Chapter 64 Reminders is on the blog and FanFiction Links Here

Chapter 64 Reminders link  FanFiction Link

Yep I wrote a disclaimer really I did

On the road today so using the iPad as well so I predict many odd words within this otherwise benign disclaimer that I’m starting now. Where am I at today?  About 100 miles north of the California border on I-5.  Physically I’m at small park writing instead of eating lunch.  I just need to check on the client then head south.  I figure I’ll get a bite while I’m driving.  Some really healthy food product I’m sure.  Well it will still beat airport food, shudder.  I haven’t actually written a real disclaimer for a while so here goes.  Unless through the untimely passing of some unknown relative I have no interest TBBT, Warner Brothers, CBS, or that bank in Nigeria I’m waiting for the funds to come through from. I haven’t heard from Nigel lately better check my account.  I wonder how he got my name and email.  Oh well nothing ventured nothing gained.  Should I become fabulously rich in the next few hours I’ll buy all my readers a drink.  Until then you’ll have to just be happy with another chapter of this odd and lengthy narrative.

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