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Some Time Frame Reference and a bit of a silly disclaimer

Okay you’ve talked me into writing Part III. This is the beginning of that new set of chapters.  To set the time frame for the readers:  The last day of Part II was Saturday February 8, 2025.  The first day of Part III is September 19, 2025 it’s a pretty special day as you’ll see. I’ll let other people write the travails of Raj and his family and the Coopers moving back to Pasadena.  They are there now unpacked and enjoying their relocation but we’ll hear from them later.  To be faithful to the past disclaimers which this hasn’t become yet I’ll posit the following question.  At what point does something iconic become the property of the public rather than the creators.  Sometimes, never, always?  Once it’s in the public domain it is changed and construed differently.  Such it is becoming with TBBT as it has with their predecessors.  From t-shirts to plush toys they have transcended a TV show.  It is good to be a nerd or geek like never before because of the show.  But the kid out there that gets the physics and excels in math is still struggling with connecting with people.  Hug a nerd today they need it.  Now back to Friday September 19th 2025.  On this day five years before Lisel Penelope Hoftstader was born in Geneva, Switzerland and yes she carries dual citizenship. 

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