Chapter 59 Dead Reckoning on the blog and FF links here

Chapter 59 Dead Reckoning Link  FanFiction Link

Odd disclaimer below

The long weekend begins, no not playing in the 80 degree weather which always seems to appear when I have an onsite project to complete.  Stuck inside in a hurry up and wait mode.  The upside of this is I do have some time to write.  The downside is that I’m going to have to use the iPad today as the laptop is in use.  Bill are you listening I would pay for MS Word that runs on the iPad, I really would.  Let’s see where we are in the tale.  I believe Beverly is in town for a few days to see her newest grandchild and visit her other grandchild and daughter in law.  She’s also here to observe and come to terms with Leonard and their relationship.  The time has come for the realization of plans long ago laid down.  If anyone has ever went down this path before including TBBT I must of course be held blameless because my sociopathic make up won’t permit otherwise.

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