Well it needs to get a lot louder around here

I know the blog has been quiet, too quiet.  The time to write has been forever fleeting but just a note to say I’m back.  Just kind of working on smaller funny things right now.  I have some great story ideas.  A couple for TBBT that I’ll get to I promise myself.  It’s hard to write when you have a three year old running around and a teenager.  But I digress, so what am I going to start working on?  Will I continue Golden Ring?

I’ve started the re-write and editing of the first half of the book.  I know how the story ends but I need to get there.  I wish I could write a story backwards sometimes.  Then I have a new project I’ve been working on.  An odd look at the future that will be written in novellas of each different character.  The first Novella’s main character is a woman who is a judge.  But what she judges is both horrific and necessary.  She wonders after a time if the decisions she makes are even her own.

So new stuff is coming


4 thoughts on “Well it needs to get a lot louder around here

  1. I thought I left one here yesterday. I’ve been busy and hadn’t checked here in a while. Good to see you back.

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