Chapter 65 The Epilogue Thread is on the blog and Fanfiction links here

Chapter 65 The Epilogue Thread Link    FanFiction Link

This is it the final chapter and the final disclaimer.  Hope you liked the ride.

I’m going to start today with a thank you to everyone who has followed the Elliptical Threads on this journey.  It’s now up to other writers out there to add more for now.  I’m actually going to write some non-fan fiction next.  It will be on the blog or I may even start a new one.  I may even continue the threads someday if something comes to me. I’m also going to write some other short fan fiction when the mood strikes me.  I’m sure it will be Leonard and Penny though you never know I’ve grown very fond of Sheldon and Amy in this piece.  This last chapter will be fairly short actually I plan on leaving most things open.  The setting will be simple enough.  Again to all my readers thank you for the gracious and helpful comments throughout this piece.  Now I really should write one last disclaimer. I bear no more responsibility for messing with the characters of TBBT than the actual writers of the series.  My only concern is for the fluidity of the story I hope theirs is also.  In other news the bank in Nigeria has not come through so I’ll have to keep the day job for now.  I’m still out of scotch though my wine consumption has increased.  There is a differential there but I leave the white board at work most days.  


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