From Malcom, thanks I’m so glad you like the threads

I got this tonight for chapter 43, I couldn’t answer you on FF but I really appreicaite your kind words and I get teary sometimes when I write it.


“Do you have any idea how embarrassing it is for a grown man sitting in a restaurant reading your story to get all choked up and be on the verge of letting a few tears slip? Probably not. My acting skills are such that I looked like any other older gentleman with allergies or a bad cold.

Little did anyone know; I had neither.

This is one of the best BBT fanfics I have read. I readily admit to being a huge fan of Leonard and Penny and you write them and their characters so well, so real, and so convincingly.

The pleasure I have derived from reading all of your stories and not just this one is immense. In the midst of a dark and cynical world your stories make me happy.

Well done, sir!

Well done!”

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