A new TBBT fanfiction is on the blog Driven to Distraction

driven2Driven to Distraction, A new tag scene for The Friendship Turbulence Episode

Penny walked into her living room from the bedroom wrapped in her short pink robe.  Her purple teddy peeked from underneath as she walk over to the kitchen island.  She reached onto the top of the island picking up the key to her new car then stared at it.  A small smile appeared on her face as she pulled her key ring from her purse.  She worked the key slowly onto the ring then held it up by the car key looking at it.  Penny slowly set the keys back on the counter, “What would I do without Leonard?  I’m at the point where I can’t really remember life without him.”  She had almost whispered it but the apartment was so quiet she quickly looked toward the bedroom.

Penny tilted her head from side to side listening, no sound or sign of Leonard having heard.   She opened up the fridge pulling out a half empty bottle of white wine.  Penny poured her glass about half full then moved to the couch sitting on the far cushion nearest the kitchen.

Penny’s Bedroom

Leonard sat up in bed his head resting on his left hand, the elbow pressing solidly into the bed.  He ran has hand over the warm sheet where Penny had been earlier, a smile slid slowly onto his face.  Leonard held very still not wanting to let her know he was awake.  He could feel a tear welling up in his eyes then reached up and wiped it away with his right hand.  He turned his head and listened.

Penny’s words were very soft floating in from the quiet living room.  The conversation she was having was quiet in almost a whisper.

“He didn’t get it for me because he wanted something or even to make me feel better.  Leonard bought me a car because I needed it.  He did know it would make me feel better I guess.  I was so surprised I couldn’t even say anything then he told me I didn’t have to.  Bernadette it was the most perfect moment I can ever remember.  He smiled at me the whole time.”

Leonard heard the pause, he hadn’t realized she was actually on the phone with Bernadette but then he heard more.

“Well call me when you get this message, but no before nine, night.”

Leonard tried to lie back down but it was too late, Penny had moved too quietly for him to hear.

Penny walked into the bedroom and saw him.  Her face suddenly showed embarrassment then she scowled at Leonard.

“Well I suppose you heard that. I thought you were asleep.”

Her scowl was almost an embarrassed smile now.  Leonard’s face was the same smile he’d had earlier when he’d produced the keys to her car.

He tilted his head slightly, “I already knew you appreciated the car but it was still nice to hear.”

Penny put her robe on the chair then slid in next to him across the sheets into his chest.  She kissed him as his right arm went around her lower back.  Penny pulled back then snuggled her head into his shoulder.

Penny eyes were open though Leonard’s had closed,

Her voice was very soft, “It’s not just the car Leonard, but the thought and caring it represents.  I need you to know that I appreciate you.  It was something I’ve always been afraid of but it’s happened.  Leonard I can’t live.  No that’s not it, Leonard I never want to live without you.  I could but I don’t ever want to.”

Leonard never said a word but his eyes opened wide.  Penny waited then smiled wickedly, “Who’s got commitment issues now?”

Another final scene I’ve had liked, hope you enjoyed it, SOK

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