Chapter 47 Cambridge Conference on the Blog and FF both Links are in this post

Chapter 47 Cambridge Conference Link       FanFiction Link

Tonights discalimer, a pic from the deck of a lovely day, answer to two questions.

If you’re still here you must either like the story or have some serious self-abuse issues.  I’m betting it’s the latter today.  I get to start the chapter very early today.  I have the day off and I’m writing in one of my favorite little bistros.  I was the first customer of the day and I’m enjoying the pre-lunch rush calm.  People are starting to filter in so I need to work faster.  I have no financial intentions toward any characters including those of TBBT, Looney Toons, Warner Brothers, Universal, or MGM maybe.  I’m pretty sure I have Disney stock still but my broker has mysteriously left the country after inviting his clients to a Cayman Island trip. It’s a wonderful place to visit by the way with a 3 star restaurant right on the Ocean and beautiful white coral sand.  I’m reading the quarterly statement to see what I really do own.  I would think a small stake in Dan’s Anchovy Taco hut and an oil change place for Vespa’s would have some value.  Oops it’s something called The Walt Diddly company what the hell is that.  I should have went with that Madoff guy.

Q: How far do I run on the Treadmill everyday?  A: 4 to 8 miles, always 4 in the morning, more if I run in the evening.

Q: What wine did I have tonight?  A: I opened a bottle of Cowhorn Grenache 74 though I only had one glass.  You can’t get it anymore.

What a great day

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