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Tonights really classy disclaimer, chapter is the link above this
I’ve wanted to write the mother of all disclaimers but I’m saving that for the last chapter.  When will that be?  Not sure yet. I haven’t run out of stuff bouncing around in my head yet.  I’m in a park today it’s nice, a little cold but the suns out for a bit.  If you read the prior disclaimers and not just skipped over them to the Threads, (I really wouldn’t blame you I’m just playing here), they can get rather esoteric or even down right snide.  I seem to recall holding myself blameless if I change your opinion or denigrate a TBBT character that you care for.  But I will take the credit if you have found more depth to a character that you found rather shallow on the show.  I also have a great affection for the current state of the characters on the show.  I’m looking forward to writing pieces about the current characters when I take a break from Threads pretty soon.  So if I made you sad or mad to bad, if I made you happy or glad well that was my intention also.  Enjoy the chapter, oh and if I didn’t own it in the last 42 why would I own it now?

At least the afternoon was nice


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