Chapter 42 Back to Burbank is now on the blog and


Chapter 42 Back to Burbank

Tonights Disclaimer and a couple of phots for perspective

A Disclaimer is the denial, refusal, or rejection of a right, power, or responsibility.   Okay easy enough I deny the right to refuse the power and reject all responsibility.  Wow that felt really good.  I suddenly feel much freer now to just do about anything I want to my characters and those of TBBT.  Wait a minute I already do that.  This disclaimer was a total rip off. I think I’ll write a sharply worded letter to the BDB, (Better Disclaimer Bureau).  Then I’ll add them to my enemies list if I can find the floppy drive.  I’m adding my iPad to the list too, and Duke University for losing in the first round.  Don’t even get me started on the IRS.  Oops sorry I didn’t mean that I really do love you guys go Revenue. Oh crap well you get the general idea it’s all one big autocorrect error.  Maybe I should just shut up and start writing the chapter.

Place de Concord

Ile Saint Louis

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