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Tonights odd discalimer of fact

The purpose of this disclaimer is to let everyone know that I have no clue what I’m going to write about today.  So as I write this I should come up with some tidbit of the story to expand on. That and of course I own none of the characters, nada, zero.  They are like NPC characters in some odd role playing game where you can guess how they may react to some outside stimulus.  Roll the dice, Penny is sad we could do postpartum depression.  I wonder if Raj had that maybe that was his overall problem.  We’ll save that one, roll the dice again ooh snake eyes maybe Beverly should make a return visit.  Maybe I’ll put that at the end of the chapter.   Roll the dice, dammit rolled under that rather large human over there.  Excuse me, yeah sorry it’s stuck to your butt, nope that’s a gummy bear.  Here it is okay boxcars.  That’s what I was looking for no not your butt sorry again.  Hanging out with Howard’s mother can be interesting.

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