Information on Ellipitical Threads in this post

5/3/2012  The Elliptical Threads is now complete at least this version of it.

5/4/2012 The final edits and few changes are all done, but they are only in the PDF, iBook and Kindle versions enjoy.

5/11/2012 The blog for elliptical Threads is now in parts.

 Elliptical Threads on the blog is the final version chapters now not the originally published here though Fanfiction it sitill the original. This story without disclaimers is around 135000 words about a 450 page book.  It’s been read by about 25000 people if I did my math correctly.  About 500 of you diehards I thank you.  It was started on 2/21/2012 and was finished 72 days later. Cheers

For those who wish to extend the Threads here’s the master file now in PDF. Elliptical Threads Complete

For Mobile devices who have Ipads, Iphones or macs click here for the Threads epub  for ibook.

For Amazon Kindle Threads Mobi click here

Here’s the timeline Reference files Time_Line_References

Here’s the characters Reference file that I’m using for the characters

Links, Because you Asked  and  Read all the funny Disclaimers , The Thread How its being written and resources  

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