Chapter 45 Comfortable Aid in on the blog and FF,(FF is working)

Chapter 45 Comfortable Aid Link

Silly disclaimer for tonight

Disclaimer #2 today, I’m saving #1 for a later chapter, it really was turning into a honker.  First off I do own stuff, I have a car, oh wait that’s a company lease, house? Nope mortgage on that guy. Three cats? We went through cat ownership already.  I have my big Yellow dog, but he’s not exactly an asset I’m sure he consumes his value at his age. So it would be pretty hard to construe that I have any ownership or rights to The Big Bang Theory characters in this story.  I do own my education, paid my student loans after they threatened to take it back by lobotomy.  I do own an idea or two this one’s called The Elliptical Threads I give it freely to the readers.  Use the characters I’ve created your selves if you like.  See where they can go.  That’s what I’m about to do.

A goog day to outline a few new chapters

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