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Silly disclaime and easter egg from 55

You know the weather is bad in Oregon when ducks start committing suicide.  Three of them tried to fly in front of the car today.  They were probably just confused with the road looking like a pond.  After swerving to avoid them and narrowly missing a family of 4 in the other lane it occurs to me the time has come to live the winter and spring months in some other region.  Dammit Malibu here I come.  To accomplish this goal I will need some kind of stake in TBBT or some other hit show.  If anyone is offering now is a good time while I’m in the mood.  Otherwise I have no ownership, interest or any of that falderal.  Always wanted to use that word somewhere might as well be here.

Chapter 55 was an Easter Egg for Sheldon’s Parkinson’s fear.

Everything was there to figure it out

Leonard gave you the web site:” link to the Mayo Clinic site”

Sheldon tells you he’s taking meds, “He took one of the anti-nausea pills from his desk”

He looks it up on the net and doesn’t faint or freak out: “He immediately moved to his computer and started doing internet searches.  He had his answer in a few moments time.  Sheldon sat back in his chair and saw it was time to go down and meet Amy for his ride home.”

So Chapter 56 was actually in my head for one possible resolution to the problem when I wrote Chapter 54.

Just needed some comic books and let the character’s be themselves..

Hope you enjoyed

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