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Pennywearing the LocketPuffins are cool!

I’m down at the hotel Borg bar right now waiting for Leonard who had a meeting with the rest of the science team.  Their ship is almost ready and will sail the day after I leave.  We’ve had a great two days so far.  We went shopping and sightseeing the first day.  Their idea of summer here has convinced me that I’ve truly become a Californian girl.  My god for a summer day its cold here though Leonard says you get used to it.  Leonard suffered though several shoe stores with me and a few boutiques.  We hit the many pubs and bars in town that night.  This morning we went on a whale watching Puffin Island tour.  The bus picked us up at the hotel and we went onto a boat to look at whales.  The sea was rough and I almost got seasick.  Leonard just laughed saying it was actually pretty mild and didn’t seemed bothered at all.  We saw quite a few whales today.  They are beautiful to watch as they swim along and some are huge.  Next was Puffin Island.  Puffins are very cool birds, colorful and fun to watch.  There were hundreds of them.  The whole thing took about three hours.  I enjoyed it but I’m glad to be back on dry land.

I watched the people go into the meeting room with Leonard.  I had no idea there were so many female scientists on this trip.  I’m sure I have nothing to worry about.  It’s been great being here with my sweetie.  Leaving tomorrow afternoon is going to be pretty hard.  Tonight’s plan is a quiet dinner at a restaurant I can’t pronounce, Vio Tjornina, apparently it’s very good.  I’m sure there will be twenty different kinds of seafood on the menu.  They seem to serve fish at almost every meal.  I’m actually looking forward to a burger at this point.

I have a surprise for Leonard tonight that I bought at a boutique yesterday when he didn’t notice.  The place had a section like Fredrick’s of Hollywood.  I’m sure he’ll be quite surprised.  Now for a note to my peeps:

Hi Bernadette and Howard.  Howard starting the dishwasher is not doing a chore.  Filling it or empting it is.  Please try to do one or the other.  Also Bernadette should not need to raise your allowance for when you “help out.”

Raj, thanks for reading my blog.  Now as to online dating I say why not.  Just be honest about yourself. No photo shopped pictures or exaggerating things.  That said you don’t need to tell them everything.  Leave something for the first meeting, i.e. no need to mention comic books, Star Trek, Star Wars or gaming.  Those might be something left until you’re sure you like the person or you’re married.

Amy, I’m sorry to hear that Sheldon is feeling poorly again.  I think he just misses Leonard and having someone there every day.  It might be the time to make your move.  Start by just moving in a few of your things.  A few clothes and things like that. By the time Leonard gets back you’ll be living together.

Chuck from Nebraska. It’s nice to know we went to high school together.  You were two years behind me.  I’ve still got a boyfriend so still not interested.  Yes I understand you were a jock back then but being a used car dealer now does not up your standing.

Oh the meeting got out and Leonard is coming my way.

Bye until next time.

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