Chapter 62 Uneven Distribution is on the Blog and FanFiction Links Here

Chapter 62 Uneven Distribution Link   Fan Fiction Link

Back from a short Hiatus

I’ve been on hiatus for a few days needed to stretch the threads in my mind for a while.  I just got an email that Nicole, (WeBuiltthePyramids), has published another chapter of Parental Ambition on Fanfiction.  If you haven’t you should give it a read.  It’s remarkably well done and she is very talented.  If anybody hasn’t figured out the disclaimers are a warm up.  I just write what I’m thinking and let the muse wander a bit.  It’s been a remarkable journey writing this piece.  The ability to keep it going in new or odd directions has been fascinating to me.  But all things come to an end as Beverly has just found out.  Perhaps we’ll go on a little longer but who knows.  One last thought, Macy I miss you where have you gone?  I’m going to post all your reviews and story soon.  That said.  Let’s begin shall we.

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