Chapter 41 Finding a Way Home is on the blog and FF

Chapter 41 Finding a Way Home

Tonights Silly disclaimer click the link above for the chapter:

Have you ever wondered what the term “Limited Liability” really means?  Is it that you have limited you exposure to being liable for your actions because you stated it?  Are you less liable for breaking someone’s heart then? Should your start each new relationship in life with: “This relationship is only available on an as is basis any crushing anguish, bad feelings, or any other emotion that resembles being broken hearted is exclusively the fault the person feeling that way and is not the fault of the other and they are not liable to express remorse or empathy.”?  It certainly would give you a clear conscience when it comes to deciding if something isn’t working out.  So this is the TBBT disclaimer for tonight should I break TBBT heart it’s their own fault even if it was my intention I told them up front it could happen so I’m without fault.  Wonder if this will work on speeding tickets?

We almost went to Mykonos

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