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Tonight Silly disclaimer, and I do mean Silly

The ability to make the right choices, some people must innately have this skill.  Unfortunately the ability to make the wrong choices also may be just as instilled I suppose.  We all have a friend who makes those wrong decisions over and over.  Sometimes it’s just the small things, bad food, ugly clothes, crappy appliances, bad chicken, cheap duct tape, or a stupid hat.  Then there are those who always mess up the big decisions.  The wrong house, the wrong car, breast enlargement, breast reduction, nose job, chin job, butt-tuck, cheek implants, (both high and low), tummy tuck, colored contacts, branding, tattoo on the forehead, that really odd place to be pierced, experimental birth control method, bad boyfriend, ridiculous girlfriend, poor lover, and horrid spouse.  I think I have met people this week that have made all of these choices.  Some at the same time it appears to me.  So please split them up both the large and small then chose one from column A and another from column B.  Put them in the sentence:  Since my (Column A) and because of my (Column B), I cannot possibly own any characters from TBBT.  I think my favorite so far is “new cheek implants” and “cheap duct tape”.  So its build your own disclaimer night.  Add verbs and pronouns as required.

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