If The Big Bang Theory Ended tomorrow this would be the scene I’d write, enjoy

The Wheaton Recurrence Nightmare

Penny woke with a start.  The dream had been horrible she shuddered and could barely keep from crying.

“Leonard, Leonard”

Penny swept her arm across the bed to feel him next to her.  He rolled toward her pulling her to him.

Leonard’s voice was sleepy, “What’s wrong honey. I’m right here like always, are you alright?

Penny hugged him tightly to her, in a weepy voice she started, “When you said I love you, I said thank you, I was wrong to say that, I love you too.  I was just afraid that’s all.”

Leonard ran his hand across her cheek turning toward her kissing her on the top of the head, “I know you love me Penny, what brought this on?”

Penny sniffled, “I had a really bad dream.  I broke up with you at the bowling alley.  Then you started dating Raj’s sister.  It was a living hell watching you date someone else.  I woke up in a panic knowing I needed to tell you right away.  The dream was so weird, Sheldon had a girlfriend.  Howard married Bernadette and somehow ended up in space.  I almost ended up sleeping with Raj. It took us forever to get back together and sort things out.”

Leonard pulled back looking at her, “You had a regression dream, they are really weird with an alternate history and all.  It’s a good thing it’s the weekend so we can sleep in until Sam wakes up.”

Penny sat up in bed, “Oh my god that was really weird, it’s like what might have happened.”

Leonard ran his hand over Penny’s distended tummy, “When you’re pregnant the hormones can really play weird games with your mind.  This little girl will be out soon then Samantha can have a little sister.  Then you can get back in shape for your next movie.  Want me to get you some hot cocoa to help you get back to sleep?”

Penny lay back down and cuddled up to him.  She ran her hand over her tummy.  The baby moved under her touch getting comfortable again perhaps.

“No I’m better now I just needed to wake up so I could get out of that awful dream.  I just need to snuggle with you for a bit.  What should we do for our tenth anniversary next week?”

Leonard said in a sleepy voice again, “Whatever you want my love.”

“Leonard I love you”

“Thank you, I love you too and never get tired of hearing that from you.”

Hoped you liked it, just thought I’d have a little fun with something quick.

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