Chapter 63 Subtle Possibilities on the blog and FanFiction Links here

Chapter 63 Subtle Possibilities Link   FanFiction Link

Non-Drunken Disclaimer (Epub, PDF and mobi are also updated)

I’m still in a hiatus mode I suppose but it was nice rewriting some older work yesterday.  I l also took a couple of days to read, edit and do some rewrites on The Threads.  Those edit and rewrites only appear in the master file which is on the blog.  The blog chapters and Fan Fiction chapters remain unaltered.  But you can download the PDF, iBook and Kindle versions of the master if you’re so inclined.  If you’d like the word document email me from the blog.  It’s rather funny that I’m so taken with TBBT which I have no and wish no ownership of.  It’s funny because I’m really not a big TV person.  I follow something for a little while then move on.  So right now I’m only watching two shows Raising Hope and The Big Bang Theory.  So what are the perils of writing a really long piece of fiction?  You find yourself not reading other fiction.  I do follow a few Fan Fiction pieces.  But I also have six new books siting on the Kindle that are going unread.  It’s also not saying that I’m not reading.  Professionally I devour 300 or more pages of technical stuff every day.  I write somewhere about 5000 words a day.  About 2000 to 3000 of those words are this piece.  Why the long diatribe tonight?  I’m out of whiskey, my golf game today was mediocre, my dog is too old to climb the stairs.  There were highlights, I got spend time with my daughter, play golf, drink a beer, and now I get to work on the story.  I couldn’t be happier, if I only had remembered to buy scotch.

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