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Not really a disclaimer tonight, a little background maybe

Polar has a lot of definitions the one this chapter refers to: “resembling a pole or axis around which all else revolves.”  In my extended character of Leonard Hoftstader his life is very tri-polar.  His life revolves around three very distinct poles.  The first pole is his wife and children.  This is his primary pole there will never be anything more important.  This is where he exercises his emotions and his well-being.  The second pole is his friends and professional life which are intertwined.  It’s in this place he exercises his intellect and his abilities.  The third pole is more intricate and convoluted, his extended family.  Does Leonard care for his Mother, Father and siblings?  He does but with fear and loathing and it’s for this reason that Beverly Hoftstader is here.  This isn’t just a visit this is research, the final chapter of a body of work that started when Leonard was born.  She needs to finish it before life finishes with her.  The following is her journal of this visit and research.  Oh and an independent observers recording of the events, TISH, and finally the actual event as recorded by this writer. 

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