Chapter 44 The Cupcake Caper is here FF is having Issues

Chapter 44 The Cupcake Caper Link

Here’s this disclaimer and Cupcake photes, Thought CH44 is fanfiction they are having Link Issues again

Just got in, still not done for today but in none the less.  I should immediately start writing the chapter but I’m still way to wound up.  A scotch and a breath of fresh air should do the trick. So I’m working on a piece of fiction tonight using characters that someone else created in a different piece of fiction that in some cases were based on real people and in others total made up figments of their imagination.  I’ll call these ghosts.  I also have created my own ghosts that I use throughout my story to interact with their ghosts hopefully in at least interesting and thoughtful ways.  I guess in the end I mean to say that both sets of characters are make believe so if they feel bad about me using them they should get over it, I have!  Mine are available to anyone who wishes to use them.  They are of course the owners of the Big Bang Theory.  I am just a frustrated writer with an affinity for wine, a touch of scotch and a fine cigar.  Not really a threat now am I.

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