Threads Journal for Friday, July 06, 2012 is posted

Friday, July 06, 2012

It’s hot, first day in the nineties today and you can feel it, It’s nice though in the shade of the deck.  I’m thinking about The Wanderer Threads characters today.  By now you’ve all got to meet Reverend Riley, is he evil or just really screwed up.  He’s probably both to be honest with you a very deep seated sociopath really.  We’re going to meet a new character today, how big a part he plays in things we’ll see.  A minor character may leave the world this chapter or the next.  We really never got to know him very well and frankly he was a follower and not really very interesting. Is the story turning darker?  Yes it was always intended too.  Could it get more disturbing? Probably. The end of Part II is rapidly approaching and the Threads Journal will start going out as a blog post as well as a page from now on.  Chapter 35 Safe Harbor is starting today

“Is sailing a love of the sea?  No sailing is a love a sailing the sea just happens to be the best place to do it.  You may love the sea but it will never love you, just a speck to be bounced along with the wind.”  SOK

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