New TBBT one shot Double Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation 6.11

wowDouble Dipping the other ending of the Santa Simulation

Apartment 4B late evening Saturday night

Penny walked through the door into her apartment in her black coat over her very short black dress.  She was surprised to see Leonard sitting on her couch.  She started to speak when she noticed he was asleep. Penny dropped her keys and small clutch purse on the table by the door.  She kicked off the very high black heels then leaned down and picked them up.

“I love these shoes but boy can they get to you after three or four hours.”

She set them on the coffee table then sat down next to Leonard who still had on his clothes from earlier.  Penny just stared at Leonard for several moments, a smile spreading slowly across her face. She leaned over and kissed Leonard softly on the cheek.

Leonard stirred and opened his eyes, “Hi, sorry I must have dozed off.”

Penny leaned back but her hand stayed on his shoulder, “What are you doing here trying to double dip tonight, play your board game and have sex with your girlfriend?”

Leonard snickered, “I came over and hung our stockings on the fireplace, see?”

He pointed toward the cardboard fireplace.  His stocking which Penny had given him on their first Christmas was next to her old stocking she’d had when she was a child.   Penny looked over her smile wide again.  When she looked back at Leonard she had put on a more stern face.

“Still not getting into this little black dress, you.”

Leonard grinned and looked sideways at her checking out the short dress and her long legs.

“I just needed to decompress from the game.”

Penny had a soft smile on now, “Didn’t it go well?”

Leonard shook his head, “Well everything was going great until Sheldon fed Santa to the ogres?”

Penny looked puzzled, “He what?”

Leonard pushed his glasses up his nose, “I wrote up a really good dungeon with a Christmas theme for the guys.  Though Raj died right away the rest of them made it all the way through.  It was pretty cool.  I made them figure out and sing a Christmas carol.  Sheldon even had eggnog then I got them all to play jingle bells on the hand bells.”

Penny looked puzzled again, “Okay sound pretty festive in a nerdy sort of way, what happened?”

Leonard rolled his eyes, “Sheldon, The point of the adventure was to rescue Santa Claus who had been kidnapped by ogres and therefore saving Christmas.  They got to the final room and Sheldon paralyzed the other guys, threw the key to Santa’s chains in a chasm.  Then he kicked him in the gut and left him to be eaten by ogres.”

Penny face went to shocked, “Wow, that’s pretty cold, even if it was only a silly game.”

Leonard nodded slowly frowning, “Then he explained why he hated Santa.   When Sheldon was little he told a mall Santa that for Christmas he wanted him to bring back his Grandfather who had died that year.”

“Oh, that’s so sad.  No wonder Sheldon doesn’t like Christmas.”

Leonard agreed, “Yeah but you think he’d get over it after he found out Santa was made up?”

Penny leaned over and pulled Leonard into a hug, “I still believe in Santa Leonard.  It’s the being good all year I’ve always had the problem with.”

Leonard chuckled, “Yeah I think he only brings gifts to people that have been in a coma all year.”

Penny ran her hand up his chest and kissed him, “You are a funny man.  I changed my mind I guess I’ll let you double dip and get me out of this little black dress, but just this once.”

Leonard looked surprised, “Really that will be a first, the dungeon master actually having sex after a game.”

Penny snickered, “Just leave your dice here.”

She pulled him up and led him toward her bedroom.

Okay a one shot just for fun, I hope you enjoyed and it and gave you a jolly warm fuzzy.


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