Chapter 48 Bending to a Conclusion is on the blog and FF, links to both are here

Chapter 48 Bending to a Conclusion Link   Fanfiction Link

Odd disclaimer is her, pictures of King College Chapel link 

Wow what a wonderful day out on the deck.  Here’s a shout out to rubyanjel who is up in the wee hours of the morning in Australia reading the entire piece.  Did I mention my neighbor has a chicken?  I wish he would turn him into nuggets soon apparently he is on Geneva time.  He’s quiet now thank goodness.  I do have a friendly owl hooting at me from the trees.  I try not to write about the current show so I don’t spoil it for those that don’t get it as quickly as we do in the states so if a spoiler sneaks in there it’s unintentional.  I am writing this in a post episode 100 time frame that I think finally played in the UK this week.  So down to the obvious nope don’t own TBBT characters just like manipulating them and taking them to a different level. I have my ear buds close as I know my neighbor will find something that needs blown, sawn, hacked, mowed or moved with the tractor soon.  Ah yes there he is now, mowing the lawn today apparently.  I think he needs to cut back on the fertilizer.  Dammit there goes the chicken again.  Okay ear buds in, todays music starts with Bluebird.

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