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Chapter 49 Transitions Link    Fanfiction

This is news about Part III and extensions of the threads and the silly disclaimer
Before I start the silly disclaimer for this chapter I’ll let you know where the Elliptical Threads is heading.  I am going to write a part III.  This chapter will be a short bridge from Part II to Part III.  I’m also going to slow my own pace down a bit.  I feel like I’m starting to force it so from now on the chapters may be a little longer but published farther apart than every day.  The other thing I want to do is let any of you that wish to write within this future reality the ability to do so.  Within the next few days on the blog for this story will appear word documents you can download.  The first 2 parts in a master file with all the final edits and a few re-writes you’ve never seen.  There are no disclaimers and very few asides.  I’ve also taken out a couple of things I had slipped in there to see who would notice.  Specifically instead of “Soft Kitty” I had used “Happy Kitty” in homage to the original author of the tune Edith Newlin.   I purposefully changed koala face to panda smile.  Congratulations to rubyanjel in Manila who caught them both this weekend.  The other thing I’ll be posting is the timelines both past and current.  Then you can see how age and time progressed since 2012 to 2025 as well where the chapters written fall date wise.  Give me little time on this one because it’s all hand written right now.  With this information you can take the characters anywhere you’d like.  You can write something in the 12 years before the Threads, the current or the future.  Please just let people know in the story’s subject that it’s an extension of the Elliptical Threads.  If you would like to also publish it on the Blog email it to me.  The email address is on the blog.  You can also just message me here and I’ll bring it over.  If anyone would like to collaborate on a joint piece let me know and we’ll work it out.  That said tonight’s chapter has a couple of characters named Leonard and Penny in it.  They are characters created and owned by The Big Bang Theory.  Lisel and any other characters not from that show belong to all of you.  Let’s all have a good time and play nice.

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