View from the Bow, chapter 2 of the Locket Blog

Pennywearing the LocketChapter 2 of the Locket Blog 

View from the Bow

It’s a Saturday evening.  I had the lunch shift and then half the dinner shift at work today. Did I mention that I’m also a waitress/bartender on the side?  Maybe I really shouldn’t it’s just what I do to pay the bills.  I’m not really very good at it either.  I just don’t care enough and it seems my tips are based on how I look so I don’t have a lot of incentive to provide great service.  Well that and I really don’t care.  Normally I would only work the lunch shift so I could spend time with Leonard and the gang tonight.  This Saturday is not one of those Saturdays. You see Sheldon is sick right now with a summer cold.  Sheldon is a pain in the ass when he’s sick.  So the rest of the gang except his girlfriend Amy, who is contractually required to take care of Sheldon when he’s sick, has suddenly become unavailable.  If Leonard was here we would be out doing something just to avoid Sheldon.  But with Leonard on a ship in the North Sea I’m now hiding in my darkened apartment lest light show under the door.  Amy may become fed up at any time and then Sheldon would be knocking.  I’m even trying to type quietly so he doesn’t hear me.


I was Skyping with Leonard this morning when he did something fantastic.  Leonard took his laptop on deck to the bow of the ship and pointed it out to sea.  The sea was full of white caps and spray was came off the bow.  Not exactly the Titanic moment on the bow but as close as he could make it.


I asked if he’d gotten seasick.


“Only the first four days, I’ve been okay after that.”


The look on his face was slightly nauseated as he said it.  I can tell he is still being affected but he’s being tough.  Well as tough as scientist who’s never been on the ocean and can’t kill his own spiders can be.  Leonard is tough though emotionally.  I’ve put him through a lot since we started dating.  We broke up for almost a year.  I tried to date again but I couldn’t find anybody that worked for me.  I realized now that I was comparing every guy to Leonard and how he treated me.  The turning point in our latest relationship was when I went to visit Leonard in his lab.  It was my first time ever seeing what he does.  It was in that moment that I knew I loved him.  I loved how smart and caring he was.  I also realized I was incredibly turned on by having a genius as boyfriend.


After we broke up I waited for Leonard to ask me out again but he’d moved on to a new relationship.  That really hurt and I almost lost him forever.  At least we had become friends again.  We took things very slow the next time around. In fact we almost didn’t make it but more on that later.  There’s a knock on my door, it’s just a single knock so NOT Sheldon.


Its Amy apparently she can’t sing the Soft Kitty song to Sheldon’s standard to help him go to sleep.  Amy looks like she’s been through hell.  Her hair is bedraggled, there’s a cocoa stain on her sweater.  Amy’s has dark circles under her eyes and a blank stare as if she had just been in a plane crash or some other disaster.  She’s sitting on my couch waiting for me to finish so I’ll have to keep this short.  I’ll have to guard for her making a dash toward the stairway on the way to Sheldon’s and Leonard’s place.  Oh I got an email from Leonard. Oh, that’s sweet. I’ll post this part here then take Amy back and do my singing duties.


Bye for now.


It’s late here sweetheart but I can’t stop thinking about you. When I was at the North Pole I thought of you every day even though we weren’t together yet.  This time I think about you non-stop when I’m not working.  Even then you slip into my thoughts.  I miss looking in your eyes.  The knowing smiles you give me when I say something lame. What I would give to feel the soft touch of your hand on my cheek as you kiss me.”


Oops, the rest is kind of personal, bye again.

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