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wowChapter 3 The Geiger Reoccurrence

(So no new episode until Jan. 3 let’s fill in the blank)

Leonard awoke before Penny the next morning he rolled up on his left arm her right hand still resting on his chest.  She had put his stolen white paradox t-shirt back on afterward to sleep in last night.  Leonard had pulled back on his socks but not his shirt.  Leonard watched Penny sleep for a few moments.  He probably would have continued to but as he reached for his glasses off the night stand her eyes fluttered open.

“Leonard what time is it?”

Leonard picked up his phone off the nightstand and put it back down, “It’s 9:45 we slept kind of late.”

Penny sighed then snuggled into Leonard, “Late if you’re a drill sergeant maybe, it’s Sunday we have the whole day.”

Leonard lay all the way back down with his arm around her shoulder, her head resting on his chest.

“I still can’t believe you said yes.”

Penny smiled, “Well you did things in the right order this time, had sex, asked then had sex again.  If you do the steps in the right order things work out better.”

Penny giggled for second then ran her hand up his chest.

“Leonard can we do something different for New Year’s this year, maybe go somewhere there’s no costume party.  We already did that at Halloween.”

Leonard stared at the ceiling, “I’m sure Sheldon is looking for another trophy.  Let’s see we have Christmas Eve with the gang, Christmas morning drinking lactose free cocoa in front of our corrugated fireplace.”

Penny smirked, “Let’s go with Baileys and coffee.”

Leonard nodded, “Okay, there’s always the big faculty New Year’s Eve party at the university.  Maybe we can get everyone to go to that.”

Penny rolled her eyes, “Great a long evening with a bunch of scientists is there a lecture too.”

Leonard chuckled, “Actually it usually gets pretty wild I’ve heard.  They have a band and dancing.  A lot of the donors show up.  Last year I hear the campus police had to be called twice.”

Penny looked surprised and looked up toward Leonard, “Really”

Leonard just nodded again, “You get a lot of really tightly wrapped people and their spouses at an open bar for six hours and things tend to get pretty rowdy.”

Penny smiled, “Okay I’m in.  I still remember Sheldon mooned the people at the awards dinner last time, could be a hoot.  So what should we do today?”

“I don’t know about you but I’m starting an anonymous blog called She Said Yes”

“There is just going to be no living with you for a while is there?”

Leonard took his glasses off then snuggled down so they were face to face, “You could always make me relax again”

Penny’s face got serious, “Take your socks off.”

New Year’s Eve

Leonard in his best jacket and shirt watched as Penny walked off the dance floor.  Behind her on the dance floor Dr. Gablehouser had a large grin on his face.  Penny had on a short red dress with sequins that sparkled as she walked back to the table.  She had red matching high heels that she took off when she danced with Leonard.  Penny sat at the table next to Leonard.

“Okay I took one for the team and danced with your department chair.  He seems nice.”

“Yeah he’s a nice guy, you look beautiful Penny of course you always do.”

Penny blushed, “Okay Leonard that’s the fourth time you’ve told me tonight.  I get it.”

Bernadette in a black strapless dress was sitting beside Leonard and smiled, “You do look wonderful Penny.”

Amy in a green evening gown on the other side of Bernadette agreed, “Fabulous is more like it.”

Penny continued to blush then looked up as she heard her name.

“Penny is that you?”

Penny turned to see a tall woman in a short blue dress and black heels walk toward her.  She had long curled blonde hair and large bright blue eyes.  Behind her was a tall man with black hair in a dark blue suit, white shirt and red tie.

The look of recognition came onto Penny’s face then a mild shock, “Kathy Geiger?  Wow it’s been forever what are you doing at Caltech?”

Kathy Geiger had a rather large mischievous smile upon her face, “My husband Hank and I are teaching here this year we’re on loan from Nebraska’s department of advanced mathematics.  You remember Hank don’t you?  Oh maybe not he had his eyes corrected with laser surgery.  So he’s no longer four eyed stank as you used to call him.”

Penny was really looking uncomfortable now.  Kathy Geiger’s smile didn’t change but her tone became mocking, “So what are you doing here, are you the escort of one of these gentlemen.”

Kathy motioned toward the table.  Penny looked really shocked.  Amy leaned over to Bernadette, “Did she just call Penny an escort?”

Bernadette nodded and leaned toward Amy, “I think so.  Remember Penny telling us about the girl they tied up and left all night in a cornfield.”

Amy’s eyes got big, “With the corncob in her mouth?”

Bernadette just nodded.

Penny turned and wrapped her arm through Leonard’s, “I’m here with my fiancé Leonard.  Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, he’s and experimental physicist.”

Around the table the entire gang looked shocked.  Amy mouthed the words “fiancé” to Bernadette.

Leonard leaned over to Penny’s ear as he extended his hand to Kathy and Hank, “I thought we were keeping this to ourselves for a while?”

Penny said through a clenched smile, “Things change”

Leonard shook hands with Kathy then Hank, “Nice to meet you guys.”

Kathy continued to smile, “Penny come on up to the bar Hank and I would like to buy a drink.”

Sheldon looked over at them, “It’s an open bar you could get her a drink but the university is paying the bar tab.”

Penny stood, “I think they just want to have a chat Sheldon.”

Penny stood and followed then toward the bar.

Amy was looking over at Leonard, “Fiancé Leonard, when were you two planning on telling us?”

Leonard looked confused, “We weren’t not until later I just asked her again right before Christmas.  Who is Kathy and Hank?”

Bernadette looked over at Amy questioningly.  Amy shrugged, “Well Penny and some of her friends once tied up Kathy and…”

When the story ended Leonard looked appalled, “My Penny was a bully?”

Bernadette did her best Penny impression, “Little bit, yeah”

Leonard looked around for Penny.  She wasn’t at the bar. Then he saw a small flash of red was going out the door.  Leonard jumped to his feet.

“Come on you guys Penny’s in trouble.”

The entire gang followed.

Parking lot at Caltech

Kathy was wrapping the rope around Penny who had a napkin shoved in her mouth and the light pole she was standing in front of as Hank held her shoulders.  Leonard leading the entire gang came running up to a sudden stop.

Leonard was irate, “Stop that! Stop that right now!  This is not high school.  We all got picked on in high school and even college.”

Hank let go of Penny’s shoulders and stepped toward Leonard.  Amy and Bernadette both stepped toward Kathy who dropped the rope and stepped back.

Leonard looked up at Hank who of course was several inches taller than himself, “You’re a math nerd do the math.  Six against two how do you think this nerd rumble will end?”

Hank backed up and took Kathy’s hand.  They turned and started walking away from the parking lot.

Sheldon piped up, “Just keep walking Cornhuskers”

Everyone stared at Sheldon for a moment except Leonard who went to Penny.  He removed the napkin from her mouth and started to untie the rope holding her to the pole.

“Are you alright?  Should we call the campus police?”

Penny’s arms went around Leonard’s neck and she pulled him into a hug, “No it’s okay I probably deserved it.”

She pulled back from Leonard looking into his face, “Leonard sweetie you’re my hero I never told you that before but this isn’t the first time.  I love you sweetie”

Penny kissed him and Leonard held her tight for a few moments.

Howard looked pleasantly happy, “Well that ended well let’s get back to the party.”

They turned back toward the party walking as couples Raj next to Howard and Bernadette.

Leonard’s arm was around Penny’s back.  She in her high heels four inches taller than him had her arm around his shoulder.

“Well that’s the first time logic ever won a fight for me.  You know when we get back to the table the questions from Sheldon will start.”

Penny stopped kicked off her heels and leaned over to pick them up in her right hand, her left arm going around Leonard as they started walking again.

Penny leaned over and kissed Leonard on the cheek, “You’re one tough nerd Leonard.”

Leonard blushed, “Thank You. I always wanted to rescue a damsel in distress.”

“Just as long as it’s this damsel feel free.”

Okay that gets us to New Year’s, hope you all had a gala time, SOK

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