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Pennywearing the LocketPenny @gohuskers29
Leonard stood with me at the airport until it was time to go through security. We are both so sad.

Penny @gohuskers29
Waiting to board, flight leaves at 4:45pm through Minneapolis I should be back in LA around 11:00 tonight.

Going Home, but is it?

The seat is comfortable on this flight.  The lady next to me doesn’t speak English but reminds me of my grandmother.  It was really hard saying goodbye to Leonard today.  Though we had a great few days together we both just couldn’t get over the fact that we’d be apart again.  Leonard held it together until the airport.  I just stood there and hugged him until he told me I had to go.  Then the tears came.  He tried really hard not to cry but then I did and we both just dissolved.  At least Leonard has the boat and science to look forward to.  I’m just going back to my apartment and job.  Of course my friends will be there.  Sheldon will need attention and rides.  Amy and Bernadette will try to cheer me up if I let them.  Raj and Howard will be well Raj and Howardish.  It still comes down to being without Leonard.

I thought it was hard when we were broken up.  But at least he was still around.  I could find excuses to go over and see him.  I could steal his mail or make sure we met in the laundry room.  Our little group has started to break up since he’s been gone.  Not as many game nights or eating around the coffee table.  Things are changing.  Howard and Bernadette have their own lives.  Raj can talk to women so he’s spending time dating.  I find it harder to be around Sheldon without Leonard there to act as a buffer and referee.  I do have my acting group and college course that I’m taking.  I guess I have this blog as well.  I’m going to nap for a while and will continue this in Minneapolis.

I’m waiting to board here in the Minneapolis airport for the flight to LA.  I’m really tired, this jet lag thing sucks.  I’m not sure how people do this all the time.  Okay so I still really miss Leonard.  I don’t regret going to Iceland to see him but its changed things somehow.  I’m feeling really incomplete but hoping it will pass.  I should be happy.  We had a great time and got to spend time together all by ourselves.  Leonard and I never had a fight the entire time.  If you knew us you’d know that’s kind of rare.  Though over the last year I have to admit we have had less and less problems.

Speaking of which, Leonard is waiting patiently for me to ask him to marry me.  He said the ball is in my court.  I’ve been waiting for it to feel right, for it not to feel so overwhelming.  There was a point when we were walking around Reykjavik.  We were holding hands not saying a word just looking around.  I have to say it felt right then.  Maybe I should have.  Oh enough of feeling sorry for myself.    They just called my plane for boarding, got to go.

I’m in the aisle seat with a young married couple in the middle and window seats.  Coleen and Jerry are their names.  They’ve been married for 2 years and are on their way home from Europe.  He’s an investment guy and she teaches 3rd grade.   They are both so nice and seem so happy.  I wonder what someone will say about Leonard and me some day.  Will they think we are a nice couple, will they say we look happy?  I checked out my comments during the layover so I should respond.

Amy sweetie, I’m glad Sheldon is feeling better. Of course he spotted your clothes in the closet.  I’m sure he put them in the order of their shade and style because he’s that way.  If he wanted you to take them out he’d have said something.  Sounds like things are working out.  Just don’t hang your pantyhose in the bathroom, believe me it causes problems.

Raj, Angela sounds lovely but from her picture it appears she has an Adam’s apple.  You might want to go slow with this one and really talk things out.

Bernadette please don’t kill Howard I don’t want to visit you in prison.  He just needs some more training.  I’m not sure if withholding sex is such a great idea.  Howard must have been pretty accomplished at self-pleasure all those years before he met you.  That might backfire on you.  You could confiscate his comic books and dole them out when he helps out.

Chuck, I’ve tried to be as gentle about this as could but I see I need to be more direct.  I would not go out with you if you were the
last car salesman on the planet and I needed a ride.  Clear enough.  Please don’t post anymore pictures of your “Hot Rod” in your comments, gross.

It’s time to turn off the electronics and land so I’ll talk to you all soon.

Penny @gohuskers29
Just landed at LAX, Bernadette is picking me up

Penny @gohuskers29
It’s after midnight, home at last, or is it?  I’m not sure without Leonard here. Goodnight.

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