzzy.


Hofstadter v Hofstadter Chapter 2 is on the blog

The end of the Episode of  Hofstadter v Hofstadter


Shoring Up

Penny stood in a long yellow silk robe looking out the window with her back to Leonard. He was seated on the tan leather couch behind her a blue blanket wrapped around him. Behind Leonard is a white brick fireplace and chimney taking up the entire wall. There is a large golden sunburst disk in the middle of the brick chimney a gas fire in grate below burning brightly. To each side of the grate are pictures of their family and friends and themselves covering the brick. Penny continues to stare out. Leonard continues to stare at her back.

Penny brought her hand up to her mouth, “I always forget how beautiful the lake is here. It such a dark blue but so clear that all the mountains around it are reflected back at you.”

Leonard nodded slowly, “The view was what sold us on the house. I would have missed it.” He paused looked down for instant then wiped his eyes, “I would have missed you more.”

Penny got a crooked grin on her face, her back still to Leonard, “It never felt real until we were sitting in that courtroom the other day. It was like just a continuation of the fight”

Leonard frowned slightly, “I know what you mean. What would have happened if Sheldon hadn’t showed up?”

Penny turned toward him, “I don’t know but we probably wouldn’t be here. I’d still be crying most likely. I wasn’t mad anymore, hadn’t been for a while now. Leonard I couldn’t swallow my pride and say I was sorry and that we should try again. I never have, I always let you be the one to make peace. Why didn’t you this time?”

Leonard shook his head still frowning, “It was that stupid Couples Growing Closer training we went to. You told me I needed to man up, be more assertive and stop groveling. The guy kept talking about love being about never saying you’re sorry and you went on about how I always say I’m sorry. So we got into a fight and I never said it.”

Penny nodded seriously, “Yeah going to that was a mistake. Bernadette recommended it.”

Leonard smirked, “I’m sure it really worked for them. Howard and Bernadette only have his mother to fight about. Howard always has to apologize. Now that I think about it love is all about being able to say you’re sorry and the other person accepting it.”

Penny was nodding again but a small grin had crept on her face, “So after our fight you stayed at our old house in Pasadena and wouldn’t even talk about it.”

Leonard lay back on the couch, “Oh I wanted to, but I was supposed to wait until you apologized this time.”

Penny came over and got under the blanket beside him, “Bet the call from the lawyer must have been quite the shock then.”

Leonard grimaced, “Yeah then I got mad and got my own lawyer. Before I knew it they had a settlement worked out and had us filing jointly. Why’d you get the lawyer Penny?”

Penny snuggled into his shoulder his arm sliding around her. A natural move as if neither had planned it just memory kicking in.

“Mark my agent said I needed to be protected. He called the lawyer saying we would need to get officially separated before I started the new movie or you would get half.”

Leonard sneered, “I hate that guy, bet it came as quite the surprise that I really wasn’t interested in money or anything just you and the kids. My lawyer was certainly surprised she said I could get alimony.”

Penny ran her hand up his chest, “Yeah it might be time for a change in agents. Sweetie never again, no more lawyers. Even if we break up we’ll just stick it out and see what happens. Sheldon is right we’ll come back together. Oh and I would have given you alimony.”

Penny leaned up and kissed Leonard’s cheek, “By the way, I’m sorry.”

Leonard chuckled, “That’s the really silly part I was being an ass and I should have apologized. No more classes, seminars or lectures. I say we muddle through just like your parents. They’re still married.”

Penny smiled, “Yep, sound good. Let’s go back to bed then for a walk by the lake. We’ll call and check on the kids when we get back.”

Penny rolled on top of Leonard and their lips met.

Yep, he still lives in 4A

Sheldon looked up from his laptop as Penny came through the door in a light blue dress and matching flats. Leonard followed in a pair of jeans and khaki jacket over a black hoody and purple t-shirt.

Penny looked around, “Hey Sheldon, where’s the kids?”

Sheldon swiveled in his chair, a new red flash t-shirt over the top of a grey long sleeved shirt.

“I had Amy take them and Erwin to the park.”

Leonard chuckled, “Still hard to believe you named your infant son after Erwin Schrodinger. I see you have on the shirt we gave you for Christmas.”

Penny looked at Leonard, “I thought you called to let them know when we’d be here?”

Leonard shrugged, “I did before we left.”

Sheldon motioned to the couch then walked toward his spot, “I had Amy take them to the park so we could have a short discussion. Please sit down.”

Penny looked over a Leonard, “He did save us from getting divorced.”

Leonard nodded and they both sat on the couch. Sheldon handed each of them a thin binder of paper.

“Penny I’ve tried to keep this relationship agreement short and simple so as to not tax your reading capacity. This is long overdue you two really should have had one of these years ago. It codifies those things that I have noticed in your relationship and gives you several ways of settling any grievances you might have with each other. In that way you will be happier in your marriage and I won’t have to risk going to jail again.”

Leonard was looking through the binder now, “Okay this looks pretty good so far. Let’s see we are both required to talk through any fights we’ve had within 72 hours. If we can’t do that then we have to start talking to each via a blog. Oh wait a second, if we are unable to resolve the dispute an independent arbiter will decide it for us? Let’s see that’s in appendix 3. Sheldon you’re the arbiter?”

Penny frowned then started looking at her copy, “Well there are a lot of other good things in here. We have to spend a weekend together at least once a month. When we are having a fight we should both let it go and go play with the kids together. Oh you’re required to get me a gift if you’ve wronged me jewelry preferred. We talked about some of this in Tahoe Leonard, about looking for a new house and selling the other two.”

Sheldon smiled now, “I saw no need for a coitus section with you two. That’s never been a problem in the past. But I could add one if you would prefer a more structured”

Penny was shaking her head Leonard was way ahead of her, “That won’t be necessary Sheldon. Now back to this part about you being the final arbiter. I think both Penny and I.”

Leonard looked over at Penny then grasped her hand, “Penny let me know if this doesn’t work. Sheldon I think you and Amy together should be the final arbiters. A woman and a man would be better.”

Penny looked back at Sheldon, “I think it would have to be that way Sheldon. Leonard will need someone on his side.”

Sheldon looked in thought for a moment, “Acceptable, though I assure you both I can be unbiased.”

Penny looked back over at Leonard. She was still holding his hand, “What do you think sweetie. It’s more than we have now?”

Leonard looked into her face, “It’s structured and meticulous and because it’s not involving Sheldon very fair to us both. It’s not all that different from our beta test from years ago, why not?”

Penny took the pen that Sheldon was offering, “Gees Leonard you once signed that stupid roommate agreement, at least I know who I’m living with.”

Penny signed her copy then handed the pen to Leonard who signed also. Sheldon took the signed copy and handed then back a copy.

He pulled his phone from his pocket and held it to his mouth, “The eagle has landed you can come home.”

Amy’s voice came from the other side of the door and the phone at the same time, “Here we come”

The door flung open, Leonard and Penny both turned to the door. Their face were all smiles, bright and glowing”

Two small voices one a girl and one a boy blended together, “Mommy, Daddy”

I like to think of this as my own little pilot for down the road when TBBT has been gone for a while. Hofstadter v Hofstadter the new TBBT series

Will I write more? Maybe later, right now I have a new book to start writing but I’m sure I’ll be back.



A new Fanfiction one shot though it might go further, we’ll see, try reading Hofstadter v Hofstadter

It’s down the road 11 years, Penny and Leonard are married but things have gotten out of hand. Will someone be there to save the day? I hope so! this is what happens when I get bored. SOK , and yes the first chapter of the new book is coming soon.


Hofstadter v Hofstadter

The bald judge sat behind the bench with his glasses perched on his crooked hawkish nose.  The black robes he was dressed in buttoned to the top.  He shuffled the papers in front of him and looked over at the court reporter/clerk sitting to the side of the tall dark walnut bench.

“Call the next case Alice.”

Alice looked to be the court reporter right from central casting.  She was a large woman with dark hair in a bouffant style from 1960’s, only the post and the wheels of the stool she was perched on could be seen.  The seat obscured by her ample bottom wrapped in a grey skirt.  Her white top had small grey polka dots that matched the skirt exactly.  She had matching shoes that her large ankles and calves made it seem as if they were several sizes too small.

Leonard took this all in as he sat next to his attorney at the right hand table.  He stared at the court reporter not daring to look to his left where Penny sat beside her attorney at the next table.

The court reporter handed up a file to judge, “Hofstadter v Hofstadter judge final disposition of assets and decree of dissolution of marriage.”

The judge looked up at the parties.  Leonard felt nervous.  He reached up and straightened his tie then pushed his glasses up his nose before running his hand over his hair.  He took a small sideways glance at Penny.  She was dressed in a business type skirt and jacket.  A light brown with a pink blouse her blond hair was down over her shoulder.  She didn’t look over at him.  Leonard steeled himself.

The judge looked down at the file, “I see everyone has their counsel with them.  Judge Clemens has been handling your case but unfortunately he was injured on the job several weeks ago and won’t be returning for quite some time.  So you’re so very lucky to have my services today.”

Leonard listened to the judge’s flat monotone voice the last line dripping with sarcasm.  He leaned over to his attorney and whispered, “Oh yeah he seems happy to be here.”

Leonard’s attorney did not respond just nodded her head very slightly.

The judge was reading through the file, “So you two have decided to call it quits after ten years of marriage citing irreconcilable differences.  You have two children a boy four and a girl 8.  You’ve decided to have joint custody with the primary domicile being with the father.  Okay fair enough.  The property settlement is agreed upon.  Mrs. Hofstadter will be keeping the house in Brentwood, Mr. Hofstadter the house in Pasadena.  You are selling and dividing the proceeds of the vacation home in Lake Tahoe.”

The judge looked back up at the parties and smiled, “Wish my divorce had been this neat and tidy.  This is the point in the proceedings where either party gets a chance to say we’ve changed our minds.  Anything?  Any objections or amendments before I sign this?”

“I have an objection”

Leonard turned toward the familiar voice from the back of the court room.

“Sheldon, what are you doing here?”

Sheldon was standing now before the last set of benches in the courtroom.  He had on his black suit Penny had picked out for him years before though the white shirt and black tie were new.  Leonard looked over at Penny.  She looked from Sheldon to Leonard her eyes wide and mouth open.  Leonard shrugged at her and she got that look of exasperation on her face.

The judge looked amused, “And you are?”

Sheldon didn’t move, “Dr. Sheldon Cooper your honor, you may remember me. Twelve years ago you found me in contempt in traffic court.  It’s good to see you’ve moved up the judicial ladder.”

The judge was suddenly not amused, “I remember you now Dr. Cooper and I still have traffic court on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  What are your objections to this divorce?”

Sheldon walked up the aisle and stood between the council tables, “Oh I have several.  To start it’s Dr. Hofstadter who gets the house in Pasadena.  Leonard may be a subpar scientist but he does have his doctorate and deserves to have his title used.”

The judge looked over his glasses at Sheldon, “Duly noted, Alice let the record show I will now refer to Dr. Hofstadter with the proper title. What are your other objections Dr. Cooper?”

“Your Honor I think it would be a miscarriage of justice to grant a divorce to two people who still obviously love each other.”

The judge looked at both Leonard and then Penny, “Is this true?  Do you still love each other?”

Leonard looked over at Penny and she was staring down at the table.  He was about to speak but Sheldon was quicker.

“Of course they do.  Just look at their divorce.  They aren’t fighting about anything.  The entire thing is very equitable, they each are giving to other.  I believe they even have a visitation section regarding the family dog.  I know neither one of them have started dating again.”

The judge was truly fascinated now, “And you know that how?”

Penny is my wife’s best friend, Leonard is my best friend.  My wife and I talked about it.  Leonard has several females interested in him at work and he’s ignoring them.  Penny is in a new movie with that hot Australian fellow and hasn’t slept with him yet.”

Penny looked over at Leonard at the mention of several interested females.  Leonard shook his head slowly, Penny for the first time smiled at Leonard.  He returned it with his own.

“Your honor I suffered through seven years of these two dating.  It was on again, off again.  Happy then fights before going back to happy.  There was no logic to it whatsoever.  She broke up with him in a bowling alley.  He asked her to marry him during sex once.  She had him fake that they were together for her father.  They had a bug list for their relationship.  She pined for him for two years when they were broken up.  If you grant this divorce they will just get back together in a few more months.  In fact I believe she had him stay over several weeks ago.”

Leonard looked back at Penny and watched her blush.  She turned her head slowly toward him smiling.  Leonard remembered the weekend.  They had almost got back together.

Sheldon was still not done, “You honor I believe in divorce.  I actually typed up the divorce papers for my own mother when I was eleven but she wouldn’t do it.  These two imperfect people have loved each other for over fifteen years.  Through thick and thin, together or apart they are symbiotic.”

The judge nodded again then repeated his question, “Do you two still love each other.”

Leonard thought he was answering first but Penny and he spoke at the same time, “Yes”

The judge nodded, “Very well then.  I’m going to set aside this decree and order you two to go spend the next week alone at a neutral location.  I suggest the house in Lake Tahoe.  The children will be watched by Dr. Cooper and his wife while you’re gone.”

Sheldon got a small grin on his face, “Very well decided your honor”

“Why thank you Dr. Cooper at least I didn’t have to send you to jail today.  Alice we’re adjourned, get me a sandwich I’ll be in chambers.”

The judge stood and walked toward the side door behind the bench.

Leonard stood and walked over to Penny.  She had stood and towered over him in her high heels.  Penny stepped out over them to be at the same height as he was.

Leonard took both her hands, “This really got out of hand didn’t it?  Of course I still love you.”

Penny was almost crying, “Yeah it was just a fight, having more than one house let us run away from each other.  I love you too Leonard, I miss you everyday”

Leonard pulled her to him and the tears started to flow from both of them.

The two attorney’s picked up there briefcases and walked down the aisle toward the door.

Leonard’s attorney turned toward Penny’s, “Well that was a first.  Judge Clemens would never have done that.  What happened to him anyway?”

Penny’s attorney looked around and then quietly he spoke to her, “Judge Clemens has a thing going with Alice.  They were in chambers doing a little dictation and she slipped off the desk and fell on him it broke his leg in three places.”

Leonard’s attorney chuckled, “Ain’t love grand? What did Clemens’s wife say?”

“I’m not sure I’m representing him in his divorce, she got other counsel”

Yes all is revealed, just something for fun and entertainment.  Hope you enjoyed it, SOK

Broken Bridges an additonal chapter after Recursive Role Reversal is on the blog

brokennoseBroken Bridges (The first part of this story is in the preceding post below this one.)

Friday Morning Penny’s Bedroom

Penny awoke her arm sweeping across the bed where Leonard should be.  The spot is empty.  She sat up in her pink camisole.  Penny looks over at the clock beside her bed.

“Eight o’clock, it’s still night time.  Oh it’s only Friday he has to work.”

Penny lay back down snuggling into the spot where Leonard had been, “He hasn’t been up long it’s still warm, hmm”

Penny lay in Leonard’s spot for several seconds before her eyes flew open. She started to get up.

Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment

Leonard fully dressed is sitting at his laptop sipping on his coffee when the door opens and Penny slips in dressed in her short pink robe and slippers.

“Hi, what are you doing up Penny?”

Leonard takes another sip of his coffee.  He has on another new shirt.  This one is purple with black horizontal strips across the chest.  His purple hoody and tan jacket is on the chair behind him.

“Hey Leonard, I just wanted to see you before you went to work today.  I wanted to warn you that things might be a little awkward with Alex today.”

Leonard looks puzzled, “You didn’t threaten her or anything right?”

Penny smirked, “Well not in so many words but I’m sure I got my point across.  I’m just saying you might be prepared for a little different approach from her.  She will either give you the cold shoulder or redouble her efforts to hit on you.”

Leonard kept from smiling, “I’m sure I can handle Alex either way.  She really is very nice, I’ll try to repair the damage and remain friends.”

Penny gave him a withering look, “Right, like you have any experience with the brush off.  Remember you tried it on me once?”

Leonard got a concerned look on his face, “Oh yeah, well I guess I’ll just have to do my best.”

Penny continued to look unconvinced, “Just be firm if she is hitting on you Leonard.”

Leonard got a wicked little grin, “Might be easier if you had said yes when I proposed?”

“It would have been easier if you had asked at an appropriate time remember what Raj said weak coffee.”

Leonard chuckled, “Weak tea actually, you know you have nothing to worry about, right?”

Penny came over and wrapped her arms around him as he sat, “I know Leonard, and you know too.  I’m just worried about you being uncomfortable and me causing it.”

Leonard kissed her for a moment, “Nothing to worry about.  What are you going to do today?”

Penny rolled her eyes, “Just hanging out this morning then I’m going to Bernadette’s later to see the wedding album.”

“Still want to go to the physics lecture tonight.”

Penny smiled, “Oh I’m in but if I fall asleep don’t wake me unless I start snoring.”


Penny turned and left the apartment. Leonard looked up to see Sheldon enter the room wearing the iron man helmet.

Leonard shook his head, “You and Howard are still fighting I see.”

Muffled by the helmet Sheldon answered, “Wait until he sees Amy’s car parked in the space this morning with my name on it.”

Leonard shook his head, “This will not end well.”

Caltech Cafeteria Friday Afternoon

Leonard sat at the table by himself drinking his coffee.  He nervously looked toward the buffet line.  Alex came around the corner with a cup in her hand.  She smiled at Leonard and approached the table.

“Hi Dr. Hoftstader”

Leonard smiled back, “Hi Alex, its still Leonard.  Join me.”

Alex looked around as if to see if Penny was lurking.  She sat across from Leonard.

Leonard looked at her with a caring sympathetic face, “It’s okay Alex, Penny told me she had a chat with you.”

Alex raised her eyebrows in disbelief, “She scared me to death. The look on her face was malevolent Leonard.  She didn’t threaten me or anything but she was pretty clear.”

Leonard nodded, “I wish I could say her bark is worse than her bite but I’d be lying.  When Penny’s mad or in a protective mode it can be pretty intense.  But that said she’s a wonderful person and I love her very much.”

Alex nodded slowly.  Leonard went on, “Were you really hitting on me or was Penny just over reacting?”

Alex blushed and looked down, “I was hitting on you.  I kept wondering when you’d notice.”

Leonard pouted and shook his head, “It figures, I guess I’m still pretty clueless when it comes to women sometimes.”

Alex shook her head, “I don’t think you’re clueless Leonard, you’re just horribly in love with your girlfriend.  If you hadn’t been in a relationship I think you would have noticed because then you would have been looking for someone.  I didn’t know that or I wouldn’t have been testing the water.”

Leonard nodded at that, “I would probably have been awkward and botched the whole thing actually.  Well that’s all out in the open, friends?”

Leonard offered his hand across the table.  Alex took it in hers, “Friends.”

Leonard and Sheldon’s Apartment early evening

Leonard looked over at Sheldon sitting behind his desk.  Iron man helmet still on as he worked on his laptop.

“Sheldon are you going to take that thing off soon?”

Sheldon shook his head in the helmet, “You get used to it after a while.”

“I wonder what’s keeping Penny we have to get going to the lecture pretty soon.”

His phone suddenly rang.  His ring tone of Shania Twain’s Man, I feel like a Woman telling him it was Penny.  He quickly answered, “Hey Penny, where are you at?”

“What, are you alright?  What hospital.  I’ll be right down.  Oh so you’re leaving now and Bernadette will bring you home.  I’ll meet you when you get here.  No I don’t care what you look like I’ll be downstairs.”

Leonard hung up the call.  He stood up and walked over to Sheldon then pulled the helmet off his head.  Sheldon began to protest.

“Sheldon this whole thing about the parking spot has got to end.  Find a way, Amy tried to hit Bernadette with her purse tonight.  She missed and hit Penny in the face and broke her nose.  Find a way to end this where everybody saves face or so help me I’ll call your mother.”

Leonard turned and stalked out of the apartment.

Sheldon’s face was anxious and slightly terrified.

Penny’s Apartment

Leonard sat Penny down on the couch.  Her nose had a bandage across it.  Both her eyes were black and blue.  Leonard looked at her concerned.

“I’ll get an ice pack”

Penny just sat back in a snuffed up voice replied, “Thanks honey, sorry we missed the lecture.”

The three quick knocks on the door made Leonard look up.  He didn’t wait for Sheldon to finish and opened the door as Sheldon uttered, “Leonard and”

“Just come in and apologize to Penny Sheldon you can knock six more times on the way out.”

Sheldon looked at the door unsure if he should knock again or come in.  He came into the apartment with a mug in his hand.  He walked to the couch and handed it Penny.

“I’m sorry Amy hit you Penny, here’s some hot chocolate.”

Sheldon sat down next to Penny.  Leonard was about to speak when Sheldon started, “Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur.”

Okay that’s it all she wrote, or actually he wrote for this small little fiction to join episode 8 and episode 9.  Hope you enjoyed it.  I had blast.  Now back to Hiatus and a little reading time.


Recurisve Role Reversal is a TBBT one shot taking place a week or so after The 43 Peculiarity, enjoy

Recursive Role Reversal

A little ditty about Lenny and Penny without a tasty freeze but perhaps a shady lab or a tardis.TheMoment

Caltech late Thursday afternoon

Penny poked her head into Leonard’s lab.  The lights were off though a distinct whirring sound was being produced by one of the boxes on the work bench.  She pulled her black sweater a little closer around her, the sweater coming down over her bright blue pants and red top peeking out.

“Leonard, are you in here?”

No reply was heard.  Penny looked at her watch, it was 3:30.  Maybe he was in the cafeteria.  Penny turned and headed that direction.

She reached the open doors to the cafeteria and looked in.  Leonard was at the table in his green jacket and black stripped white hoody with a cup of coffee in his hand.  He had his back to the door.  Across from him was Alex in a pink blouse and jeans.  Leonard was talking.

”So then Sheldon jumps further into the ball room and won’t come out.  He keeps jumping up and yelling bazinga it took me an hour to get him out of there.  That’s how Loony Tunes your boss can be.”

Penny watched as Alex smiled back at him brightly.  She watched as Alex reached over and patted Leonard on the arm.

“You’re so funny Leonard.  Dr. Cooper is really hard to work for.  He can be condescending, overbearing and snobby but it’s been worth it to get to know you.”

Alex looked embarrassed for a moment then looked down, “and the other professors.”

“You forgot neurotic and crazy. Do you feel like you’re learning anything from him?”

Alex laughed, “I think how not to treat my subordinates and colleagues. He does have some fascinating papers in his early work but it’s mostly just how amazing that the work could come from somebody so young.  I haven’t come across anything earth shattering.”

She continued to smile at Leonard as he took a sip of his coffee.

Penny walked into the cafeteria now.  She had seen and heard enough.

Alex looked up and stopped smiling for a moment then a smile spread back onto her face.  Penny smiled back thinking, “Caught you didn’t I.  I see your fake little smile there not like the one you were giving Leonard a minute ago as you were patting his arm and making eyes at him.”

“Hey Alex, Hey sweetie I was looking for you in your lab.”

Leonard looked up smiling at her, “What a nice surprise, I didn’t know you were coming by today.  I just needed a cup of coffee in the afternoon so I came down here.”

Leonard pulled out the chair beside him, “Take a seat, can I get you something?”

Penny kept the smile on her face as she sat beside Leonard.  She slid her hand onto the top of the table and wrapped his hand in hers, she leaned over and kissed him quickly.

“Thanks honey, I’ll take a coffee”

Leonard got up and walked toward the cafeteria’s buffet.  Penny smiled until he was out of sight.  Her face suddenly became very tense.  Alex raised her eyebrows and pulled back as if she’d been struck.

Penny got a viscous grin on her face, “I guess my subtle hint the other day about not being able to work with Leonard wasn’t clear enough.  Leonard is my boyfriend and we’ve been together for a long time so keep your hands off him.”

Alex stuttered to respond but nothing came out.  Penny got the sweet smile back on her face, “Maybe it would be a good time for you to leave.”

Alex stood shaking slightly leaving her cup on the table then walked out just as Leonard returned with a coffee for Penny.

He sat down and smiled at her as he set her cup on the table, “Where’d Alex get to?  She’s a very nice girl you should get to know her.”

Penny took a sip of her coffee and smiled very sweetly back, “Oh she didn’t say.  Do you talk to her a lot?”

Leonard took another drink, “No, not really.  I see her at lunch sometimes but she does tend to show up when I have my afternoon coffee.  She must get that same afternoon fatigue I do.”

Penny just nodded, “So after you have your coffee are you going to show me what you’re working on?”

Leonard gave her a raised eyebrow and a leering grin, “I’d be glad to.  It’s pretty cool and I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of it.”

Penny smiled and put her hand on his arm, just where Alex’s had been, “I’m sure you’ll get a kick out of the new sexy bra and panties I got yesterday that I have on”

Leonard took a big drink of his coffee, “Let’s go”

Penny’s apartment later that evening

Penny sat across from Leonard at the table picking at the salad on her plate.  Leonard was busily eating his looking up he saw her looking at him.

Leonard smiled, “The salad is good Penny what’s the main course?”

Penny smiled, “I have chicken in the oven, shake and bake it should be done in a while, Leonard can I ask you something?”

Leonard had taken another bite and just nodded.

“Do you know that Alex is hitting on you?”

Leonard looked surprised, “Really, why would you think that?”

Penny put her fork down, “Because I watched her today when she was talking to you in the cafeteria.  She pretty much came out and said as much. I don’t think it’s just a coincidence that she shows up in the cafeteria in the afternoon at the same time you do.  She knows you’ll be there.”

Leonard looked at her with a piercing look.  Penny blushed slightly.

“What did you say to her?”

Penny swallowed hard, “I told her you were my boyfriend and to keep her hands off you.”

Penny stood and walked to the kitchen.  Leonard rose and followed her.  She turned around to face him expecting him to be angry.

Leonard looked into her face, “I guess the shoes on the other foot now.  Penny, you’re the one I’m with and you know I love you.  You taught me something that day, it’s not who hits on you.  It’s what you do about it.  If you love me you’ll stay true and so will I.”

Penny swallowed a couple of more time and her chin began to tremble, “Leonard I know you love me and now you know I love you.  I do know when guys are hitting on me most of the time.  I need to tell you that you were right about Cole.  Right after we did our oral report he started sexting me and really hitting on me.”

Penny had tears running down her face.  Leonard was close to tears as well.

“I knew it”, Leonard managed to get out.

Penny swallowed hard, “Yeah, I didn’t see it coming either.  I handled it, he won’t be around anymore.”

Tears were running down Leonard’s cheeks now as he wrapped Penny in a hug, “See you were right I had nothing to worry about and neither do you so we can both relax.”

Penny sniffed and held on tight, “I love you Leonard, we have nothing to worry about.”

Leonard had stopped crying and held her tight, “Well we kind of do, it’s one thing to undercook spaghetti but if you did it to the chicken we’ll both regret it.”

Something just for fun, but then again aren’t they all.


Winding Road Home is now available for download as PDF, iBook and Kindle on the blog

The final version of Winding Road Home is now available in:  PDF  Ibook Kindle this is the final edited version in episode rather than chapter order.  So no more two chapters per episode but 24 episodes.

The edited and final version is now on the blog and in episode format 1 thru 24 just click the Winding road sign below for the latest version.