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Chapter 46 Winkle in Time Link

Really silly discalimer tonight

Anyone want to write the Threads for a week or so?  It’s easy just think up some odd thing that might happen to your favorite character.  Sit down and write an inane but hopefully witty disclaimer like this one.  Then write four or five scenes you can see in your mind.  Get the length up to about 2000 words.  Then look for a bridge to the first scene of the next chapter.  Then edit. First clean up all the clunky sentences, add that part you left out, make sense of the part you put in, delete that long winded diatribe that seemed good but sucked.  After that you edit it again put in all the missing, an, a, it, its, it’s, I etc, you know all the stuff, that your brain said but fingers forgot to type.  Look for the words that should be combined, split the ones that shouldn’t.  Read it beginning to end, realize you jumped in time, or that the prior chapter said something else.  Fix those things.  Proofread it one more time, publish.  Have a drink to celebrate your success. I won’t even talk about distractions and never going from beginning to end in one session.  Makes me think about what it takes three people to write the 20 minute comedy that is The Big Bang Theory, I salute you and of course it belongs to you.   Now that you’ve written the disclaimer your already 250 words ahead on your 2000 plus words a day goal.

The Editorial Committee


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