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Where should I start?  I’m an aspiring actress who has been taking college courses.  I suddenly find that I have a lot more free time this summer.  So I’ve decided to take a class about social networks.  This is my first blog post on my first blog.

Though I’ve been written about on other people’s blog this the first time I’ve written my own.  I want to dedicate this blog the man I love, Leonard.  I guess I should start with him and a little something about myself.

Leonard and I have been in a relationship for over five years.  We’ve had good times and some really bad times together.  It’s taken a long time for the good times to outweigh the bad but it’s finally happened.  I live a really nice life with amazing friends I suppose I will get too eventually.  My friends are all geniuses.  I struggle to keep up with them most of the time, but then again in a social situation they are all naïve.  They may know what a boson is but I know how to deal with things socially and a boson has never gotten a free drink.   Over the last few years I’ve found myself absorbing more and more of my friend’s interests. There are times that I’m bored and cannot get over how uncool they are.  Then there are lots of times I’m suddenly fascinated and frankly awed by what they show me.  I realize at heart I’ve become just as nerdy in some ways as they are.  They consider themselves nerds and are proud of it so I guess I should be too.

My boyfriend Leonard is an Experimental Physicist at a major university.  He has his PhD and at this time is doing experiments in the North Sea.  It’s a huge honor for him as he gets to work with Stephen Hawking.  But he’s going to be gone for months and that’s why I decided to take this class.  This is only the first week and I miss him horribly.  I find myself touching the heart shaped locket around my neck that has his picture in it. I wish I had thought of that.  He should have one with my picture in it as well.  I would do it know I’m just not sure how to send it to a ship in the North Sea.

Leonard is not the usual kind of guy I’ve dated.  He’s not a muscular hunk with model looks and nothing in his head.  I’ve kind of realized that I always dated guys with that dark side, or some kind of edge or problem I thought I could fix.  That never worked out well.  I’d become attached but they were who they were and in the end I always got hurt.  Leonard is different.  The first thing he’s the same height as I am.  He’s kind and gentle with a soft voice most of the time.  When Leonard and I first went out and even now he will talk over my head.  He usually realizes this and slows down to explain what he’s saying.  I should point out that Leonard is very funny and cute.  He’s cute not just physically, which he is, but in his mannerisms and personality.   Let me give you an example.

Last Friday Leonard had been on the ship for one week.  We planned to Skype on the laptop at 5:00 PM that evening.  It was very late in the North Sea.  I thought perhaps something sexy might be appropriate and had a black teddy on under my sweatshirt for the right moment.  The Skype session started and there was my boyfriend surrounded  by 4 men’s faces looking over his shoulder.  Leonard had on a huge smile.

“Hi sweetie” I said.

Leonard seemed to forget all the men were around him.  His smile softened and I could see his eyes were glistening.  I thought he was on the verge of tears.

“Hey you, I miss you” he said

I brought him back into the moment by asking, “And who are all of your friends there sweetie?”

Leonard looked around at them scowling, “Okay so now you’ve all seen her, this really is my girlfriend.  Now give me some privacy.”

The faces disappeared and I heard a door close in the back ground.  Leonard looked around then smiled back at the screen.

“Sorry about that.  I showed them your picture on my phone and they didn’t believe me.”

I slowly unzipped my sweatshirt and let it slide down my shoulders.

“I guess it was a good idea I didn’t answer dressed like this.”

Leonard’s eyes grew big as he stuttered out, “Just a second”

He disappeared from the screen.  I heard the door being locked.  Then Leonard was back pulling at his jacket to take it off.  I’m sure you get the idea of where things went from there but I hate those kinds of blogs so use your imagination.

That’s the kind of chemistry we have, even 3000 miles apart and there it is.  So what will I write in the future?  I really don’t know, next I have to start using twitter but maybe I’ll blog about Sheldon my boyfriend’s super genius roommate.  Think of a mix of Wiley Coyote and Dexter’s laboratory.

Penny signing off for now.

Just Something I was thinking about, SOK

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