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Saturday, July 28, 2012

What have I been working on?  It’s a new fan fiction piece called Winding Road Home it’s really kind of my own mini season 6 of the Big Bang Theory.  Leonard’s health is at question and Penny is forced to come to grips with how she feels.  But that’s just the first few episodes.   The story is set in scenes per episodes, two chapters per episode, 2 or more scenes per chapter.  This one will stay very close to the canon and the characters.  Latest chapter of Part III of Wanderer Threads is on the blog.  It has a very nice flow to it.  The next chapter should come out tomorrow sometime.  Prose is a possibility tonight also as the mood strikes me.  Winding Road home has brought back some rather difficult memories that should be expressed in those terms I suppose.

Until next time

SOK SlightlyOffKey@EllipticalThreads.com

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