Double Dipping Chapter 2 Missing Shirt Fascination

wowMissing Shirt Fascination

Penny’s Bedroom later that evening

The little black dress lay on the floor where Penny had slipped it off for Leonard.  On top of it lay her very small black g string and black lace bra.  He was lying bare chested in the bed with Penny’s comforter pulled up to his waist.  Penny could be heard washing in the sink in the bathroom the door open.   Leonard looked around for his socks then realized they were still on his feet.  He leaned over the side of the bed and retrieved the orange t-shirt with a white design he’d been wearing earlier then slipped it on.

Penny came out of the bathroom her face clean of makeup and hair back in a loose pony tail.  She had on Leonard’s white Paradox molecule T-Shirt and pink short pajama bottoms.

Leonard looked at her surprised, “Hey that’s my shirt I was just wearing that on Thursday.”

Penny got that oh crap look on her face, “Okay you caught me, I took your shirt on Thursday night I was planning on wearing it to bed tonight because you wouldn’t be here.  I would have snuck it back into your laundry on Sunday.”

Leonard got a puzzled look on his face his eyebrows raised he looked at her through his glasses, “Okay, but why?”

Penny seemed very self-conscious for a moment then slid into bed beneath the comforter beside him.  She slid up next to him facing him.

“If you really need to know I miss you sometimes, so if we’re fighting or I know I won’t be sleeping with you I steal one of your shirts to sleep in.”

Leonard smiled softly, “You could take a clean one you know I wouldn’t really notice.”

Penny snuggled into his shoulder, “I tried that it doesn’t work it has to be one you’ve worn.  They’re softer and they smell like you so it’s like you’re here wrapped around me.”

Leonard gulped, “Wow that’s kind of sweet and gross at the same time, you like my sweaty shirts.”

Penny giggled, “I wouldn’t take a really stinky one Leonard just one that smells like you, your deodorant, shampoo and you.”

“You could always just invite me over.”

Penny shook her head, “We’re not ready for every night yet and then there are the times I’m mad at you.”

Leonard lay back looking at the ceiling, “You really do love me.”

Penny just nodded, “Yep, I told you so.  Ever wonder what happened to that black Superman t-shirt you had when we broke up?”

Leonard turned toward her, “Yeah I even asked you about it.”

Penny snuggled more, “I lied, I still have it and wore it when things got real bad.  You know, Priya bad.”

Leonard pulled her even closer, “Are you ever going to give it back?”

Penny kissed his cheek, “Nope it’s my just in case shirt.”

“Just in case of what, you break up with me again?”

Penny ran her hand up and down his chest, “No in case you finally get tired of me and find somebody else.”

Leonard looked disturbed, he sat up on one arm looking in Penny’s face, “Penny I asked you to marry me.  I don’t even consider going out with anyone else.  You should know you’re the love of my life.”

Penny nodded solemnly, “Am I Leonard, how can you be sure.  If someone comes along prettier than me and smarter than me will you still feel that way?”

Leonard looked very determined, “Yes, I’d prove it to you and ask you to marry me again if it wouldn’t make things weird again.”

Penny looked in his face, “No need, I’ll just change my answer to yes will that work?”

Leonard started breathing shallowly.  He reached for the inhaler behind him on the nightstand.  He took two puffs off the inhaler and looked back at her, “ Do you mean that yes you’ll marry me.  I really wanted to ask again in a better setting.”

Penny gave him that beautiful teasing smile of hers, “This seems like a pretty good setting.”

Leonard controlled his breathing, “Alright, Penny will you marry me?”

Penny continued to smile, “Let me think about it.”

Leonard looked utterly deflated.  Penny brought her hand up to his face, “Okay I thought about it, Yes Leonard I’ll marry you but I want us to wait awhile.  We keep it between us for a while and just keep dating for the sake of the children.”

Leonard looked confused, “The children?”

Penny laughed, “Sheldon”

Leonard got a look of understanding on his face, “Oh yeah I see that.”

Penny ran her hand up and down his chest, “Are you going to be able to sleep now?”

Leonard thought about it, “No I really am too excited to sleep.  I kind of want to go up on the roof and yell she said yes.”

Penny sat up and started to peel off his t-shirt, “I guess I’ll just need to relax you again.”

Leonard just smiled and started taking off his shirt as well.

Penny smiled at him again, “Sweetie take your socks off this time okay.”

Leonard blushed

Just a little bit more to keep my hand in, the first two chapters of the new book are on the blog its called The Golden Ring Thread,  SOK

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